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Area Code 331, Illinois Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

  • Addison
  • North Aurora
  • Bartlett
  • Batavia
  • Bensenville
  • Bloomingdale
  • Bolingbrook
  • Carol Stream
  • Darien
  • Downers Grove
  • Elmhurst
  • Glen Ellyn
  • Glendale Heights
  • Hanover Park
  • Lisle
  • Lombard
  • Naperville
  • Roselle
  • Saint Charles
  • Streamwood
  • Villa Park
  • West Chicago
  • Westmont
  • Wheaton
  • Woodridge

  IllinoisIllinois is located in the central region of the EEUU, is the sixth state with more population surpassing Pennsylvania and the 25th with the largest area, is considered a microcosm, Illinois has a large agricultural production in the center and north of Illinois , also has natural resources such as oil that is found in the south, coal, wood, therefore it has a lot of diversity in its economy, its limits are from the port of Chicago to the Atlantic Ocean, also the MississippiRivers, Ohio , Wabash. Its capital is Springfield that is right in the center, although at the moment the greater center of its population is in Chicago, that is the third most populated city in the EEUU, especially the center of Chicago, this is just north of Illinois, in its principles the Europeans who emigrated were concentrated near the Mississippi River and originated their name of Illinois Country, this forms part of the eight states in the bi-national region of the huge lakes in North America, referring to 2017 census the population It is approximately 12,802,023 inhabitants, however, it decreased by 33,700 inhabitants between July 2016 and July 2017, which means that it is the worst decrease that has been seen in any of the EEUU.

Adisson Adisson is a small village that is located to the west of the metropolitan area of Chicago, its population for 2010 was 36,942 residents, this village is near Salt Creek which is a tributary of the Des Plaines River, Its area is 25.85 Km2 and only 0.54 square kilometers is water, referring to 2010 poll there were 11,649 homes in which there are children under 18 years, 62.7% were married and living together, 10.2% they had homes with absence of the husband, that is to say, that the head of the family was the woman, 21.9% did not they formed a family, 16.9% of the houses are living only one person, and 4.8% of the homes were inhabited by people over 65 years of age living alone, the average size of a family is 3.46. The city of North Aurora is a type of suburb in Chicago, in Illinois, EEUU. North Aurora has its own fire district, public library, parks and police department, the total area is 19.16 square kilometers, of which 18.60 square kilometers is the ground and the 0.56 square kilometers is water, had 16,760 inhabitants, 4,019 households in which 36% of under-age children lived, 59.4% where marriages are established, 8.1% of the households lived without the husband's presence, 29.5% were not families, the 24.5% of the households are inhabited by individuals and 8.3% of the households had people under 65 years of age or older living alone, finally, the average family was 2.60 and the standard family was 3.14.

North AuroraIn the counties of Kane, Cook and DuPage is the city of Bartlett, it is quite small, it is located just on the edge of western Illinois, has a society of 41,208 inhabitants, referring to 2010 poll report. Bartlett also, it has 41.09 km2, which represents an area of 15,866 miles, of which, 1.49% is water and 98.51% is land, highlighting that it is located in a suburb of Chicago; It also has 12,179 households, 48.6% are under 18 years of age, 72.5% are married couples, 7% are female, head of a family and have no husband, and 18 % are not family, 14.2% of the houses are integrated by individuals, 3.3% are 65 years old and live alone and a percentage of 3.36 as regards the average family size. The city of Batavia is located between the counties of Kane and DuPage in Illinois, in the year of 1833, it was its foundation, is the oldest city of Kane. Batavia is the center for the development of windmills, with a total of 6 American companies. In this city there is a famous laboratory related to very high energy physics, which is promoted by the Federal Government known as Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, where the top quark and bottom quark were found for the first time, in addition, Batavia It is part of a region called tri-city together with Geneva and St. Charles. The city has a society of 26,045 inhabitants referring to 2010 poll and it is estimated that it will be increasing for the month of July 2012 with a total of 26,318 inhabitants. On the other hand, it has 9,707 square miles, of which 99.31% represents land, 0.69% represents liquid status.

