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Area Code 253 Map and Location

Area Code 253, Washington Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

  • Auburn
  • East Hill-Meridian
  • Federal Way
  • Lakewood
  • Parkland
  • Puyallup
  • South Hill
  • Spanaway
  • Tacoma
  • University Place

washington cityWashington, is the state that is in the northwest of the United States, limits with Canada in the north, in the south with Oregon, in the east with Idaho, and in the west with the Pacific Ocean, and the capital of this state is Olympia, its name is due to the name of the first president of this country, George Washington, this state is not to be confused with Washington DC which is the capital of the United States, that is why it is known as the state of Washington or rather to shorten it, only Washington, this is the one with the 18th largest position. It has an area of ​​184,827 square kilometers, and the state 13th most populated with 6,271,973 people, so the increase of 80,713 people in percentages was 1.3%, compared to the year 2000 there was an increase of 393,619 people, more good, 6.7%; That year the demographic increase was due to the birth 418,055 people and a little less than 237,895 deaths and there was also an increase of 215,216 immigrants in this state. The first people who inhabited or explored this area are the Spaniards, and then the British; at present, the state is an agricultural and mining producer.

In Seattle is the suburb of Auburn, in the United States, in the year 2000 a census was taken and there was a population of 63,477 people, but, according to the 2010 census population is 70,180 people, and the population density is 877.2 people per square kilometer. The boundaries of Auburn have Pacific, Algona, and Sumner to the south, King County to the east, Kent to the north and  Federal Way to the west, and the city coordinates are 47 ° 18'8 "N 122 ° 12'53" OR. This city has 77.41 square kilometers, of which 76.7 square kilometers are land and only 0.70 square kilometers is water since it has two rivers, one called White River and another called Green River. According to this census in the year 2000 the income by a home in Auburn was of 39.208 dollars, and my family, the average income was of 45.426 dollars, for this date the men had an average income of 36.977 dollars, a greater quantity comparing it with the one that receives the women with 27,476 dollars. The per capita income is $ 19,630. There are almost 12.8% of people who are in extreme poverty.

Federal WayFederal Way is a city of Washington, in the county of King that is in the United States, within the urban space of Seattle. Its limit by the southwest is Tacoma Puget Sound, and by the south they are the Milton, Tacoma, and Fife, the rest is based on water, since it is a coastal city, its coordinates are 47 ° 18'46 "N 122 ° 20 ' 21 "O. A census was taken in 2015 and it was deduced that there were 95,171 inhabitants that compared to the 2000 census that was 88,760 inhabitants; there are many more people who come to live in this wonderful city. It is currently the ninth largest city in all of Washington, has an overall area of ​​58.17 square kilometers, and a total land area of ​​57.65 square kilometers, and in water has 0.52 square kilometers, it’s The climate is quite warm and dry, but it is not hot, its average temperature is 71.6 ° F. In the 2000 census, the common income for households was 49,278 dollars, and the average income per family was 55,833 dollars. The men enjoyed an income of $ 41,504, while the women received $ 30,448. Per capita income was $ 22,451. And there is around 9.3% who were in total poverty.

Lakewood is a city that is located in Pierce County, in the state of Washington, United States. For is 2010 the population was 58,163 inhabitants. The city has an area of ​​49.08 square kilometers, of which 44.47 square kilometers are land and 4.61 square kilometers are water, since, there are a variety of lakes in the city; the most extensive are Lake Steilacoom, American Lake, Gravelly Lake, Waughop Lake and Lake Louise and the small tributaries that flow between Steilacoom and University Place. Its economy depends a lot on military bases.

TacomaTacoma is a medium-sized city in the city of Pierce, in the state of Washington, in the United States. It is located in Puget Sound, 51 kilometers southwest of Seattle, 50 kilometers northeast of the capital, Olympia, and 93 kilometers from Mount Rainier National Park, north-west. According to the census of the year 2010, the population was 198,397 inhabitants. Its name was used after the adjacent Mount Rainier, it is originally called Tahoma or Takhoma, and it is quite known as the "City of Destiny" since the city was used as a Terminal of the North Pacific Railroad at the end of the 19th century. This city has an area of 161.46 square kilometers, of which 128.77 square kilometers are land and 32.69 square kilometers are water since in this city there is a great abundance of lakes and other rivers.

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