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OhioOhio is one of the fifty states that make up the United States of America. This is listed as part of the Midwest that is located in the Great Lakes area of the country. It is located in the north five hundred and two kilometers from the shore of Lake Erie, which makes it easier for the state to have a large number of ports for loading. On the south with the Ohio River which may have a slightly low tide of approximately one thousand seven hundred and ninety-two along the northern part of that river. On the east with the state of Pennsylvania, on the northwest with the state of Michigan, on the west with the state of Indiana, on the south with the state of Kentucky and on the southeast with the state of West Virginia, In the year one thousand eight hundred and two, thanks to the Enabling Law, the border of the state of Ohio was defined by limits and goals. Although Ohio is limited by the river that bears the same name, it is owned mostly by the states of West Virginia and Kentucky. Its capital and at the same time its most populated city is Columbus or better known as Columbus, who belongs to the counties of Delaware, Franklin, and Fairfield with a population of eight hundred and seventy-nine thousand one hundred and seventy inhabitants. According to the census conducted in the area, the population is approximately eleven million six hundred and fifty-eight thousand six hundred and nine inhabitants, which positions it in the seventh most populous state in the country, these figures mean that the population density is about one hundred nine inhabitants per square kilometer, which positions to the state as the tenth with the highest population density. According to the data collected by the United States Census Bureau, the state of Ohio has a total area of approximately one hundred sixteen thousand ninety-six square kilometers, of which three hundred and fifty-five square kilometers is for the width, three hundred fifty-five square kilometers is for its length and approximately eight percent of its water territory, which positions the state in thirty-four position with respect to the size of its area.

OhioThe state of Ohio gets its name thanks to the Ohio River, that name means Great River and it belongs to the Seneca language, which is an indigenous language of the North of the United States. The first of March of the year one thousand eight hundred and three the state is admitted to join the union obtaining the eleventh position, but it obtains the first position under the ordinance declaration of the northwest region. It is estimated that approximately 6.2 percent of the inhabitants of Ohio is less than five years of age so that 23.7 percent have an age under eighteen years of age, which leaves a range of 14.1 percent. Individuals with ages between sixty-five and over. The women in the state constitute an approximate amount of fifty-one percent of the inhabitants of the region. The census carried out in the year two thousand and ten showed that the city is composed of 82.7 percent of white people of American origin, 81.1 percent of non-Hispanic whites, 12.2 percent of African-Americans or descendants of blacks of other countries, 0.2 per percent of Alaskan Natives, 1.7 percent of Asians, which were subdivided into 0.6 percent from India, 0.4 percent from China, 0.1 percent from the Philippines, 0.1 percent from Koreans, 0.1 percent of Vietnam and the Japanese constituted another 0.1 percent, 0.03 percent of islanders from the Pacific islands, with 3.1 percent of Hispanic or Latin American people, which were subdivided into 1.5 percent from Mexico, 0.8 percent belonging to Puerto Rico, 0.1 percent of Guatemalan origin and 0.1 percent came from Cuba, there are also figures of 1.1 percent belonging to other races and 2.1 percent belonging to two or more races. On the whole.

The inhabitants of Ohio are mostly descendants of foreigners, of which the most relevant and predominant are with 26.5 percent Germans, 14.1 percent Irish, 9 percent from England, 6.4 percent from Italy, 3.8 percent from Poland, 2.5 percent from France, 1.9 percent from Scotland, 1.7 percent from Hungary, 1.6 percent from the Netherlands, 1.5 percent from Mexico, 1.2 percent from Slovak, 1.1% Welsh and 1.1% Scottish Irish. As of the year two thousand eight it was recorded that seventy-six percent of the citizens in Ohio were Christians, twenty-six percent identified as evangelical Protestant, twenty-two percent as main Protestant and twenty-one percent as Catholic, While approximately seventeen percent of people say they do not share any religious beliefs, this is due to the culture of the colonizers and immigrants who settled in the region. The state does not have an official language, however, 93.3 percent of the population has English as the main language, and 2.2 percent Spanish and 4.5 percent speak a different language. The state has thirteen state universities, forty-six private colleges and universities, eight technical schools, six medical schools and much more public and private educational institutions of primary, middle and secondary education. It also has two hundred and fifty-one public libraries throughout the state, in the region is a sports car field called Mid-Ohio, which has hosted several championships dedicated to racing cars, has eight football teams American college Similarly, it has five international airports, its climate is the humid continental, so the summers are hot and humid while the winters are very cold. Thanks to its geographical location, so much commercial cargo traffic pass through its borders, making Ohio expand and grow economically. On its grounds you can do various recreational and leisure activities, as there is an amusement park called Cedar Point, a park for activities such as hiking or abseiling called HockingHillsState Park, the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, the renowned Hall of The Rock and Rock Fame, which is a museum that is dedicated to preserving the memory and memory of all most famous artists of rock, a zoo that has a garden and an aquarium called Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, a science museum that is both planetary and other facilities for the enjoyment of free time.

