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California: It is a state of the United States of North America, considered as the most populated of the entire Nation, has 39 million inhabitants and has the third place as the largest State in its territorial extension. It is located in the area of ​​the west coast of the country, where it is also the border with Mexico, Nevada, Oregon,and Arizona. The capital of the state in Sacramento, however, Los Angeles is the city most known and visited by tourists. As for its name, it is believed that it originated when Spanish missionaries came to inhabit the area and thought it was the place where a famous Amazon queen named Califerne lived. Tourism in the state of California is mainly due to its geography, as it is mainly characterized by its incredible coasts, cliffs,and beaches. However, it is also provided with mountainous areas, where many people practice hiking.

According to history, the state of California was originally part of the State of Mexico, however, in the war of independence in 1848, the state was annexed to the United States, with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. After this success, the economic situation of the state began to emerge, and with it attracted many Asian immigrants who, in turn, unleashed a wave of racism, for which immigration limitation had to be implemented in the state. It was then that during the Second World War, all the Japanese inhabitants residing in the State of California were transferred to recruitment camps.

It was admitted as the 31st legitimate state of the United States of America on September 9, 1850. However, by the 1960s it would have become the most populous state in the entire nation. To this day, there is no legal version of the origin of the state name. However, the most supported theory is that of an alleged Spanish novel that existed at the beginning of the 16th century called Las sergas de Esplandián, in which he described an island full of riches, jewels and precious stones called California.

Most of the territory of this state, it can be said that it is deserted, it is estimated that the corner just northwest is the least populated of all the region, due to its climate of high temperatures. For example, California has the Trans-Sierra desert that extends approximately between 600 and 2,300 meters above sea level. In southeastern California, the Mojave Desert can be found, extending 65,000 km2 and occupying one-sixth of the entire state region. South of Mojave you can also find the Colorado Desert which is below sea level.

In addition to the deserts, California is characterized by its mountainous regions, as it is, for example, the Santa Lucia Mountain Range, is located south of San Francisco, where the cliffs can reach up to 240 meters above sea level, hills of smaller size and coastal mountains that can reach 65 km and have an elevation of up to 2,400 meters. Due to the high temperatures to the south and in the desert areas of the state of California, the waters are quite scarce. However, this factor is compensated by the excesses of rain and melting snow to the point of causing flooding in the rivers of the northern coast. Its aqueduct system transports water from north to south.

In terms of plant and animal life, California is the state with the greatest biological diversity in the United States, this state has more than 40,000 species including plants and animals, it should be noted that some of them are unfortunately in danger of extinction or threatened. However it can be said that a quarter of all plant species found in North America are naturally produced within the borders of the American state, their best known silver type is their redwood trees.

As for the climate of California, it consists of only two, one wet and one dry. However, due to the great territorial extension, this state is divided into multiple counties and each with its respective municipalities:

California City, Kern County, California United States. It is the third largest city in the state of California and number 34 on the list of the entire national territory. This city is known as one of the ones that preserve the highest temperatures of this region, for this reason, it is considered as a city almost ghost because its villages are quite removed one from the other and crossed long kilometers of desolation. It was incorporated as a city and was legitimately recognized in 1965. California City is 105km southwest of Death Valley National Park. According to the census conducted in 2010, the population was at that time with 14,120 inhabitants, based on that figure, the city was awarded the 331st place in the list of largest cities in the entire state by population.

Its territorial extension covers 527.40 km2 of pavements and desert areas. It has a high number of immigrants because it belongs to a coastal region, most of them are of Mexican origin, this, in turn, caused a great shortage of houses and consequently pushed up prices even more, which greatly worried the US residents. However, despite being an arid and desert area, in California City you can find a PGA golf course, a prison, a municipal airport and in its main source of income, you can mention a correctional center and a rehabilitation center, a test field of the famous car brand Hyundai and Kia which is located in the southwestern area of ​​the city California City, there is also a visually spectacular boron mine in the southeast of the region, it is the largest open-pit mine of California, according to the Center for the interpretation of land use, and a base of the Air Force. As for a census taken to take the measurements of the territory, I throw that in the total area of ​​527 Km2 of which 0.26 Km2 belong to aquatic areas.

