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VirginiaVirginia: Founded on June 25, 1978, it is the State that, united to Washington D.C., is part of the United States of America. Being accepted in the Union in the tenth place, its history began from the year 1.523 when the European expeditions began and the Spanish missionaries and conquerors settled down. At that time, these lands were inhabited by Native American groups, scattered throughout the territory, such as Chesepian, Powhatan, Cherokee, among others. From the year 1.619, a new government is established, called the Chamber of Citizens. It is there when slavery begins since blacks were brought from Africa, forcing them to work in the homes and lands of whites, losing all the perks and liberties they had until then. Likewise, the hiring of Europeans to work in the properties continued, until in 1769 it was dissolved. Then, in the year 1776, the Virginia Convention opened the way to a new Constitution and the Commonwealth of Virginia was born. There was established the first colony belonging to England, located in the New World. In addition, he was part of the 13 colonies that fought in the War of Independence, to later become the center of the Confederation, during the development of the Civil War in the United States. Its beginnings were very important, the economy agriculture, slavery, and colonialism, fundamental to its growth. The State was baptized with the name of Virginia, in honor of Queen Elizabeth I of England, as she was the "virgin queen" for not having married. Among other denominations, it is also known under the pseudonym of the "Old Dominion" and, on occasion, it is recognized as the "Mother of Presidents", since there have been eight presidents, of which the first four who held the reins of the country were born in Virginia. With the participation of all, the Constitution was ratified in 1788 and the House of Representatives was strengthened, gaining the necessary relevance to remain as a State of the Commonwealth. In the middle of the 19th century, the situation of slavery was critical, because they were exploited in different areas. In the year 1861, Virginia retires of the Union, losing 48 counties and faced many warlike meetings. Once the battles ended, he returned to the Union, in 1870, with an Ordinance that guaranteed privileges for the inhabitants of color. This was the beginning of the rights for the blacks in the State of Virginia, propitiating the strengthening of the communities of this race and managing to enter the Universities and have the right to education, during the decade of the 50s and 60s. Since then, they have been scaling positions, approving legislation that has led them to be recognized in all areas.

Virginia The State of Virginia has the oldest House of Citizens in the Western world. After seven reforms, the Constitution of 1971 is the one that is in force. With the legislative power formed by 100 members of the House of Delegates and the Senate have 40 participants. The executive branch is responsible for the positions of judges and magistrates, while the judicial is represented by the different courts.At the moment, the Governor is Ralph Northam, elected in January 2,018 for a period of 4 years. Senior Senator Mark Wagner, serving since 2009 and Senator Tim Kaine, who holds the position since 2013, is part of the current administration. This system of government obtained the highest rating granted by the Pew Research Center (Pew Research Center), assigning it an "A-" classification, which it shares with two other states. As for law enforcement, the Virginia Congress Police has the most years in operation. The body of National Guards consists of 7,500 soldiers and 1,200 pilots of the Air Force. Thanks to the legislation, the crime rate is very low compared to the general, only 29%, although, more than a hundred individuals have been executed since 1976, due to the approval of the death penalty.

The political and urban landscape has changed in recent years, changing from being a rural area dedicated to the countryside, to becoming a state that is moving forward and adapting to new times. On the political level, there have been changes in the number of supporters of Republicans and Democrats, extending to several counties that were very traditional and conservative. One of the great successes was the right to vote granted to immigrants. The political environment has been undergoing changes in the elections of the last decades, granting the vote, both to elect governors and in the presidential votes, to Republican and Democratic representatives alike, providing balance and plurality to the elections and the conformation of the cabinets governmental. There is a clear tendency in the different regions, since the southwest and southeast are followers of the Democrats, while in other areas there is a Republican majority, making the state oscillate in politics. Richmond is the capital of Virginia and is located in the southern area of the United States, in the area of the South Atlantic, having as limits to the northwest to West Virginia, to the northeast is the Potomac River, which establishes the separation of Maryland and Washington DC, in the southwest is the State of Tennessee, in the south it is bordered by North Carolina and in the west by the State of Kentucky, the city with the largest population in Virginia Beach.

