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  • San Antonio

Texas The state of Texas of the United States of North America is located in the center south of the country. The most populous city in the entire state is Houston, while the capital is the city of Austin. Its boundaries include Arkansas (northeast) the Sabine River (east), the Gulf of Mexico (southeast), Oklahoma (north), the Rio Bravo (southwest), New Mexico (west). Their union dates from December 29, 1845. It figures as the second largest state in the United States. It is also known as "The Lone Star State", whose translation into Spanish is "The state of the lonely star". It should be noted that throughout its history, the territory of Texas has been the property of different countries beginning with Spain, who under the dominion of the Viceroyalty of New Spain was awarded the territory.

The northern region of the state was part of Louisiana when this region belonged to the French crown, then the United States decided to buy the territory in the year 1803. After the War of Independence with Mexico which happened in 1821, the territory of Texas it became Mexican territory. Later, specifically in the year 1836, Texas is declared as an independent territory, thus the Republic of Texas was established. Finally, in the year 1845, the war broke out between Mexico and the United States because the latter annexed Texas to its territory and made it the 28th state of its conformation. Mexico was defeated. After the Civil War, in the year 1865, it was incorporated again into the territory of the United States. It has an area of ​​696 241 km² of which (2.5%) 17 570 km² is water.Texas

It has an average altitude of 520 m. n. m., a minimum of 0 ms. n. m. and a maximum of 2667 m. n. m. In Texas, at the beginning of the year 1900, great economic growth was experienced due to the discovery of oil wells in the region. This fact led to a forceful immigration from other states of the country and from Mexico and even from other countries, which caused the population to grow considerably in a short time. It is a city that is considered very important for scientific research and high technology. Regarding their language, naturally, to be located in the United States, the most spoken is English; however, there is no official statement that this is, effectively, the official language of the region. Also, a large part of the population speaks Spanish, the census indicates that approximately 29.40% dominate this language, this corresponds to its origins with the Viceroyalty of Spain and its geographic and cultural proximity to Mexico.

In fact, the state government maintains an ordinance, which indicates that information must be published in Spanish through its official websites. Regarding religion, Texas hosts believers of various religious movements, however, the religions with more presence are: Protestants, with a total of 12 635 792 parishioners, Catholics with 8 790 116 parishioners, Christian affiliations have 1 922 837 parishioners and Mormons are approximately 1 648 146 parishioners. Atheists and agnostics are approximately 274 691 people.

San AntonioSan Antonio is located in Bexar County in the state of Texas. For the year 2010, it had an approximate population of 1 327 407hab. It is located at the 7th most populated city in the whole country. It is also known as "The city of the river." Its Latin language slogan is Libertatis cunabula whose translation into Spanish is "The cradle of freedom". It is home to the Fort Sam Houston, which makes it has a significant military circulation, is also located there the Randolph and Brooks City and Lackland Air Force. It has an area of ​​1208.78 km² of which 1193.81 km² and (1.24%) 14.97 km² are water.

It is said that its foundation was thanks to the Franciscan missionaries, for the time when the territory belonged to the Spanish crown. Later, a large group of people arrived, from the Canary Islands. In this city is the oldest cathedral in the whole country. Its name is the Cathedral of San Fernando. An approximate of 20 million tourists pass through the city. Regarding its climate, its classification is wet and dry. The winter is moderately cold, while summer is usually quite hot.

San AntonioGenerally, there are slight precipitations in the autumn and spring seasons. January is known to be the coldest month, while in May it is the month in which there is more rainfall. The city is divided into 10 districts; each district has a representative who is elected to represent it in the town hall. The mandate is for 2 years, both for the mayor and for all members of the local government. It is necessary to emphasize the existence of a company that supplies electricity and gas to the region. His name is CPS Energy. For the year 2000, per capita income was $ 17,487. Likewise, 17.3% of the inhabitants were below the poverty indexes and the average income of each household was approximately $ 36 214.

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