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Area Code 404, Georgia Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

  • Atlanta
  • Candler-McAfee
  • College Park
  • College Park
  • East Point
  • Forest Park
  • Atlanta
  • Sandy Springs
  • Tucker

GeorgiaThe State of Georgia is in the southeastern United States. It was founded on January 2, 1978, and was the fourth State to be admitted. It is in the twenty-fourth place in extension and the eighth with the largest population. The most populous city is Atlanta, the capital. The current Governor is the Republican Nathan Deal. The total extension is 153,910 km2, with 3,934 km2 (2.6%) covered in water. The maximum elevation is 1,458 meters above sea level and an average of 183 meters. By 2015, the population was 10,214,860 inhabitants, with a concentration of 66.37 people per km2. In 2005, the GDP was $ 396,504 million and the per capita income was $ 41,542. It has a subtropical climate with an average temperature of 18 ° C per year, with 33 ° C maximum in summer and in winter it oscillates between 17 ° C and -20 ° C. Rain levels are at 127 centimeters and snow is at 2.5 centimeters. The region has mountains, plains, and forests of magnolias, peaches, and pines.

AtlantaAtlanta is located in Fulton and De Kalb counties. Founded on December 29, 1845. The Mayor is Democrat Keisha Lance Bottoms. The surface is 343.0 km2, with 341.2 km2 and 1.8 km2 of water extension. The average height is between 225 and 320 meters above sea level, with a concentration of 4,750,000 people in the urban area and 5,268,860 in the metropolitan area.Until 2008, the Gross Domestic Product was $ 270,000 million, which places it in sixth place for its economy and the fifteenth worldwide. Among the most important companies established in the city are Coca-Cola, Delta Air Lines, AT & T Mobility, CNN, Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000. For 2000, the growth of the Hispanic population produced a variety of activities related to culture and religion. The number of millionaires is also one of the fastest growing in the country, as in 2007, there were 60,799 homes and by the year 2011 had increased by 69%.

Sandy SpringsSandy Springs is in Fulton County. Its beginnings date back to 1842 and were incorporated in December 2005. The Mayor is Rusty Paul. It limits the north with Roswell, the south with Atlanta, the west the county of Cobb and the east with Dunwoody and Brookhaven. It has an area of 38.05 km2, with 38.00 km2 of land and 0.05 km2 of water, with a maximum height of 320 m. In 2010, there was a population of 33,712 people and in 2016 it was estimated at 35,471 residents with 887.0 inhabitants per km2. The per capita income, in the year 2000, was $ 106,240 in households, of $ 129,810 per family, or $ 116,406 for men, $ 169,815 for women and that of the city was $ 70,790. The economy of the city is based on the collaboration of public and private entities. It has the first place in the country, in terms of subcontracting public services to private companies. The climate of the city is humid subtropical.

East PointThe city of East Point is located in Fulton County. Its name originates because it is on the other side of the West Point Railroad. Bordered by Atlanta to the north, west, and east, in the south is College Park and southeast Hapeville. It has an extension of 38.05 km2, of which 38.00 km2 are from the mainland and 0.05 km2 of water. The highest height is 320 meters above sea level. According to the 2010 census, there were 33,712 inhabitants with a concentration of 887.0 residents per km2 and an estimate was made for 2,016, which yielded 35,471 citizens. The race mix was 78.16% African Americans, Hispanics were 7.57%, whites were 16.10%, Asians 0.62%, islands 0.09%, other races 3.40% and two or more races a 1.42% The average income in households was $ 31,874, in family groups it was $ 36,099, men received an average of $ 27,114, women $ 25,839 and city income per capita were $ 15,175.

Forest ParkForest Park is located in Clayton County. It was incorporated in 1908 and in 1973 it was added, Fort Guillen. The Mayor is Angelyne Buttler. It is part of the Sandy Springs-Atlanta-Marietta metropolitan area. It has an area of 24.4 km2, with a land area of 24.3 km2 and an area of 0.1 km2, covered by water. During the 2010 census, there were 18,468 inhabitants, presenting a population concentration of 879 residents per km2. The families that resided in the locality were 4,839, the population was of 18,468, with a density of 882.8 inhabitants by km2. There were 7,233 homes, concentrated in 297.7 per km2. The races were distributed in 19.2% of white citizens, Hispanics in 34.3%, African Americans were 37.7%, native Indians were 0.50%, Asians 7.9%, and the Pacific Islands were 0.01%. The average income of the households was $ 33,556, the families had an income of $ 36,029, the male population obtained $ 27,381, the women had $ 23,104 and the town had a per capita income of $ 13,778.

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