Novato Marin County, San Francisco, California of the USA. UU It is located 29 miles north of the San Francisco Bay and 37 miles northwest of Oakland. It is located along Novato Creek, between San Pablo Bay to the east and Point Reyes NationalSeashore to the west. The region originally belonged to the Indians of Miwok, which was later purchased by Fernando Feliz in 1839. According to the census conducted in 2010, its population at that time was 51,904 inhabitants. This city is the alternative of many inhabitants, as it has been described as one of the places in the United States to live since the development since the mid-twentieth century has been mainly residential and is known as the city to do business, has technology companies of tip, large combinations of corporate headquarters and a large number of specialized retailers, to provide this region of work. Its attractions are mainly the 1976 History Museum, the Marin Museum of the American Indians, the Olompali State Historical Park and the Samuel P. Taylor State Park.

The city of Novato has a total area of ​​73 km2, making it the largest city in all of Marin County. All its territorial extension includes 71 km2 in land areas and 1.3 km2 which represent 1.85% is covered by water areas. As for sports, Novato is the choice of many athletes to go hiking and mountain biking, because its geography has favored it very well in terms of its mountainous reliefs. It has 2 public golf courses, a skate park and a network of 27 oak parks with oaks. As for the tradition and culture of Novato, there are community events, art festivals, wine and music, the annual parade that celebrates on July 4 and a farmers market held from the month of May to August. According to a census conducted, the figures show that of its total area of ​​73.2 km², it is divided into two parts, one comprising 71.8 km² in land areas, and the remaining 1.4 km² are covered by water areas. It is important to note that the city is approximately 42 m2 above sea level.

San AnselmoSan Anselmo Marin County, California, United States. This city is located approximately 2.4 km west of San Rafael and is located at a height of 14 m and 32 km north of San Francisco. The limits of San Anselmoson to the east with the city of San Rafael, to the west with Fairfax and to the south with Ross. The number of inhabitants of the city according to the census conducted in 2010, was then 12,336. Its territorial extension covers 6,634 km2 with a density of 1,779,06 inhabitants. The climate of this city in moderately rainy, being the month of January the wettest and coldest of the season, its average rainfall is 47.47 inches.

  During the year of 19874, the land of the city and its surroundings were pastoral, however, as of that date, San Anselmo was introduced when the North Pacific Coast Railroad as part of its transportation system, more later the city added to its line a track of spurs that went from this city to its neighbor San Rafael. From 1902 to 1040, I was part of A System of Electric Trains of the Pacific Northwest of Marin, however, the railway was closed on March 1, 1941. By 1892, San Anselmo inaugurated the post office of the,In addition, two post substations were created, which are Lansdale from 1924 to 1962 and Yolanda from 1924 to 1954 to cover more land and demand by the community.

Despite belonging to one of the hottest states in the whole nation, the climate, the beaches,and the beautiful panoramas that this city offers, has attracted the visit of many tourists, this contributes considerably to the economy of the city. Account approximately with more than 300 accommodations to choose from. Their tourists can decide whether to visit a farmers' market or go to a park, the city also has a museum and a spa center, and it also has libraries and many historical sites of invaluable importance.

South San Francisco San Mateo County, California, United States. It is located in western California in the Bay Area of ​​San Francisco, it is located at the southern base of the San Bruno Mountain. In 1835, this area was designated Mexican land, however, later this region was bought by Henry Miller and Charles Lux, who built properties there. Later in 1890 Peter Iler would have bought the land and the territory would have been extended. Later the city would already be industrialized, with meat packers, steel making, chemical processing and other manufacturers. Currently, South San Francisco with a large number of tourists every year, its squares and its beautiful views of the Bay, are the main attraction of this city with its huge sign that welcomes visitors which was built in 1923.

South San Francisco According to the census conducted in 2010, the city of San Francisco had a total population of 63,632 inhabitants, has a total territorial extension of 78 km2 according to the census conducted in 2010 of which are divided into 24 km2 of land areas and 54 km2 which represents 69.69% of water areas. South San Francisco is bordered on the north by San Bruno and the San Francisco International Airport in the Colma Creek valley, to the east meets Pacifica and the northern foothills of the Cordillera de la Coast; to the west, it meets the waters of San Francisco Bay.

The inhabitants of this city usually refer to it as South City, in a more practical and affectionate way of talking about their usual region. Much of San Francisco's vallen is oriented east, pointing to the San Francisco Bay, this is the favorite part of tourists, and it delights the eyes of anyone when it offers views of the bay from very high levels. In terms of climate, the city has relatively mild winters, while summers are cool and dry winds. The hills to the west protect the eastern parts of the city from part of the fog that prevails in the neighboring areas. An important fact about San Francisco is that during 2014, there was a growth in the population, its increase was of 4,411 inhabitants who had in 1920 to 67,009 inhabitants during the mentioned year, the data conclude that the population tripled from the Second World War until this date.