The state is divided into 95 counties and has 39 independent cities, with Fairfax County being the most populous political subdivision in the State. For the year 2010, there were 8,001,024 inhabitants, which showed an increase of 13% in the population, according to the latest figure for the year 2010. The capital of the State had 195,251 inhabitants. The total area of the territory is 110,784 km², of which 7.4% or about 8,236 km² belong to rivers and beaches, such as the Shenandoah River. Virginia is in the place 35, according to its extension and it is in the coordinates 37 ° 30 'North and 79 ° 00' West. In a more recent study, conducted in the year 2015, the State was ranked number 12, in terms of the amount of population. At that time, it had a total of 8,382,993 inhabitants, which indicated a population density of 78.0 inhabitants per km². By the year 2.017, it was estimated that the population had risen to 8.4 million inhabitants. The Human Development Index (HDI) held by the State is among the highest levels, taking it to twelfth place in the whole country with a 0.957. The county of Goochland is the central point of the population since it is the one that is closest to the majority of the inhabitants of the State. The official language is English, spoken by 6,201.784 natives of Virginia, that is, 86.9% and also by the rest of those who inhabit the area, amounting to the amount of 536.508 additional, 7.5 %; for a total of 94.3% English speakers. Spanish is spoken by 412,416 citizens, 5.8%. In addition, the Asian languages, such as Vietnamese and Filipino, are spoken by 240,332 inhabitants, which indicate a percentage of 3.4.

VirginiaAccording to the studies carried out in the year 2000, the white population represented 75.70%, the total of blacks was 20.54%, 0.76% belonging to native Indians, 4.32% of Asians and 0.15% of the Pacific islands. In contrast, for that same year, the Hispanic population was very low with 4.17% of whites, blacks by 0.42%, American Indians 0.09%, Asians 0.07% and natives of the islands a 0.02%. Another analysis, carried out in the year 2005, gave as a result that the total population of whites was 74.94%, the black race had 20.65%, the native Indians 0.74%, the Asians a 5, 20% and those of the Pacific Islands 0.16%. The same study applied to the Hispanic population showed that, for 2005, there were 5.44% of Hispanic whites, African-Americans were 0.46%, American Indians were 0.10%, Asians were 0.09% and those from the islands were 0.03%. This shows that, from the year 2000 until 2005, there was a total population growth of 5.84% in the white race, 7.49% of the blacks, the native Indians in 4.61%, Asians by 28.64% and those of the Pacific Islands by 17.09%, which summarizes that the highest rate of total growth took place among Asian people.With respect to non-Hispanics, it can be concluded that, for the same period, there was a growth of 3.87% whites, 7.27% blacks, 2.22% native Indians, 28.47% Asians, Islanders 15.73%. While only for Hispanics, the increase was 39.60% in the white race, 18.30% in the blacks, the Indians presented 22.10%, the Asians 38.58% and the natives of the Pacific Islands 24.16%, reaching the conclusion that Hispanics had a quite considerable increase. Among the different groups that make up the population, Africans stand out in a 19.6%, English 11.1%, Americans 11.4%, Germans with 11.7% and Irish and Scottish in a 9, 8% The blacks brought from Africa to work in the lands as slaves gave birth to the majority of the African-American population. More than seven million people from Nigeria, Angola, and other areas moved to different regions, between 1,910 and 1,970. People of different ancestry, such as Scots-Irish, Germans, British settled in the western area before the time of the revolution and in the colonial period, in search of employment and means to subsist. Following the immigration of the beginning of this century, there has been a significant increase in the Hispanic and Asian population. According to figures that estimated the population for the year 2007, Hispanics had a percentage of 6.6%, Native Indians and Pacific Islanders were 1.8% and Asians 5.5%. Registering a threefold increase in Hispanics, from 1990 to 2006, of which two-thirds are residents of the northern part of the State and have better incomes and a higher level of education than those who live in other areas. After the Vietnam War, there was a massive immigration, locating in the north and constituting the most extensive community on the whole coast of the country, with 99,000 members. On the other hand, there are 45,000 Filipinos for ties with the Navy and Hampton Roads. In spite of all the immigration, in the State, there are 8 groups of native Indians and 6 tribes, which are legally recognized. The East Bank of the State is separated from two counties by the Chesapeake Bay, into which flow the James, York, Potomac and Rappahannock rivers. Based on the geological and geographical structure, there are five regions established from east to west, including the lowlands, which belong to the coast, which includes the entire Atlantic coast and the coastal plain. In addition, you can find the Pie de Monte, located east of the Appalachian Mountains and the Southwest Mountains, with Mesozoic and sedimentary igneous rocks.

