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The United States of America is made up of 50 states; Virginia or the Commonwealth of Virginia is one of them. It belongs to the division of the South Atlantic, so it is located in the South Region of the country, the capital of that state in Richmond, although the city with more inhabitants is Virginia Beach. Although Virginia was accepted into the Union on June 25, 1788, the history of this state goes back much further, in the year 1523. This is because; it was in that year when the Spaniards touched the lands of the east coast (Virginia), which were on exploratory missions. For that moment, space was inhabited by different tribes of native Indians, of whom three main ones are distinguished, grouped according to their linguistics. In this sense, the Nottoway and the Meherrin are distinguished, and the most numerous, the Algonquin led by Powhatan, chief of the Powhatan and progenitor of Pocahontas. In 1583, His Majesty the Queen of England, Elizabeth I, authorized Sir Walter Raleigh to explore and colonize the Atlantic coasts of North America. It was here, where the name "Virginia" was given to these lands, in honor of Queen Elizabeth I, who was known as the "virgin queen", due to the fact that she was crowned without having previously married.

Virginia CityIn 1607, the Virginia Company of London, who had property rights on the land, according to statutes established the previous year, paid for the first English permanent partnership, which was called Jamestown in commemoration of James I, the king. Later, in 1619 the House of Citizens was established, which was designated as the government of colonization, being also the initial legislative assembly of the New World. That year the population presented an increase, due to the arrival of other settlers, who also brought African servants or slaves. The latter were forced to work on the properties and lands of Europeans.

However, in the year 1769, the Chamber of Citizens was destroyed by allegations that refuted the British encumbrances. Seven years later, in 1776, the Constitution was decreed with which Virginia was officially declared as an autonomous commonwealth. For that time, the governor of the area was Thomas Jefferson, who decided to move the capital of Virginia, from Williamsburg to Richmond, with the aim of protecting himself from later British assaults. In 1831 there was an uprising by the slaves; a situation that was repeated in 1859 in Harpers Ferry, before the irruption of John Brown. In this way, a great social displeasure with regard to the slavery that was lived in Virginia was evident, and the so important paper that they played in the plantations and the economy of the state, because, more and more, the slaves were used to work in other activities than agriculture, such as mining, foundation of ships and other companies.

Subsequently, in 1861 Virginia separated from the Union, and by 1863 the separation of the state from 40 of its counties was presented to form West Virginia. However, in 1870 he returned to the Union, welcoming a Constitution that guaranteed the protection of Africans, as well as free education and their civil and political rights. However, the constitution continued to undergo modifications by legislators, who included taxation and other actions in voter registries, which stripped people of African races of civil rights, services, education and representation before the authorities. Despite this, African-Americans did not give up, and by joining forces they created strong communities; what led them to progress and obtain rights just like the rest of the population.


According to the census conducted by the United States Census Bureau, in 2010, Virginia reported a total of 8,001,024 inhabitants, which showed an increase of 13% compared to the previous 2000 census. On the other hand, being a territory that welcomed people from different backgrounds, five ethnic groups can be distinguished, according to their lineage. In this way, you have:
  • Africans, 20%.
  • Germans, 12%.
  • Americans, 11%.
  • English, 11%.
  • Irish and Scots, 10%.
Because, in the times of the English colonization, they brought many Africans in slave conditions for the plantations to work on, most of the slaves living in Virginia are descendants of these; which, were native of Angola, Igbo, and Niger, or Nigeria, as it is known today.

Also, as a consequence of the migrations that took place at the end and the beginning of the 20th and 21st centuries, respectively, there was a rapid increase in the Hispanic population, especially those from Central America; it also happened with the Asians. In this regard, for 2007, 7% of the population of Virginia was composed of Hispanics, while Asians represented 6% and American Indians, Alaska Natives, Hawaii or Pacific Islanders, occupied 2%. In the same order of ideas, Virginia continues to be the abode of at least 13 tribes of Native American Indians, which are state-recognized. In another context, it is statistically Virginia is divided into 11 Metropolitan Areas, of which the ones with the largest number of residents are: Hampton Roads, Northern Virginia and Richmond-Petersburg. In this way, the metropolitan area that houses Richmond, the state capital, records a population of more than 1.2 million people; whereas, Virginia Beach is the most populated city, followed by Norfolk and Chesapeake, in second and third position, correspondingly.