BensenvilleBensenville has a population of 18,352 inhabitants, referring to the last census of 2010, this city was first known as Tioga and subsequently, in the year 1873, it was established as Bensenville. The old headquarters of The Edge Ice Arena, junior ice hockey group, is located in this important city of Bensenville, it has 14.55 km2, and referring to 2010 poll, 18,352 individuals live in the town, in addition, there are 6,743 dwellings and a great racial diversity among whites, African-Americans, Native Americans, Asians, and Hispanics or Latinos. Bloomingdale is located 25 miles west of Chicago in Illinois; you can locate it on the map north of the state and north of the county, near Keeneyville or Addison. It has an area of 18.23 square kilometers (7.04 square miles), divided approximately 96% into areas of the mainland and 4% in aquatic areas. With respect to the population, referring to 2010 poll, Bloomingdale had a society of twenty-two thousand eighteen inhabitants (22,018 inhabitants) with 8,219 households. In these homes of Bloomingdale it is interesting to know about their characteristics in their different constitutions, being able to mention that in the named village we have that thirty percent (30%) have daughters and sons under eighteen who have not moved from home, fifty-seven point four (57.4 %) of people are married, of which eight point four percent (8.4%) had a female head of single female figure. And thirty-one point one percent (31.1%) were not families. In all these households, twenty-four point three percent (24.3%) was individuals of which six point eight percent (6.8%) of 65 years or more lived alone. The population in Bloomingdale has been extended to 21.7% of children under 18, 8.3% from 18 to 24, 31.1% (25 to 44), 26.5% (45 to 64) and 12.4% from 65 years to over. The median statistic was 38 years, with a ratio of 100 women for 92 women and for every 100 women over 18 years there were 89.4 men.

BolingbrookAbout 28 miles southwest of Chicago is the village of Bolingbrook, in this suburb of the state of Illinois is partially the presence of the counties of Will and DuPage, that is, north of Will and south of DuPage. The access can be done by route 53, which in turn communicates with Interstate 55 that takes us to the important city of Chicago referring to 2010 poll of the EEUU, the population was 73,366hab. It has sixty-two with eighty-three square kilometers (82.83Km2) with 99.5% of land signed and 4.5% of water. Referring to the same census, Bolingbrook had a population density of 1,167.83 people per km2. In the northern part of the state of Illinois, in the county of DuPage in its northern part is Carol Stream, was established near the city of Wheaton, its main access is the route 64 that allows us to arrive near the city of Chicago Carol Stream is administered by the Legislative Board, of which they are, the mayor and six trustees. Referring to 2010 poll, the town has a society of 39,711 inhabitants with a population density of 1,627.65 persons per km2. It has an area of 24.4 km2, with 96.4% of the mainland and 3.46% of water. Located northeast of the state of Illinois is Darien, a city in the southern part of DuPage County, bordered by the cities of Downers Grove, Westmont, Woodridge, Lemont, Willowbrook and Waterfall Glen Forest Park. It can be accessed via the Plainfield Rd that crosses Route 83 and Interstate 55. Other routes can be Interstate 355 and 294. Referring to the 2010 poll, it has a society of 22,086 inhabitants, and a population density. 1353.35 people per km2. The territorial surface is 16.32 km2 with 98.05% of the mainland and 1.95% of water. The first people who began to live in Darien came from England through the Erie Canal and the Great Lakes; these were established along a line in 1835. As a curious fact, we have that the City of Darien was under the level of the sea until 1994 it was raised.