The highest areas are distinguished by the Cordillera Blue, consisting of the amount Rogers and part of the Appalachians. In the Cordillera and Valle, carbonate rocks can be found, specifically, in the Massanutten Mountain and the vast Appalachian Valley. Extending to the Appalachian Plateau, located west towards the Allegheny Plateau, presenting an outlet in the form of drainage, which flows into the Ohio River basin. Regarding the different altitudes, it can be found that the maximum elevation is about 1,746 meters above sea level and the average height is located at 290 meters, being the minimum at the edge of the Atlantic coast. It is not considered an important seismic area since the telluric movements have a magnitude between 4.5 and 5.9 degrees on the Richter scale. This is due to the strategic location in the center of the North American Plate. That is why the earthquake of greatest intensity occurred in the area, was recorded in Blacksburg in 1897. In general, it has several types of climates, due to the different reliefs it presents. You can find a humid and subtropical climate in the eastern part of the Blue Mountains, a humid continental climate in the mountains towards the west and warmer towards the ocean area. Due to the Gulf Stream, tropical cyclones occur on the coast and at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay. Hurricanes are not very frequent and do not usually appear far from the coast.

VirginiaThe period of storms and tornadoes are very common, with storms on average of 35 to 45 a year in the West. As for tornadoes, the estimated annual number is 85, with intensity F2 on the Fujita scale. In winter, large masses composed of cold air come down from the mountains and cause heavy snowfalls. Due to the combination of all these factors, microclimates are created in areas of the mountainous southwest, the Shenandoah Valley, and the coastal plains. In terms of environmental pollution, three counties, including Fairfax County, were rated as having the highest level of pollution. According to a report by the American Lung Association (American Lung Association) made in 2008, he considered that air quality was not suitable for its citizens and the environment. This is due to the growth of populations south of Washington D.C, which has created an increase in the energy consumption of urbanized areas, the increase in automobile pollution and other factors. Electricity is produced through the use of coal, by 50%, the third is generated by nuclear power plants and the rest by thermal power stations of natural gas and oil. In spite of this, the State has a quite extensive extension of forests, since it covers 75% of its total surface. The vegetation in the mountains is based on pines and cactus. In lower areas, you can find small formations of very dense firs and abundant mosses. The most common trees are oak, although it is affected by a plague of months since the 90s, chestnut, maple, American walnut, daisies, Asclepias, mountain laurel, and ferns, among many others. The fauna of the region is made up of different mammals, among which we can mention the black bear, the red lynx, the white-tailed deer, the skunk, the raccoon, the marmot, the fearsome gray fox, the cotton-tailed rabbit and the opossum, also known as an opossum. The existence of cougars is presumed, but there has not yet been proof of their presence in the area.

Among the most representative birds that can be seen in the mountains, there is the cardinal, the wild turkeys, the coal of Carolina, the American carabus and the buzzard that has a red tail. One of the species that was reinserted into the habitat of Shenandoah National Park in the 1990s was the imposing peregrine falcon. The marine fauna is represented by the brook trout, the carp with the black nose and also with the long nose, crabs, oysters, clams, and rockfish or bass striped. The National Parks service dates back to 1935 and includes the entire Skyline Drive, along 170 km, in the Shenandoah region. It is a center of important tourist attraction, by the colors of the leaves. Of the total extension, 322 km² (40%) is protected as a "natural space". The service is comprised of 34 state parts, under the direction of the Department of Conservation and Recreation, in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Forestry. Other parks that comprise it are the Great Falls Park (Park of the Great Falls) and the Prince William Forest Park (Prince William Park). Although the Chesapeake Bay is not a national park, state and federal laws provide protection with a program that is dedicated to rehabilitating the bay and the watershed. Another of the national wildlife refuges, which is under this protection regime, is the Great Dismal Swamp, which receives protection from North Carolina. In the economic aspect, it presents a very balanced development and many sources of income, since it generates employment for 4.1 million people. Thanks to these figures, Forbes magazine rated it as an excellent State to conduct business, in the year 2.006. For the year 2007, it had a Gross Domestic Product of 382,964 million dollars and a per capita income of $ 49,658, which places it in tenth place among the 100 counties with the highest income. In the year 2000, it had 15 counties and cities, which were among the 100 richest in the country, by average domestic incomes. As of 2007, the Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies have established themselves in the capital, Richmond. With a total of 29 companies in total in the State, it has positioned itself as a tenth nationwide. The Hispanic 500 companies have a percentage of 3.6% in the State and 1% occupied by Hispanics.