AshlandThe city of Ashland is located in the state of Ohio of the United States of North America, more specifically in the county that takes by name the same that the city. According to the data collected by the United States Census Bureau, the city of Ashland has a total area of approximately 29.09 square kilometers, of which 28.93 square kilometers is made up of land and 0.16 square kilometers is made up of water. The city has eight towns, which are Bailey Lakes, Hayesville, Savannah, Mifflin, Polk, Jeromesville, Perrysville, and Loudonville. It also has fifteen municipalities, which are Clear Creek, Hanover, Lake, Milton, Montgomery, Pear Cider, Sullivan, Vermillion, Green, Jackson, Mifflin, Mohican, Orange, Ruggles, and Troy. According to the census conducted in the area in the year two thousand and ten, the population is approximately twenty thousand three hundred and sixty-two inhabitants, the estimate for the year two thousand and twelve was twenty thousand three hundred twenty inhabitants so there is a decrease in the population, so that the families were about eight thousand sixty-three, of which four thousand eight hundred and thirteen are the families that live inside the city, this means that the population density of the city is approximately seven hundred and three inhabitants per square kilometer.

This means that there are in the area an amount of eight thousand nine hundred fourteen units of homes within an average density of approximately three hundred square kilometers. This same census showed that the city is composed of 95.8 percent of non-Hispanic white people, 1.4 percent of African Americans, 0.1 percent of Native Americans, 1.0 percent of Asians, 0.1 of islanders from the Pacific Islands, 1.2 percent of Hispanic or Latin American people, 0.3 percent of to other races and 1.3 percent of the mix of two or more racial combinations. It was recorded that there were approximately eight thousand sixty-three homes in the area, of which it was estimated that 28.2, by the way, had children aged before eighteen years of age were in family homes, 43.2 per One hundred were constituted by couples who were legally united, 12.1 percent were single mothers without a male character present in the home, 4.4 percent had single parents without a female figure present in the household and 40.3 percent did not they were constituted within a family. The average size of the families that were registered was about 2.28 members compared to 2.91. The dwellings that were occupied by individuals were 34.2 percent, while a percentage of 15.9 percent of people over 65 who lived alone without a companion was found.

Ashland The average age of the inhabitants of the city was approximately thirty-six years of age, counting on the 21 percent of them were under eighteen years of age, 15.7 percent were between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four years of age, a percentage of 22.5 comprised ages 25 to 44, 23.1 percent were people elderly whose ages were between 45 and 74 years, so that approximately 17.7 percent were people over sixty-five years of age. It is estimated that in the city there is a higher rank of women than men with the figures of 46.8 percent being men versus 53.2 percent of women. Approximately at a distance of 5.6 kilometers from the commercial district located in the center of Ashland is the Ashland County Airport, which is for public use. The city has several public and private educational institutions of primary and secondary education, in the same way, as the University of Ashland and the famous Ashland Theological Seminary, both institutions were established by evangelical Protestants, also has a public library. In the city were born and lived many famous people of the country such as Shawn Grate who is known to be a serial killer, Robert C. Springer, who is an astronaut and participated twice with NASA, Edmund G. Ross who was governor of the territory New Mexico and many other illustrious ones. In Ashland exist many places are meant to carry out outdoor activities for recreational purposes, which are well known to local people, such as the CarpenterWaterfowl Park, the Byers Woods, the Sandusky Hollow or the Ashland County Historical Society, as well as many other places of interest.

