Area Code 207 Location - Maine

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Area Code 207 Map and Location

Area Code 207, Maine Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

  • Auburn
  • Augusta
  • Bangor
  • Biddeford
  • Brunswick
  • Lewiston
  • South Portland
  • South Portland

It is a state of the United States of North America, considered as the most populated of the entire Nation, has 39 million inhabitants and has the third place as the largest State in its territorial extension. It is located in the area of the west coast of the country, where it is also the border with Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona. The capital of the state in Sacramento, however, Los Angeles is the city most known and visited by tourists. As for its name, it is believed that it originated when Spanish missionaries came to inhabit the area and thought it was the place where a famous Amazon queen named Califerne lived. Tourism in the state of California is mainly due to its geography, as it is mainly characterized by its incredible coasts, cliffs, and beaches. However, it is also provided with mountainous areas, where many people practice hiking

According to history, the state of California was originally part of the State of Mexico, however, in the war of independence in 1848, the state was annexed to the United States, with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. After this success, the economic situation of the state began to emerge, and with it attracted many Asian immigrants who, in turn, unleashed a wave of racism, for which immigration limitation had to be implemented in the state. It was then that during the Second World War, all the Japanese inhabitants residing in the State of California were transferred to recruitment camps.

It was admitted as the 31st legitimate state of the United States of America on September 9, 1850. However, by the 1960s it would have become the most populous state in the entire nation. To this day, there is no legal version of the origin of the state name. However, the most supported theory is that of an alleged Spanish novel that existed at the beginning of the 16th century called Las sergas de Esplandián, in which he described an island full of riches, jewels and precious stones called California.

Most of the territory of this state, it can be said that it is deserted, it is estimated that the corner just northwest is the least populated of all the region, due to its climate of high temperatures. For example, California has the Trans-Sierra desert that extends approximately between 600 and 2,300 meters above sea level. In southeastern California, the Mojave Desert can be found, extending 65,000 km2 and occupying one-sixth of the entire state region. South of Mojave you can also find the Colorado Desert which is below sea level.

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