Geography and climate

The total area of ​​Virginia is 110,785 km², which makes it position in the 35th state of the United States. The Border States are the following:
  • The District of Columbia and Maryland are located between the north and the east.
  • West Virginia is north and west alike.
  • The Atlantic Ocean to the east.
  • Kentucky is located in the west.
  • North Carolina and Tennessee in the south.
Also, taking into account the geology and geography of the state, it is divided into five regions, which are distinguished from east to west, as follows: Low coastal areas. Coastal plains between the Atlantic coast and the declination line, where the main deltas and the Eastern Shore are included. Hills based on igneous and sedimentary rocks in the eastern part of the Appalachians, including the mountains of the southwest. Blue mountain range it consists of the Appalachian Trail and Mount Rogers, as well as the summit areas of Virginia. Valley and mountain range. It represents the Great Appalachian Valley and the Massanutten Mountains, where carbonate rocks are found in the depths.Appalachian plateau. In the west of the mountains following up to the Allegheny Plateau, with a mean dendritic drainage that has the mouth in the Ohio River. With respect to seismic activities, the state does not present regular movements, being the highest registered of 4.5 degrees, according to the Richter scale. In another order of ideas, despite having a coastline, the largest territorial extension of the state of Virginia (65%) is covered by forests. In this sense, in the mountainous areas, you can see many pines and occasionally you see some cactus.

Whereas, in the lower areas it is common to find narrow but thick lines of firs that look for moisture, as well as mosses. Likewise, other tree species are frequently found in localities, from which oaks, chestnut, tulip tree, American walnut, maple, Asclepias, mountain laurel, daisies and many types of ferns can be distinguished. As for the fauna, it has that the state is the habitat of mammals like the black bear, the raccoon, the white-tailed deer, the skunk, the beaver, the opossum, the red lynx, the marmot, the tail rabbit of cotton and the gray fox. Some river species that can be found are trout, carp, and crabs; while from the sea, oysters, clams, blue crabs and rockfish abound. Also, birds such as the cardinal, the wild turkeys, the carabao, the saithe and the red-tailed buzzard are observed.

In relation to the climate, according to the climate classification of KöppenCfa, a large area of ​​Virginia is humid subtropical climate, which can be seen further east of the Blue Mountains and the southern section of the Shenandoah Valley. Also, west of the Blue Mountains, the weather becomes humid continental. Due to the oceanic entrance that is towards the east of the state, which is reinforced by the currents of the gulf, in the Chesapeake Bay the development of tropical cyclones is possible. In this sense, storms and tornadoes are also recurrent, especially in western Virginia.

Main economic activities

The economic activities of Virginia are quite diverse and allow having more than 4.1 million people employed, which means that the funds of the state are kept in balance. In view of this, Forbes magazine in 2006, gave Virginia the title of the best state of the United States of America for business. The main activity that takes place in the state is in the technological sector, through the manufacture of chips; which is 2006, represented the largest net export of the country, coming to be above the main and traditional productions such as tobacco and coal, combined. Likewise, in the dairy capital Virginia of the North, it is currently known for its consulting companies, communications technology, and software production; while, in the vicinity of the Washington-Dulles International Airport, is the Dulles Technology Corridor, a place that has a broad density of communications, Internet and software engineering.

Richmond cityOn the other hand, another sector that is of great relevance in the state, are the government companies. This is due to the fact that, in Northern Virginia, some of the most famous agencies in the country are located, such as: the Central Intelligence Agency, better known as the CIA, the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Patent Office and United States Marks, United States Geological Survey (USGS) and The Pentagon of the United States Department of Defense. The latter, in 2001, was a victim of terrorism, when a commercial plane crashed on September 11, causing the death of 185 individuals. Likewise, in the Hampton Roads area, the highest density of military bases is located, among which the Norfolk Naval Base stands out as the largest. In this regard, many people who hold degrees with university degrees perform functions in various federal agencies of the state.