Bowling Green The city of Bowling Green is located in Massachusetts, state of the United States of North America, belonging to the county of Wood County. It is located about thirty-two kilometers to the southwest of Toledo. Bowling Green, during the 19th century, belonged to a region known as "The Great Black Swamp", it was drained when they colonized the territory to which it belonged. For the year 1832 the city was founded, later, in the year 1855, its incorporation was formally established. At the beginning of the 20th century and by the end of the 19th century, oil wells were discovered in the region, which represented a great economic growth in the area. The census carried out by the authorities in 2010, the population amounted to thirty thousand twenty-eight inhabitants, so it is estimated that in the year two thousand fifteen would be approximately thirty-one thousand two hundred and forty-six inhabitants. The United States Census Bureau establishes that the city of Bowling Green has a total area of 32.66 square kilometers, 32.53 square kilometers of land and 0.13 square kilometers of water, which is equivalent to 0.40 percent of water in the area. In the region, eleven thousand two hundred and eighty-eight consolidated homes were registered. The families whose residence is established in the locality were of four thousand six hundred seventy-five, for that reason, it is concluded that the density of the population is of three hundred and seventy-eight square kilometers. The census in the data collected established that the city is made up of 87.6 percent of non-Hispanic whites, 6.4 percent of African-American population, 0.2 percent of Native Americans, 2.1 percent occupied the Asian population, Pacific Islander figures were not found, 4.8 percent of Latin American or Hispanic inhabitants, 1.4 percent covered the population of other races and 2.2 percent covered the mix of two races. Eleven thousand two hundred and eighty-eight homes were registered in the city, of these 18.9 percent of these housed children under the age of eighteen, 30.7 percent consisted of legally established couples, 7.5 were households led by single mothers with absent male presence, 3.2 percent comprised households headed by single parents with an absent female presence, 58.6 percent had no family constitution.

An approximate of 35.8 percent of households were made up of people with an absent family, 7.2 percent of people over sixty-five lived alone. The average age of Ohio's population was twenty-three years, while 12.8 percent were still under the age of eighteen, 43.2 percent were between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four, 19.5 percent were found to belong to the ages ranging from twenty-five to forty-four years, a 15.7 percent reflected a population of seniors whose ages ranged from forty-five to sixty-four years, for this it is estimated that 8.9 percent of the population was conformed by people over sixty-five years of age. In the city there are more female than male inhabitants, men were accounted for by 48 percent while in 52.0 percent were women. Every September in Ohio the Black Swamp Arts Festival is organized, which dates back to the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-three, the music that composes the repertoire of artists is jazz, blues, and rock. At the end of July, the Wood County Fair is held, country music and a large number of activities predominate. The National Tractor Championship, held in the region and dates from the year one thousand nine hundred and sixty-seven, is very crowded, with figures of up to sixty thousand people. There is a very popular festival that is held in honor of winter, which is common in several cities in the country, is called Winterfest and takes place for 3 days. It houses a well-known public library, multiple public and private schools, in terms of higher education highlights the Bowling Green State University, there are two local newspapers, a television channel and as for radio, in the city operate 5 stations. It also has various places for outdoor enjoyment