It is also a leader in the number of employees in the area of technology, a third of jobs depend on the service sector. The chip market was very important in 2006, when it became the largest exporter, even above the total imports of coal and tobacco. At one time his economy was based on milk, but at the present time, he is responsible for producing software, consulting firms, and communications technology. It has mines from which materials such as slate, coal, kyanite, gravel, and sand are extracted, producing an annual amount that exceeds two billion dollars. The industries dedicated to communications, software engineering and the Internet are located in the Dulles Technology Corridor, near the Washington-Dulles International Airport.

VirginiaIn the middle of the year 2006, the incomes that entered to the homes of the county of Fairfax and Loudoun counted with the first and second place between the highest ones in the United States. Workers in federal agencies have a higher level of education. Others are hired by the government, in the area of security and defense. One of the most recognized is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Pentagon of the Department of Defense, but there is also the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Patent and Trademark Office and the United States Geological Survey (USGS), established in the north of the State. The bases that are in charge of military matters, such as Hampton Roads, concentrates the largest number of buildings that provide tactical support worldwide, which credits it as the second state, after Alaska, which invests more in defense per capita, among the facilities that can be found in the Norfolk Naval Base. In the zone that goes from Hampton Roads to the capital and the county of Lee, in the south zone, the economic income comes from the military institutions, the sowing of the tobacco, peanut, and the cattle ranch. The agricultural sector offers 20% of the jobs, distributed in 47,000 farms, which cover an area of 732 m². In the year 2006, the sowing of tomatoes was higher than that of soybean, being the most fruitful harvest of the year, together with the production of peanuts and hay. In the fishing sector, oysters represent a very important part of the Chesapeake Bay, although it has suffered a considerable decline, due to diseases, indiscriminate fishing, and water pollution.

In recent years, wine production has gained importance, generating large revenues and promoting the tourist aspect. The wineries and vineyards located in Northern Neck, all along the Cordillera Blue, have opened the doors to this business, promoting the area and becoming a source of employment. In the tourism field, it has many relevant and attractive places to visit, such as the "Historic Triangle" with a journey through the purest American history, from Jamestown, passing through Yorktown and culminating in the living museum of Colonial Williamsburg. In terms of technology, chips are the main export products. Military bases, government dependencies, and agricultural production are fundamental to the economy. The only aspect in which work must be done to improve is in health care and the implementation of policies to protect the environment, since being an area with parks and natural reserves, it is necessary to implement laws that tend to the preservation of life. The culture of the State is based on three main characters, George Washington, first president of the United States, General Robert Edward Lee and Thomas Jefferson, the third president and founder of the Nation. The dwellings that inhabited each of them are important symbols of the origins of the history of the South. According to the language and geographic elements, Virginia is divided into 9 cultural zones. The modalities such as the day of Pie de Monte, Tidewater, and the Elizabethan, from the Island of Tangier, have had a clear influence on American English and the accents used in other regions. The style of southern cuisine is very particular, there are regions producing wine and cured ham, such as Smithfield.

RichmondRichmond: It is the capital of the State of Virginia and base of the Metropolitan Statistical Area of Richmond (MSA), as well as, of the Greater Richmond Region. It was united in the year of 1742, but from 1.871 it became an independent city. In 2010, it had a population of 204,214 inhabitants, reaching 223,170 inhabitants by the year 2,016, is considered the fourth city with the largest population, surpassed by Virginia Beach. For that same year, the racial distribution was eminent, belonging to the black race with 50.6%, establishing an advantage over whites that was 40.8%, leaving 6.3% for the number of diverse Latinos, 5.0% of Asians, Native American Indians were 0.3%, those of the Pacific Islands were 0.1% and 3.6% belonged to other races, as well as 2.3%. The population in the metropolitan area is 1,175,654 inhabitants and in the urban area, it has 1,043,200 inhabitants. It has a total area of 162.0 km², of which 155.6 km² belong to the mainland and 6.4 km² (3.96%) are occupied by water, between the James, Appomattox, and Chickahominy rivers. The average height that occurs in the city is 45.7 m.