San Rafael Marin County, California, United States. This city has an extension that points towards the southeast, covers an area of ​​approximately 80 km that starts from the Cuyama River to a proximity of the county line of Santa Bárbara-Ventura. One of the main characteristics of San Rafael, are its impressive peaks, can reach an upper height of 6,000 feet or equivalent to 1,800 meters, there includes its famous mountain, which also bears his name with a height of 6,593 feet or 2,010 meters, and the Big Pine mountain with a height of (6,828 feet or 2,081 meters.) Despite these heights, the highest point of the city is within the Los Padres National Forest. It had a considerable growth, from the arrival of the railroads of San Francisco and North Pacific in 1884, where later it would have a link of railway networks for the year 1888. The Dominican University of California was founded in 1890 and there was an access to the city of San Francisco and 24 km and East Bay through the bridges called Golden Gate and Richmond-San Rafael, this greatly improved the industrial development of the city. It has a Falkirk cultural center created at the end of the 19th century which has a large art gallery and a large number of sculptures. According to the census carried out in 2010, the San Rafael population was approximately 57,713 inhabitants. In terms of the climate of this city is the Mediterranean, which means that it has mild winter, in which very rarely reach the freezing mark, the total annual rainfall November and the first days of April are the rainiest months of the year.

As for its name, it is believed that the city was named in honor of the Archangel Raphael, the angel of healing and a mission that was carried out with the same name.  There were 4 priests who led it: From the Mission San Francisco de Asís Father Abella, the Mission San José Father Narciso Durán, the Church of Our Lady Queen of Angels Father Luis Gíl and Taboada and Father Junípero Serra, father President of the Missions, on December 14, 1817, originally his goal was hospitable to the American Indians. The obtuse mission a total of 300 converts during the first year and already by 1828 had managed to add a total of 1140, however only lasted until 1844 when finally the mission was abandoned and fell into ruin.

 Bakersfield KernBakersfield Kern County, California United States, the city is situated at San Joaquin Valley, approximately equidistant between the city of Fresno and the city of Los Angeles, 180 km to the north and south, respectively Bakersfield was founded by Thomas Baker in 1869. This man, in turn, was the one who recovered the swamp lands later along the Kern River. The city was originally a farming trade center that operated primarily and for a long time for the Owens Valley mines in the year 1870 the Sierra Nevada. However, Southern Pacific Railroad reached Sumner, a name by which it was previously known East Bakersfield, numerous miles north-east of the city center, in 1874, had completely forgotten about this city, for a dispute that had taken place between officials of the Santa Fe Railroad and the city. Which later had a connection in Bakersfield (1898). Later the region began to emerge and become an important factor in the manufacture of alfalfa, grain,and cattle, which had a significant breakthrough in the economic aspects of the city. However, there was also an important discovery of “Kern River oil fields”(1899), this brought a significant favor in the oil industry which for obvious reasons was focused on Bakersfield.

One of the most important historical aspects that can be mentioned of the city, is its rapid growth, after facing certain catastrophes. For example, the fire that occurred in the year 1889 that destroyed an important section of business and another even worse, In 1952 there was an earthquake that caused irreparable damage. Throughout the twentieth century the city has been growing and rebuilding over the years, this is the result of a growth in livestock production, oil industries and the cultivation of grapes, cotton, grains,and alfalfa.

Its vineyards are some of the most important and produce much of the city's wine. Despite this Bakersfield has many industries necessary for the growth of the nation, these industries are responsible for producing textiles, electronic parts, bedding,and steel. The city is also very famous for its diversity in tourism, which is very important for the development of the city. California has many important attractions that make many travelers around the world visit among them are botanical gardens, zoos, museums such as the California Living Museum, the Bakersfield Art Museum, the LoriBrockChildren Discovery Center and the Kern County Museum, also is the house of country music and the BuckOwens and MerleHaggard.

One of the aspects in which this city stands out most is in education, among the educational institutions that are located there are the California State University, Bakersfield founded in 1965 and Bakersfield College that was founded in 1913. Other institutions are aerospace and are two of the most important in the country the Edwards Air Force Base and the Naval Air Weapons Station of the Lake of China. For the census conducted in 2010, the population was 347,483, stole becomes the ninth largest city in the state of California and the 51st most great of all the national territory.