In spite of all these technology centers within the state, the traditional agrarian and agronomic work also exerted an elementary contribution because, in Virginia, there are approximately 47,000 farms, which occupy 20% of the jobs in the state. In this way, it is managed the breeding of cattle, agriculture, with the always and harvest of tomatoes, hay, tobacco, and peanuts. Towards the areas of the Chesapeake Bay, mollusks are an important source of income for the economy. However, this has shown a decrease in both population and catch, due to causes such as overfishing and pollution diseases. As for the tourism sector, national parks are the ones that attract the most attention and visits from people. An example of them would be the Shenandoah National Park, which contains the Skyline Drive trail, which consists of 170 picturesque kilometers that flow between mountainous areas. What makes this location so popular are the annual changes in the color of the leaves of the trees, which is why millions of people attend each year. Similarly, there is the renowned "Historical Triangle" that contains the popular tourist places of the country's history, such as Yorktown, Jamestown and the living museum of Colonial Williamsburg

The community of Virginia Beach is also an important focus for the area of ​​cars, because, being located in the coastal area, offers a lot of varied actions and hobbies. Also, in the length of the Blue mountain range, there are the wineries and vineyards of Northern Neck, which have attracted many tourists in recent periods, thus beginning to generate income to the state.

The education

The state of Virginia is recognized nationally for its high level and quality of education, maintaining a solid manner in the Evaluation of Progress in Education of the United States Department of Education. This is because, the students of this region, of different grades and of all the mentions, surpass the average scores in the evaluations made by the educational direction. The reason for this success is based on the fact that all of the collegiate subdivisions have the duty to abide by the educational models established by the Virginia Department of Education; which, supports an assessment and accreditation system designated as Teaching Standards. In this sense, responsibility is assured.

The public education of Virginia is not directed by the state, but by the cities and counties, and is selected as the 5th best in the whole country, according to references of Counts 2008 made by the newspaper Education Week. There is also Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, which is considered the best secondary public school in the country; this is because despite being a public condition, it handles a very selective admission process. With respect to universities and higher education, Virginia is home to two of the public universities in the United States. Among them is the University of Virginia, which was established by Thomas Jefferson, and is in second place while, The College of William and Mary is ranked in sixth place, is also the second university in the country with more time than founded. In the same context, but already at the master's level, is James Madison University, which occupies the main position in the southern region.

Main cities of Virginia

The capital city of the state Virginia is Richmond; however, there are others that are of great importance and relevance in the United States, either because of their historical value, tourist attraction, among other characteristics. In this regard, some of them will be described below:

Charlottesville cityCharlottesville was granted by Charlotte de Mecklenburg-Strelitz, British queen and is also known as Cville. It is also the center of the Charlottesville metropolitan area, which is home to Buckingham, Albemarle, Greene, Fluvanna, and Nelson counties. However, it is located in the county of Albemarle and is one of the independent cities of the Commonwealth of Virginia. In this sense, the city lies just west of the mountains of the Southwest, on the same line of the Blue Ridge, about 32 km to the west, on the extension of the Rivanna River, which is a stream of the James River. Also, it is at a distance of 159 km from Washington, D.C. and 110 km from Richmond.

On the other hand, according to the reports established by the United States Census Bureau, Charlottesville has a territorial extension of 27 km2. In this way, for 2016 it had an estimated population of 46,912 people residing in the town. However, being the county seat, the Office of Economic Analysis of the United States, with statistical purposes, unifies the city of Charlottesville with the county of Albemarle, which totaled an amount of 150,000 inhabitants; although, they were still two legally separate communities. One of the prominent figures of Charlottesville was Thomas Jefferson, who drafted the Constitution of 1776, with which the formal declaration of the city as Commonwealth of Virginia was made. He also erected the University of Virginia and managed to occupy the position as the third president of the United States.