LimaLima, a city located in Ohio, is included in the Metropolitan Statistical Area while the latter is included in the Combined Statistical Area of Lima-Van Wert-Wapakoneta; it is located in Allen County. Geographically, it is located northwest of the city of Ohio and is close to the Interstate 75, is 116 km from Dayton and 125 km from the city of Toledo. It owes its name to a reference to the capital city of Peru. In 1800, the city was the source and supplier of the drug quinine, which was used to cure malaria; the city was in great demand due to the proliferation of the disease. It has a total area of 35.74 square kilometers, 35.15 square kilometers are land and 0.60 kilometers are water, these data were obtained by the United States Census Bureau. This city since 1989 retains the same mayor whose name is David J. Berger, the politician has been re-elected seven consecutive times. In the fourth congressional district of Ohio, the location of Lima is represented by Republican politician Jim Jordan. Its climate is similar to that of the city of Ohio given its proximity to Dayton and Toledo. The climate of the zone is categorized as humid continental. Summer is hot and humid, this has generated the city is prone to smog and allergens, especially when they exceed 85 ° F; the winter is quite cold, its rainfall is moderate throughout the year. In snow, it overtakes Dayton by four inches per year. Officially the city was founded in the year 1831, at that time the most numerous inhabitants were the Shawnee. They gave all their lands because they were forced to do so. The United States for the year 1817 made the Hog Creek Reservation for the inhabitants, especially for the local Shawnee, thus covering the counties of Auglaize and Allen and part of what is now the city of Lima in the United States zone. Then move to Kansas territory, inaugurating Allen County for settlement; Due to the above, the Ohio Legislature issued an order to establish a seat in the county whose product was Lima. Due to newly discovered oil in 1885, Ohio initiated the "Oil Boom of Northwest Ohio". The discovery originated in principle in Findlay, a city located forty miles from Lima. Then the deposits of natural gas were discovered there in the year 1884. This led to a greater effort in the air of marketing, free gas was announced, and Findlay companies wanted to "blow up" the region. When it was learned that oil had been discovered in Ohio, Standard Oil of Cleveland immediately built a refinery in the city of Lima. In the first week of excavations, a little over 200 barrels were obtained from the oil well. The census carried out in 2010, showed the figure of 38,771 inhabitants whose residences were in Lima, and had a population density of approximately 1,085.22 inhabitants. Out of 38,771 inhabitants, Lima had 67.09% white people, 26.45% African-American population, 4.44% were people of two or more races, 0.49% were of Asian origin, 0.29% were classified as Amerindians, and 0.02% corresponding to the Pacific Islanders, and 1.23% comprised inhabitants of other races. 3.66% were Hispanic or Latino. The most popular residential street is the "Bloque de Oro" is located to the west, in 1960 it suffered various damage, and the YWCA survived the MacDonnell house, the Allen County Museum. makeup twenty-four buildings and a historic district, the latter stands out in the National Registry of Historic Places. The literary production of the city is composed of poetry, novels, memoirs and great academic works. Among the most prominent authors are: Lynn Lauber popular novelist, Harry Halsey Starrett, poet from Lima in the 1950s, Donald Richie, Marilyn R. S and the Dr. Emmett Murray Jr. ("Duke"), popular doctor and writer in the region, acclaimed comedian Lenny Bruce popularized a comedy show whose title was "Lima, Ohio." The musical program Glee is set in the William McKinley school located in the city of Lima. In 1999 in Lima, a documentary was filmed whose title was "Lost in Central America".

MansfieldMansfield is located in the County of Richland County, Ohio, United States; it is a city that is located between Columbus and Cleveland. It is close to Interstate 71, officially part of Northern Ohio. Mansfield is located approximately 105 kilometers from Columbus, 146 kilometers from the city of Toledo and 105 kilometers from the city of Cleveland. It has an area of 80.08 square kilometers, data provided by the United States Census Bureau, 79.95 square kilometers are land, and 0.13 square kilometers is water. The highest point of the entire city is the Woodland Reservoir corresponds to about 455 meters above sea level, it is an underground water reservoir. The city of Mansfield has a climate classified as humid continental, a classic of the region has four seasons. The winters are characterized by being cold and dry, with constant rainfall of a combination of sleet, sometimes with heavy snowfall and ice accumulation. Autumn is a very dry season. It has cool nights and the days are usually warm. Summer is warm and sometimes it is humid. Mansfield was founded and designed in Platted in obedience to the agreement promulgated in the month of June 1808. Its designers were Joseph Larwell, James Hedges, and Jacob Newman. Now it is known as a Central Park, however, in the beginning, it was known as a painting. The first built house dates back to 1808. Its constructor was Samuel Martín and he made it with logs, in the same year in which it was founded. Your government is a municipal council. Every four years he elects the new mayor.

