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  • Washington

Washington dcWashington D.C City and capital of the United States, which is also coextensive with the District of Columbia, It was founded, after the events of the American Revolution, and became the seat of the government of the United States. His name bears the surname of the first president of the country George Washington, but became legal after his death, since he was the father and founder of the current capital in the year 1791. It has an estimated population of 6,131,977 inhabitants, based on its capabilities as the seat of the federal government; it is considered the most important political capital. The US capital has an estimated 20 million tourists a year, making it the most visited city in the country and one of the most frequented worldwide. The district is the main city, and this, in turn, is the metropolitan area of ​​Washington. As for the branches of government, there are 3 federal branches that focus on the District: the President (executive), the country's Congress (Legislative) and the Supreme Court (Judicial). The limits of Washington are. To the southwest and the northwest, it is with the state Maryland and with Virginia limits in the southwestern zone. The area where is located The District of Columbia is the one that stands between the border of the limits of the state of the city, which also form a shore towards the southern area, where it meets the Potomac River.

As for the climate, it can be said that it is temperate, however at times the humidity levels are very high, the snows are very infrequent, but when there are, it usually melts quickly. Rainfall ranges between 3 and 4 inches on average per month. During the summer, the temperature rises considerably but at the same time, they are accompanied by a dense humidity, reaching 24 ° c. When the temperature drops, it reaches 2 ° c and when it is below zero it does not stay for long. The autumns and the springs are the most lasting periods of the whole year; they are usually light and soft.

    Washington DC City In the architectural aspects of the capital, it could be said that it has varied over the centuries, passing through classicism, then conservatism to finally take place modernism. From the year 1910, a law was established where it restricts buildings to measure more than 40 meters, those that are offices must not be wider than the avenue where they are built, the measure cannot exceed 6 meters, that is why despite being the capital, it lacks skyscrapers. Among the best-known architectures are the styles in which they were inspired for their construction, for example, The White House, has an 18th-century Palladian style, and the Capitol inspired by the nineteenth-century Greek Renaissance. The capital has a lot of history of the process that the whole country had to go through. It preserves monuments of great historical value; the sculptures are mostly the protagonists outdoors in the parks, avenues, gardens, and cemeteries. The first sculpture that the country had outdoors was the famous Tripoli Memorial and commemorates the heroes of the War of Tripolitan, there is also the equestrian statue of Washington which was located between the Capitol and the White House. A 169-meter obelisk was built and dedicated especially to the Mall. They also have a statue of Lincoln in his honor and was located west of where the Washington Monument is located.

The capital has a very important tourist attraction; it is a residential community that is the oldest, in the city of Washington. After the events of the Civil War, a large number of government workers arrived at Capitol Hill, there began to build houses of 2 and 3 floors, however, at the end of the twentieth century, many professionals invested money in properties making these a design more modern and semi-detached. Currently, it is a sector frequented by tourists from all over the world; it houses all kinds of workers, government, artists, professionals, students, and journalists.

  Washington DC City Among the most visited tourist places, the parks stand out, the largest reach 730 hectares, its name is Rock Creek Park, it is located in the northwest part of the DC Congress, it is a place that attracts many visitors every year, it is important to mention that this land was purchased in the year 1890 in order to reserve it from development. There is also the famous National Zoological Park that covers approximately 65 hectares of land. This place has a variety of attractions in which the zoo stands out, this, in turn, includes panda bears, brought directly from China as a long-term loan. You can also find the Potomac Park, has an area of ​​280 hectares and created by the Congress in 1897, the entire territory is fluvial plains. There is a control project that in turn creates tidal reservoirs, green areas, and ponds waste. However this park was favored with some improvements that were made during the twentieth century, it was included in the addition of Cherry trees, a gift from the Japanese in 1912, annexed fields for athletics, polo fields, also included exclusive fields for military parades and to decorate the park more, they added important memorials.

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