In this way, his house identified as Monticello (Small Mountain, in Italian), has become a place of interest for tourists; who come to the town to visit the residence located in the vicinity of the town. However, other places of interest are also the Downtown Mall and the Robert Edward Lee.

Danville The state of Virginia has several independent cities, and Danville is one of them; which is bounded by Pittsylvania and Caswell counties (North Carolina). It is also the main community of the Danville Metropolitan Area and is located on the Dan River. Likewise, it is adjacent to other cities; in this way, it is south of Lynchburg 110 km away, while, via Route 29, it is 72 km northeast of Greensboro. On the other hand, to go east or west, it is done through the federal route 58, 126 km access to South Hill and 48 km to Martinsville, respectively. In the same order of ideas, it was determined that the city of Danville has a territorial area of ​​113.7 km2 in total, of which 2.3% of it corresponds to the aquatic surfaces; while the remaining 111.6 km2 are of solid earth; this, according to the records established by the United States Census Bureau. In this way, according to the 2010 census, 43,055 people lived in that territory. His role in the Civil War was fundamental because he had a very clever location between the Danville and Richmond Railroad. In the same way, it is nicknamed "the city of the churches" because, in this town, there is a large number of them, even more than in any other state of the country.

As for community entertainment, it is home to the Los Bravos de Danville baseball team of the Appalachian League. In the same context, 15 kilometers away is the Virginia International Raceway, which is a motor racing circuit and motorcycles, where national competition is held.

Lynchburg CityLynchburg Established in the year 1757, Lynchburg is one of the independent Virginia cities, which are 39. It is also known by the nicknames "City of the Seven Hills" or "City of the Hills", this is because it is located in the branches of the Blue Ridge Mountains, along with the extension of the James River. According to history, in 1860, Lynchburg, being a city of value, was not taken again by the Union, before the culmination of the United States Civil War. In this way, geographically, it corresponds to the coordinates 37 ° 46'58 "to the North and 79 ° 26'42" to the West; the neighboring cities are Charlottesville, Roanoke, and Danville. And, it has an absolute territorial space of 128.9 km2, of which 1 single kilometer is of water, and the remaining 127.9 km2 are of firm soil. In this area, according to census records for the 2010 period, the population oscillated between 75,568 inhabitants, forecasting for 2017, which would reach the number of 81,000 people. However, for 2010, the population was in the following way:

  • Whites, 67%.
  • African Americans, 29%.
  • Asians, 1.1%.
  • Other races, 3% (Native American Indians, Pacific Islanders, other ethnic groups.
Also, the distribution of the population according to age, was as shown below:
  • 22% were under 18 years old.
  • 16% were between the ages of 18 and 24.
  • 25% of adults between the ages of 25 and 44.
  • 21% were from 45 to 64 years old.
  • 16% ages over 65 years.
  • The average age was established at 35 years.
However, for purely statistical and census purposes, the Economic Analysis Office opts to unify Lynchburg with the City of Bedford and the counties of Appomattox, Campbell, Amherst, and Bedford. In this sense, for 2006, the city was positioned at the low levels of the country's annual income; with an estimated $48,200. In this sense, according to census data, it was determined that more than 26% of children in Lynchburg lived in poverty. With respect to education, the city of Lynchburg hosts several university higher education centers, such as Liberty University, Randolph College and the University of Lynchburg; the first of these is considered the university without the lucrative spirit of greater dimensions in the country. On the other hand, the places of interest to visit in Lynchburg are the Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest, where you can appreciate the architecture and enjoy the history; Percival's Island Natural Area, the Amazement Square museum and the Liberty Mountain Snowflex Center, which is an impressive sports center.

Richmond is an independent city of the Commonwealth of Virginia, which in turn was designated capital of the state in the year 1780. Despite having the same name as Richmond County, the city being independent does not belong to it, that of fact, it is more than 85 km away on a different plane from Virginia. However, the city is the epicenter of the Greater Richmond and Richmond Metropolitan Area and, likewise, is adjacent to Henrico County to the south and Chesterfield County to the north; and also, at the junction of interstate roads 95 and 64 of the center of the state.