Downers GroveDowners Grove is a town located northeast of the state of Illinois adjoining the city of Darien. We can access this village through Interstate 355 or 88 and then access Route 34. To the south, we can find McCollum Park. In 2010, it had a society of 47,833 inhabitants and a population density of 1,277.91 inhabitants per km2. It has an area of 37.43 km2, with 98.98% of the mainland and 1.02% of water. The racial distribution is composed of 88.55% whites, 2.98% African-Americans, with 8.47% among Hispanics, Asians, and other races. Its climate is humid continental where January is the coldest month and July is the warmest, with more precipitation in August and the lowest in February. The city of Elmhurst is located in Chicago and overlaps with Cook County, northeast Illinois, and West Chicago. This city can be accessed through Interstate 290, Route 64 or Route 83, passing through York Street or Parh Ave. As a reference, we can have Plunkett Park, Elmuhurst College or the History Museum. Referring to the 2010 poll, it has a society of 44,121 inhabitants with a population density of 1,652.3 inhabitants / km2. It has 99.46% of the mainland with 0.54% of water for a total of 26.7 km2 of the surface. In the racial distribution, it is observed that whites represent 89.48%, African-Americans 1.91% and among Hispanics, Asians and other races with 8.61%. As for homes, they have 15,627 housing units for 11,235 families.

Glen EllynIn the center of DuPage County is the village of Glen Ellyn, located northeast of the state of Illinois but west of the city of Chicago. It is located east of the city of Wheaton and west of Lombard this village can be accessed on Interstate 355. We are close to the East Branch DuPage River and the Glen Oak Country Club. The 2010 poll indicates that the existing population to date was 27,450 inhabitants with a population density of 1564.59 inhabitants per square kilometers and with an area of 17.54 km2 sum of 17.12 km2 (97.59%) of the land firm and 0.42 km2 of water for 2.41%. The same source said that we find 10,207 housing units with 36.7% of children under 18 years of age, with 61% of people are married and with 6.8% with women as head of the family without the man, to finally mention that 29, 5% were not families. Those who lived alone accounted for 25.2% and in the case of those over 65 years living alone 9.3%, Glen Ellyn was officially established on November 3, 1919 this was done for residents' benefits to provide much more recreational activities such as dancing, caring for children and sports, every July 4, a park establishes a show with fireworks at Lake Ellyn for the community, a parade that runs through the streets of historic downtown Glen Ellyn Glen Ellyn is a city widely used as the setting for many novae, such as a novel made in 1975 in O.T. Nelson, who was dealing with a virus that kills all the adults on the planet.

Glendale HeightsGlendale Heights, better known as the hometown of Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan, a rural community, referring to 2010 poll , it has 5.51 square miles (14.27 km2), of which 2.54%, that is 0.14 square miles (0.36 km2), is water and the rest of the land is equivalent to 97.46% or 5.37 square miles (13.91 km2) is a pure land. Also calculating a residents of 34,208 residents, equivalent to an increase of 7.7% referring to 2000 census that gave 31,765 residents in GlendaleHeights, as a curious fact, in 1995 the city chose the first Asian mayor, In addition, the city is best known locally for its ethnically diverse population and consists of three school districts, 15, 16, and 41 and only one library district that is the Glenside Public Library District. All districts are K-8 and are fed in the Glenbard Township 87 district. In Hanover Park, is a suburb of Chicago, a town in the counties of Cook and DuPage, EEUU, Illinois, where the famous "Hanover Park Park District" established by the voters of Hanover Park in 1964, a community that brings together People through outdoor activities, green spaces and events, consisting of 21 parks and facilities covering 128 hectares (0.52 km 2).Hanover Park has a residents of 37,973 inhabitants in 2010, with a reduction of 0.8% since in the 2000 census it gave an approximate of 38,278 inhabitants, continuing with the 2010 poll it has 6,435 square miles (16.67 km2), of which 98.37% divide with many plots of 6.33 square miles (16.39 km2) and 1.63% in water with 0.105 square miles (0.27 km2). And referring to the 2016 census, there were 38,210 inhabitants, 11,264 households and 9,123 families living in the suburb with a population density of 5,634.4 people.