Mansfield has a municipal council, which is a group that has eight legislators or are changed every four years, the city has the possibility of choosing two of the members, the remaining six go on behalf of specific rooms. In 2010, 47,821 censuses were registered. Of these 47,821 people, the city was inhabited by 73.31% of white people, 22.15% of the African-American population, 0.74% of the Asian population, 0.2% of the Amerindian community, 0, 05% corresponded to islanders from the Pacific, 3% belonged to two races and 0.55% were composed of other races. 1.93% were Latino or Hispanic. It is noteworthy that in this region the well-known and old reformatory belonging to the state of Ohio, its construction was intended to emulate a German castle that was erected in 1886 and remained until 1910. In the center of the city Located in the Mansfield Memorial Museum, its construction dates from 1887 and is currently open to the public under the name of Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall. For cycling activities, the visited Richland B & O Nike Trail has 29.5 kilometers of totally paved land and is located on the railroad between Ohio and the Baltimore River. It was built in the year 1995 and its tutelage has the District of Parks of the County of Richland. It has 33 parks of different sizes.

toledoToledo is positioned as the fourth largest city in the state of Ohio. Located in Lucas County; of the cardinal points this city is to the northwest of Ohio, to the western end of the Erie Lake, to a side of Maumee, the city is crossed by the Maumee River and between its limits is the state of Michigan. The city of Toledo according to the United States Census Bureau has an area of 217.88 square kilometers, 208.99 square kilometers of land and 8.89 kilometers of water. It is characterized by having a lot of soil fertility and being a flat land. It has an average elevation of 187 meters above sea level. Similar to part of the areas that occupy the Great Lakes, the city of Toledo has a climate which is categorized as humid continental. It consists of 4 stations. It favors the proximity to Lake Erie, this affects temperatures in the fall and spring. Therefore, the snow season is quite light; summer is humid and warm, while winter is cold and snowy winters. The wettest time of the year is spring. The precipitations throughout the year are common. Its foundation, in 1833, was favored by the American population specifically on the banks of the Maumee River which, initially, was annexed and became part of the County of Monroe, belonging to the region of Michigan. At the end of the Toledo War, the city was rebuilt in 1837, there it was annexed to Ohio. The government of the city consists of twelve a mayor and councilmen, together they form a governing council. The councilors and the mayor himself are elected to govern for four years. 6 councilors are elected for each district and the remaining 6 for the city.

The mayor's office has a very strict order. The census carried out during the year 2010, showed the result of 287,208 people who resided in the city. In terms of population density, by then it was located at 1,318.19 inhabitants per square kilometer. Of the entire population, the city was made up of 64.83% white people, 27.18% were African-American, 1.14% were from the Asian community, 0.37% were from Native Americans, 0.03% corresponded to islanders from the Pacific, 3.88% were people of 2 races and 2.58% corresponded to people of other races. A 7.39% were of Hispanic or Latino origin. Toledo was a very important port city, due to its location near the Great Lakes in the period before the industrial revolution. With the circulation of the new automobiles, the city presented an industrial rise, this also favored circulation in the area and became more known. There is an old Renaissance building whose facilities dab fit the Museum of Art of Toledo. The Stranahan theater concert hall is located south of the city and is very busy. The Opera de Toledo presents functions since 1959, offers great shows in terms of the opera of the highest quality. The acclaimed productions of Broadway are replicated in El Toledo Repertoire Theater makes successes of Broadway and also different works not so popular.

Toledous Its creation dates back to 1933. "Gothic flamenco" is its architectural style, the CollingwoodArts Center was also designed by EO Fallis, a great architect, and it is located in a building dating back to 1905. The city of Toledo has trails for university walks and for cyclists whose extension is 10.1 kilometers, the trail is located towards the northwest, on the way to the University of Toledo at Sylvania located in Ohio. It should be noted that an episode of the popular series "Warner Bros. "It was made in Toledo, its title was Supernatural" Bloody Mary ". Melissa & Joey, a comedy series for television filmed in 2010 was held in Toledo whose main character is the mayor of the city. The song "Lucille", composed by Halla Bynum in 1977 and interpreted by Kenny Rogers, arose due to the inspiration that her composer obtained when making a trip through Toledo. More that Toledo is mentioned in the song "OurSong" included in the album “Yesenia "in the year 1983.

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