The city is located at the mouth of the James River, about 71 km west of Williamsburg, on the east is located 106 km from Charlottesville, 160 km from Lynchburg and 158 km south of Washington D.C. It is also surrounded by Chesterfield and Henrico counties. Interstate 64, 95, 295 and Route 288 cross it. Among the most important urbanisms is Chesterfield in the South, Sandston in the East, Midlothian in the Southwest, Glen Allen in the North and Mechanicsville in the Northwest. In the figures shown in the 2000 census, the population was 197,790 inhabitants, the number of households and families was 84,549 and 43,627, respectively, but in a more up-to-date survey, it was possible to certify that the population had decreased to reach 193.777 inhabitants. The population density was established at 1,271.3 inhabitants per km² and the concentration of buildings was 593.1 km². On the other hand, the types of races were determined by 38.30% of whites, 57.19% of Afro-Americans, the native Indians were counted in 0.24%, Latinos by 2.57%, the Islanders in 0.08%, Asians 1.25% and other ethnic groups 1.49% and 1.46%. The study indicated that in 84,549 households, 23.1% had children under 18 years of age, established couples were 27.1%, households with only one female member were 20.4% and 48.4% They had no family ties. Individual households represent 37.6% and in 10.9% it was established that they were people over 65 living alone. The inhabitants of the city who have less than 18 years of age and emigrate to other places, represent 21.8%, while those from 18 to 24 years old are 13.1%, those who have between 25 and 44 years old is the 31.7%, for those from 45 to 64, the figure is 20.1% and those over 65 are at 13.2%.

Virginia The population has an average age of 34 years, being the reference between women and men from 100 to 87.1 and for women over 18, for every 100 women, there are 83.5 men. The prices to afford a home are of $ 31,121, having an income for each family group of $ 38,348. The income of men is $ 30,874, compared to about $ 25,880 earned by women. Per capita income was set at $ 20,337, with the poverty level at 17.1% of the family groups and at 21.4% of the inhabitants. These figures include those under 18 with 32.9% and people over 65 with 15.8%. The highest levels of wealth have influenced, to a large extent, political institutions and social classes. The present city had its birth in the year of 1737 when it was founded and later converted into the capital of the Colony in 1780, replacing Williamsburg. Today, it is the seat of one of the 13 Courts of Appeal in the Fourth Circuit, in addition to the Federal Reserve Bank. It is governed by the Democratic mayor Levar Stoney, who was elected in the year 2,017.

Its economy is supported by governmental, federal, local and state institutions, the financial sector, laws and insurance, biotechnology, tourism, pharmaceutical and world-famous companies, such as Dominion Resources, Fortune 500 and WestRock, among many others. The city was classified in the 14th place, as one of the best to develop business, in 2005, by Forbes, motivated by its outstanding level in education and the facilities provided to the companies. Also, in 2006, it reached the sixth place, as the city with the best conditions to obtain employment, among a list of 100 cities in the country. The climate is humid subtropical, in which the four seasons are presented. Starting in January with winter temperatures between -2.1 ºC and 27 ºC, in April the spring is defined with figures between 7.8 ºC and 36 ºC to spend the summer that arrives until October with temperatures that oscillate between 20.5 ºC and 42 ºC, giving the entrance to autumn with more pleasant nights between 4.1 ºC and 30 ºC. Although snowstorms are not very regular, snowfall can leave up to 30 cm. The rains can register up to 1,107.4 mm per year, being more intense from July to September. The humidity of the Richmond climate can give rise to a sensation that the temperature is higher, with 32 ºC of saturation. The city has many tourist places such as science museums, the Confederation, Edgar Allan Poe, the Holocaust and Fine Arts, among others. Houses of famous people, such as John Marshall; buildings of interest, such as St. John's Church; the theater of Byrd; monuments of A. P. Hill, Christopher Columbus and the soldiers of the confederation, the carillon with its 56 bells commemorating the fallen in the First World War. You can also visit parks, such as Forrest Hill, Maymont, and other themes.

Virginia BeachVirginia Beach: It is ranked No. 41 among the largest cities in the country, has an area of 1,288.52 km², of which 643.1 correspond to the land surface and 645.0 km² are occupied by water. It has a maximum height in its relief, 6 meters above sea level. It is located east of the Atlantic Ocean and west of the city of Chesapeake. It has a Guinness record since it has the longest beach in the world, which goes from the southern part of the Chesapeake Bay and passes through the Tunnel Bridge until it reaches the limits with North Carolina. For the year 2013, the population was 448,479 inhabitants, with a population concentration of 348.06 inhabitants per km². The climate of the city is humid subtropical, affected by the ocean. In the winter season, the cold is present with few snowfall events. During the summer season, the weather is hot and the nights are quite warm. In spring and summer, are the seasons in which the greatest amount of humidity occurs. Although the rains are maintained throughout the year, the annual rainfall level is 45 inches. Average annual temperatures are about 15 ° C and snowfall records can reach about 2.5 inches in the year. In the year 1957, the temperature reached 39 ° C, is the highest that has been produced until the moment and the lowest level reached was -24 ° C, in 1985.

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