LombardLisle is a hamlet fraction of Chicago with a registered population of 22,930 in the census. 2016 and in the 2010 poll, Lisle has 7,021 square miles (18.18 km2), of which 2.58% is water with 0.181 square miles (0.47 km2) and 97.42% is land with 6.84 square miles (17.72 km2). Lisle is located at 41 ° 47'33 "N 88 ° 05'18" and the largest is within the watershed of the eastern branch of DuPage river. Lombard is a suburb of Chicago, a rural community in Illinois, EEUU, with a society of 42,322 in the 2000 census. The EEUU Census Bureau estimated that the population would be 42,975 in 2004. This includes 32,790 whites (76.0%), 1,925 blacks (5.9%), 4,207 Asians (11.3%), 24 Native Americans, 4 Pacific Islanders, 58 of some other race and 670 of 2 or otherraces. The Latino or Hispanic residents included 3,487 people (8.9%). Lombard has organized an annual "Lilac Time in Lombard" parade since 1930, a 16-day festival that ends in mid-May and begins with the coronation of Queen Lila and her court where they celebrate many events and ends with the Festival's Lilac Parade of Lombard. The first Lila princess was Adeline Fleege, in 1930. Naperville founded in 1831, classified as the richest city in the Midwest and the eleventh richest in the nation, among the safest cities said by USA Today and Business Insider, considered also the second best place to live in the EEUU said in 2006 by Money magazine, in addition to being ranked first in the list of the best cities for early retirement by Kiplinger in 2013 and named as one of the most educated cities in America with more than 50,000 inhabitants. A model city located within the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor, in DuPage and a suburb of Chicago, with a society of 141.853, with an incredible increase in 10.5%, if we compare it with the 2000 census of approximately 128,358 inhabitants, developed as the fifth largest city in Illinois.

RoselleRoselle in 1922 was incorporated for the first time, a western suburb of Chicago and part of the metropolitan area of Chicago, located in the northeastern part of the state, as much in the County of DuPage as in Cook, the EEUU, Illinois. If we compare the 2010 poll with 22,763 inhabitants and the 2000 census with 23,115 inhabitants, we note that the population of Roselle had a reduction of -1.5%, on the other hand Roselle has 5.48 square miles (14, 2 km2), of which 5.41 square miles (14.0 km2) than 98.72%, is land, 0.07 square miles (0.18 km2) would be 1.28% water, referring to 2010 poll , it could be said that Roselle is a dormitory community, because residents generally travel to Chicago or the other nearby suburbs to do their job. St. Charles is located 40 miles (64 km) west of Chicago, Illinois Route 64, with its official slogan "Pride of the Fox", is a city in DuPage and Kane counties, Illinois, with a total population of 33,327 inhabitants referring to estimate of the US Census Bureau. Within the city we can find the Fox River that crosses the center of the city and Potawatomie Park, which is located on the river, one of the popular destination for both tourists and citizens of the city area, besides St. Charles is a part of thethree areas together that are Geneva and Batavia, all western suburbs with the same size and socio-economic status. And if we mention the 2010 poll, St. Charles has 14,934 square miles (38.68 km2), 97.83% is land with 14.61 square miles (37.84 km2) and 2.17% in water with 0.324 square miles (0.84 km2).