The city has a high historical value for the country because in it transcendental events were developed, which denoted a precedent and its continuity. As were the following cases:

Revolution Patrick Henry delivered a speech that later became a motto, the famous "Give Me Liberty or Give me Death", in 1775; this was decisive for the state and led him to be a participant in the First Continental Congress, which began the revolution that led them to independence. At that time, personalities such as Ajoya Speight, Thomas Jefferson, who drafted the independence declaration and, George Washington, stood out in the proceedings. Post-revolution. In 1786, the Statute for religious freedom of Virginia was issued, which was composed by the distinguished Thomas Jefferson and assisted by James Madison. This marked a milestone in history because religious freedom was achieved through the separation between the state and the church. Likewise, the first rectification of the Constitution was achieved. Civil war. Due to its strategic location, Richmond has designated the capital of the confederation, is the focus of the Union. Who after several combats, was taken and later on fire. However, at the end of the war, the city was reformed and today images and other reminders of the events can be seen. Once the armed conflicts for the fight of territories are over, it can be said that the geography of the city is represented by a total space of 162 km² of which 6.4 km² correspond to aquatic areas, and 155.6 km² they are of solid soil. For the year 2000, the census determined that the total population was 197,790, which comprised 43,627 families and 84,549 households; however, according to more recent data, a decrease was observed at the population level, with 193,777 residents. Also, the ethnic composition is as follows:

  • African Americans 57%.
  • White whites 38%.
  • Asian 1%.
  • Native Indians 0.2%.
  • Other races 2%.
Traditionally, the city stood out for the production of tobacco, which was initiated by the native tribes that lived in the area and who took full advantage of the earth's resources. However, with the progress and evolution of the times, Richmond now bases its economy on finance and legislative companies. That is why it is quite usual to find several legal firms and recognized banking entities. In this sense, nine of the 500 largest companies in the country can be found in the city, such as Philip Morris USA, Circuit City, and Dominion Resources. Also, you can find business centers of smaller scales, but of great economic value.

Virginia Beach CityVirginia Beach World famous for having the most extensive beach in the world is Virginia Beach; which is a city of the Commonwealth of Virginia, in the United States, just on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the east, and on the west with Chesapeake, in the same state of Virginia. It ranks 41st as the largest city in the country, and also, it is the one that keeps more inhabitants of the state; which are estimated at an amount of 437,994, according to the data taken from the 2010 census. This population is scattered in a territorial space of 1,288.1 km², of which, the largest section is water with about 645.0 km²; while, the other 643.1 km² are of solid ground. Being located in this way at latitudes 36 ° 51'10 "towards the North and 75 ° 58'40" towards the West.The long stretch of the beach starts from the southern point of Chesapeake Bay, passing through the Bridge-Tunnel, which in turn is the longest bridge-tunnel globally until you reach the borders with North Carolina. This has made this town credible, to appear the famous Book of Guinness Record, for owning the longest beach on Earth.

The climatology of the zone is described as of the subtropical humid class, this would be by the slight action that exerts the Atlantic Ocean on her. However, during the winter season, it is likely that temperatures fall several degrees, reaching quite cold periods very long. On the other hand, the summers are hot and humid, although the nights are cool and warm. In this sense, the periods that feel wetter are summer and spring; nevertheless, the rains appear constantly during the 2 months. For this reason, the average temperature per year is 15 degrees Celsius, with an estimated 2.5 "of snow falls and 45" of rain. On the other hand, thanks to its geographical location, the city has a favorable point, that is, because it is located to the south of the routes that follow the most considerable storm formations, which are created at altitudes of higher elevations. However, it is located in the north of the usual hurricane trajectories.

Virginia Beach, every year attracts an impressive number of tourists; which arrive in the area looking for fun, recreation and relationship. In this way, people can sit to receive some rays of the sun, fish, explore and learn about the biology of ecosystems, or attend a festival that is being held, camping, hiking, among many other alternatives.

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