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Area Code 347, New York Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

  • The Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • New York City
  • Borough of Queens
  • Staten Island

New YorkWith the same name of the state that welcomes it in the United States, the metropolis of New York is the one with the greatest number of inhabitants, of the state itself and of the entire country; and likewise, it is in second place on the American continent. This is because; the great majority of the city is established on three islands, which generates greater population concentration. Thus, in 2017 there were 8,622,698 people residing in the city.
It has an area of ​​1,213.37 km2 in total, of which 783.84 km2 are of solid soil, while the remaining 429.53 km2 correspond to aquatic surfaces. In this regard, its geographical location corresponds to the following specifications:
  • It is located in the northeastern part of the country.
  • From the state of New York, it is in the southeast part.
  • From Boston and Washington D.C., it is at a medium distance.
Likewise, New York is described as a global city, because it has strong influences worldwide; in sectors such as the media, education, entertainment, art, politics,and fashion. As a result, since the end of the 19th century, it has become one of the most important financial and commercial centers.

BronxBronx His name is due to Jonas Bronck, a Swede who arrived as an immigrant and raised the first farm in the colony. After several historical processes, it arrived at what it is today; a New York state county in the United States, which in turn represents one of the urban districts that make up New York, the city. Its location is the one that is more to the sides of the north, and is separated of Manhattan by the Harlem River; however, it is the only one that is located on the firm ground and not on an island.

Geographically, they relate to latitude 40 ° 42'15 "to the north and longitude 73 ° 55'5" to the west. Which correspond to a total land of 149 km2, of which firm ground is 109 km2 and water 40 km2. In this sense, within this area, for the year 2014, it was estimated that 1,438,159 people lived; of which, most were Latinos who came from the Caribbean or Latin America. In spite of not being the aptest for the tourist visits, in the Bronx, they are several places that turn out to be very attractive, like the zoo of the Bronx, the stage of the Yankees and the New York Botanical Garden.

BrooklynBrooklyn With 2,648,771 inhabitants (according to the 2017 census), it is the busiest of the districts that make up New York, the city. Account with a territorial extension of almost 250 km2, of which 73% are of firm soils, and 27% surplus corresponds to surfaces of water.

It is also located on the western tip of Long Island, so it has many places of great attraction for visitors. In this sense, we have the following
  • Coney Islan. Famous for its beaches and amusement parks.
  • Brooklyn Museum of Art. Number two in size of the city, where you can see the art of various regions and continents of the world.
  • Brooklyn Heights. It refers to a district where celebrated and historical people lived.
  • Prospect Park. It is positioned as the second largest in the city and is the favorite of many locals because it has a slightly wilder style.
QueensQueens With 462 km² it is the largest of the five districts that make up the city of New York. Of which there are 283 km² of solid ground, with the highest sum of green areas and, 179 km² of water. Its limits are the following:
  • Long Island and an arm of the Atlantic Ocean, which the island of the Bronx.
  • King County in Brooklyn and likewise, the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Nassau County
  • One is the East River, which separates Queens of the county of New York in Manhattan; likewise, Kings County is located.
In this area, for 2017, it was obtained through a census, which resided in the town approximately 2,358,582. Of which, the majority (31%) were from the European continent or descendants of it. Then there were Latin Americans with 27%, Asians with 21% and African Americans with 19%.

Staten IslandStaten Island It is an island located in the Atlantic Ocean that represents one of the five districts that make up the city of New York. Formerly it was known as Richmond, but in 1975 the Town Hall changed its name to the original designated by the Dutch, State Island.

According to the records taken from the US Census Bureau, conducted in 2010, Staten Island had 468,730 inhabitants; which were distributed in an area of ​​266 km2 in total, of which 152 km2 correspond to consolidated soil and the remaining 114 km2 are from aquatic surfaces. This extension is delimited by:
  • It is Long Island, although it is separated by the narrow The Narrows.
  • North and West. It is New Jersey, which is isolated by the rivers Kill Van Kull and Arthur Kill.
  • The Atlantic Ocean.
On the other hand, the district is linked to New Jersey through three bridges; and with Brooklyn, and likewise, Long Island, across the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, Also, the access roads and often as a means of tourism is the Staten Island Ferry; with which you have the connection to the southern part of Manhattan.

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