StreamwoodStreamwood was incorporated on February 9 in 1957 as a village, is part of the Chicago metropolitan area, a suburb northwest of Chicago and a rural community in Cook County, EEUU, Illinois. With a society of 39,858 inhabitants in the 2010 poll and in the 2000 census with 36,407 inhabitants with a large increase of 9.5%, in addition to 7,854 square miles (20.34 km2), of which 0.034 square miles (0.09 km2) (or 0.43%) is water and 7.82 square miles (20.25 km2) (or 99.57%) is pure lands calculated by the same 2010 poll. Streamwood is part of the community of three cities that make up the area called "Tri-Village ", along with Bartlett and Hanover Park and we can also mention the traditional and famous Streamwood Stride race that takes place the second weekend of June. Villa Park is located 30 km west of Chicago's Loop (Downtown), near the center of the busiest transportation corridor in eastern DuPage County, with a current population of 21,800 people, 5,748 families and 7,737 households residing in Villa Park, within the Chicago metropolitan area and the western suburb. The Village of Villa Park offers direct access to downtown Chicago on the Metra train or by car, as well as being close to O'Hare and Midway airports, as well as being close to Interstate 88 (Illinois), Route 83 from Illinois, Interstate 294, Route 53 from Illinois, Interstate 355, Route 38 from Illinois, Interstate 290 (Illinois) and the famous North Avenue (Chicago), with a population density that was 4469 people per mile square (7206.58 / km²).

West ChicagoWest Chicago is located in EEUU, Illinois. The population of West Chicago was 27,086 of residents in the 2010 poll, with a striking increase of 15.4% compared to the 2000 census which gave a total of 23,469 residents in Chicago and referring to 2010 poll , the total area is 39.22 km2, which would be 2.25% water and mentioning the 2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report of the City the 3 main employers are "Jel Sert" with 1,000 employees, "West Chicago Primary School District" with 632 employees and "General Mills" with 510 employers. Westmont is placed almost entirely within the municipality of Downers Grove, bordered on the west by the town of Downers Grove, north with the town of Oak Brook, to the south with Darien and to the east with the town of Clarendon Hills located at 41 ° 47'40 "N 87 ° 58'35" within the county of DuPage, Illinois, EEUU. Westmont is a community 13.30 km2 in the area, of which 0.27 km2, the 2.06% is water and the rest that is 5.03 square miles (13.03 km2) (or 97.94%) they are grounds. referring to 2010 poll, the population was 24,685 residents, which informs us that there is a small increase of 0.5%, established with the comparison of the 2000 census.

WheatonWheaton is located approximately 30 miles (48 km) west of Chicago, county seat of DuPage County, Illinois and a suburban city in Milton and Winfield Townships, with 11,436 square miles (29.62 km2), of which 11.25 square miles (29.14 km2) that are 98.37% is land and the other 1.63% is water with an amount of 0.186 square miles (0.48 km2) referring to 2010 poll. Wheaton is the sister city of Karlskoga, it also has a total population of 52,894 inhabitants, which was estimated a fall of -4.6% compared to the 2000 census that was 55,416 inhabitants, there were even 19,377 households of which 29.2% were not families, 61.4% were married couples who live together, 36.7% have daughters and sons under 18 years old who have not moved from home and 7.3% had a female family head without the presence of the husband. In the center of Wheaton is located along the southern edge of Memorial Park the street "Karlskoga" which is named after the Swedish city.

WoodridgeWoodridge was incorporated as a village on August 24 in the year 1959, with less than 500 inhabitants, in a wooded area with elevated terrain and views of the East Branch of the DuPage River. It was founded by Albert Kaufman, a housing developer responsible for the creation of the majority of the town. Woodridge is a suburb southwest of Chicago, a rural community, Illinois and with parts of Will and Cook counties, using area codes 630 and 331, it is a very young community that starts from their businesses, homes, and Churches were built after the 1950s, plus it was the birth of Pabst Brewing Company from 2006 to 2011 and is home to the Home Run Inn chain of pizzerias, consisting of a society of 32,971 residents referring to 2010 poll , that tells us that there was an increase of 6.6% more than the 2000 census with 30,934 inhabitants and has a total of 9,582 square miles (24.82 km2), of which 0.162 square miles (0.42 km2) (or 1.69%) ) are water and 9.42 square miles (24.40 km2) (or 98.31%) is land. We also found the Woodridge Park District which maintains a well-distributed group of local parks and open spaces, offering picnic facilities as well as sports. The Park District also has the "Cypress Cove" water park and the "Athletic Recreation Center" that was founded in January 2017.