  Daly City: it is the largest city in San Mateo County. Daly City was originally inhabited by the Indians known by the name of Ohlone, the entire region had become a concession of territories that belonged to the Spanish, although much of it was uninhabited during the eighteenth century. However, later a group of inhabitants of an agricultural societycalled “Vista Grande”, in 1906an earthquake followed by fire unleashed a catastrophe that caused people to go to San Francisco. A cowboy named John D. Daly managed to open extensive kilometers of farmland, thus given help to the victims of the disaster that crossed the city. Based on this event, the region was called in 1911 Daly City, which also merged with the city of Colma(1936). After the Second World War, the city had a residential increase and an important growth in the industry, the urban areas expanded to the Bay of San Francisco. Currently, the city has become a community, and a health care center, due to the events that occurred in previous centuries. Daly City has the famous “Cow Palace” that was founded in 194 and is located within the city limits; this has concerts, rodeos, circuses, and other attractions to distract tourists, it also has, the public recreational place and San Bruno Mountain State Park.

According to the census that was carried out in 2010, the city had at that time a population of approximately 101,123 inhabitants. According to its territorial extension, it covers approximately 20 km2. The city is also surrounded by the neighboring cities, which are San Francisco, Pacifica, Brisbane, the city of Colma and South San Francisco. In turn, it should be noted that the boundaries of this city of Daly City, are for several areas that are not precisely included in the County of San Mateo, California. As for the climate of the city, it can be said that it is very similar to the climate of San Francisco, both of which may have fog, which lasts from spring, at the beginning and at the end of summer. As for the summers, in general, they are usually dry and cool, but the winters are mild, not too cold and not so wet.

In the aspect of transport system available to Daly City, the United States Census Bureau has considered the region as one of the cities that has one of the highest rates in terms of passengers in transit. In this case, public transport is provided by the SamTrans line, BART that works for the city station and also for Colma, as well as other lines offered by San Francisco Muni. It is important to mention that Daly City is located approximately eight miles from the International Airport and also to the southwest of downtown San Francisco. These two points are accessible by the same highway.

Menlo Park, San Mateo County, California, USA UU A city is located right on the western coast of the San Francisco Bay. At first, the territory was, originally occupied by some Indians known as Ohlone, but later Spanish explorers who arrived in the mid-eighteenth century called that place with the name El Palo Alto. Later this region became much of Rancho de las Pulgas, it was a land that belonged to Mexican inhabitants which had been established in the year 1800. Menlo Park was founded by Dennis J, Oliver, and DC McGlynn in the year 1854 these two men were of Irish nationality, both came to the city and called it Menlough, which belonged at that time to Galway County. However, in the beginning, the current city of Menlo Park was originally established as a town that was aimed at those railroad workers and to which specialized areas were rooted. He had incorporation that included aFairOaks for a brief period of two years, from 1874 to 1876, later joined Atherton and Ravenswood, the latter later changed its name to East Palo Alto.

At the time of the First World War, the population of the city increased considerably, as they had a place called Camp Fremont, which was an area reserved solely for army engineers, and therefore occupied a large part of Daly's center. City, there trained and trained approximately 40,000 soldiers. During this same period, the well-known General Hospital of Dibble was built from 1943 to 1946, in order to provide health services to the wounded soldiers belonging to the theater of the Pacific. After the events of World War II, the city had a considerable development, it stood out as a residential community, there was an evident growth in the construction of official agencies, among the most outstanding is the Stanford Research Institute, founded in 1946, which is now known as SRI International. The MenloCollege was also built in 1927.

In the city of Menlo Park, the post office arrived in 1870, however it was not formally incorporated until 1874. The territory had an original arch, this was what gave its name to the stations and finally to the city, it only lasted until 1922, when it was shot down by a car accident. According to the census that was conducted in 2010, the city of Menlo Park had a population of approximately 32,026 inhabitants. Another census was taken of the city and the measures of its territorial extension were completed with a total area of 45.1 km² which is equivalent to 17.4 miles², however of that total only 26.2 km² or its equivalent of 10.1 miles² are land areas, while the 18.9 km² or its equivalent of 7.3 miles² remaining are water areas. That represents 41.88% of the total territory.

As for the most important avenues, we can mention the main street in the center of the city, whose name is "Santa Cruz", this has an intersection not only with the MenloPark center but also with El Camino Real. It has a center, it is limited by Ravenswood Avenue, a street called Alma, another street called Laurel and the drive Burgess. Daly city also has council offices, has a library, a police station and the park burgess, the latter is provided with several recreational facilities, where one can also say that it is one of the tourist attractions of Menlo Park.

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