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  • Arlington
  • Bedford
  • Benbrook
  • Burleson
  • Cleburne
  • Euless
  • Fort Worth
  • Grapevine
  • Haltom City
  • Hurst
  • Keller
  • Mansfield
  • North Richland Hills
  • Southlake
  • Watauga

TexasIn the United States is Texas, which is considered the second state with the highest population density, as well as the largest. The product of its culture, its politics, its history and its great size, the Texans in their majority maintain a completely independent position, emphasizing much the Texan identity and replacing consequently the essence American state. On the other hand, very few states in the Americas highlight their flag or elevate it in cars, in companies and in advertisements highlighting their identity. In the year of 1836 Texas manifested itself and for ten years it was considered as an independent nation of the United States, but later it was incorporated into it to one thousand eight hundred and forty-five.
Texas despite having been sponsored by six different countries such as Mexico, France, the Confederate States of America, Spain and the United States has remained for years with a free and independent spirit, being the target of attention for any adventurer for the ability to be explored in a unique way by everyone who approaches him, receiving a lot of hospitality, attention, generosity and a very striking accent because of the uncommon, in addition, that Texans are charming subjects that allow themselves to be known as well as their culture, their customs, their beliefs as is the case of the flamenco dancers until the banquet of Bratwurst considered very attractive and fun activities for the spectators, guaranteeing the total attention of everyone who participates. Texas is really attractive and large, it can be said that it measures 695,673 square kilometers, is much larger than France and makes it a striking state to travel it, so having a vehicle is vital for long trips full of adventure between the cities, dedicating for others, large amounts of hours to visit all their places. Regarding the climate, it can be said that it has an extreme diversity in terms of climate, highlighting that in the summer the months are hot and dry with a temperature of 100 degrees F, presenting strong storms. In Houston and the Dallas region there are unstable climates, there are also frequent thunderstorms accompanied by hail, tornadoes,and humidity is unbearable during the summer, while winter, spring,and autumn tend to be more pleasant, although they have seen snow in Brownsville and Corpus Christi is this a rare event, but that has happened.

Arlington Arlington is located in Tarrant County, is a major city in Texas, part of the Mid-Cities 20 miles west of Dallas and 12 miles east. As for the population, according to the last census of the year 2013 Arlington has a population of three hundred seventy-nine thousand five hundred and seventy-seven inhabitants, which means that it is the 3rd largest municipality in the metropolitan area and within its structure has a very important university that is dedicated to urban research, also has the Texas Rangers in Globe Life Park, with the Assembly Arlinton plant used by General Motors, with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission IV, with the Dallas Cowboys, with Texas Health Resources and DR Horton, in this same order of ideas, has a total area of ​​256km2, of which 248km2 are land and 3.24% represent water, according to the census of the United States, on the other hand, it is necessary to highlight that it has a tributary of the Trinity River called Johnson Creek and also the Trinity River, flowing through Arlington.

We can mention that Arlington is home to the Six Flags Over Texas national theme park that includes several attractions with great notable characteristics, after the announcement of the appearance of the Six Flags Hurricane Harbor water park, thanks to this they were sold for the time of the 1990 Wet 'n Wild, in addition to which Arlington is the world-wide seat of the bowling pins due to the relocation of the Congress of Bowling of EE. UU also has The Parks Mall with which you can go shopping retail, thanks to the city hosts many shops, restaurants, and has an ice skating rink and a movie theater.

Bedford is in Tarrant County specifically to the northeast, is a city located between Fort Worth and Dallas, its population into the 2010 census was 46,979 residents, of which there was a drop of -0.4% since in the previous census that was made in 2000 it gave a population of 47,152 residents. It can be said that Bedford is part of Hurst-Euless-Bedford of the Independent School District, with an area of ​​twenty-six km2 of which 0.10 percent is water. In this same sense, it has a road system that includes State Highway 183 also called Airport Freeway and State Highway 121, being the main roads of the airport since the beginning of its history. An important and necessary to mention is that according to the 2013-2014 annual financial report reflects an income of $62.5 million, 22.4 million dollars in investments and cash and 127.4 million of dollars in assets, which represents a great movement of production and money, in favor of its development.

Benbrook a city located in the southwest of Tarrant, in the 12th district of Texas and Fort Worth, during the census applied in 2010 resulted in a population of 21,234 inhabitants which represents an increase of 1,026 inhabitants when compared to the census of 2000 and also an increase according to the 1990 census. It has a total area of ​​31.6 km2 of which 29.8 km2 are land and 1.8 km2 is water. In the 2015 census there were 9,276 households and 22,144 people, in terms of race 6.7 percent are African-American, 77.1 percent are white, 2.2 percent are Asian, 0.20 percent are Native American, 0.01 percent are from Pacific Island, 11 percent are Latino or Hispanic and 0.01 percent are from other races, which implies a great diversity of races, shaping their population structure.

BurlesonBurleson belongs to the counties of Tarrant and Johnson in the Texas United States. It belongs to the suburbs of Fort Worth, is located about 64 km from the Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport by major highways. This city in 2010 had a region of ​​26 mi². And700 - 800 ft of elevation, it has a population of 36,690 residents, according to the 2010 census, with an increase of 74.9% more than the 2000 census that had a population of 20,976 residents. The Trinity River is the main source of water is towards, the climate has humid and very hot summers and cool and not strong winters. The hottest months are between July - August reaching the highest temperatures at 95 degrees F and the lowest at 72 degrees F. The coldest months are December- January with temperatures of fifty-six degrees F as maximum level reached and 34 F degrees as a minimum. In addition, it has the Fort Worth Spinks Airport, which is limited to the northern limits of Burleson, trained to meet Burleson's local general aviation needs. The city has an average family income of $69,000 because there are approximately 1,300 companies in Burleson that employ a total of 10,500 people. Burleson followed the idea and was specifically served by the EISD which stands for Everman Independent School District, the JISD which is the Joshua Independent School District, the Burleson Independent School District (BISD) and a part of a small part of the District Independent School of Mansfield (MISD). BISD high schools were commissioned to include the Burleson Higher Education Center which offers a local campus for Texas Wesleyan University and Hill College, Burleson Centennial High School, Burleson Collegiate High School and. Burleson High School.

CleburneCleburne is the county seat of Jonson, Texas, is a city in the United States whose census for the year 2010 reaches a population of twenty-nine thousand three hundred seventy-seven inhabitants within its composition. The name of Cleburne was named in honor of Cleburne Patrick, a Confederate general, much of the city's water is native to Lake Pat Cleburne, considered a reservoir of great relevance within the city, since it provides the vital liquid. According to the census, it has an area of ​​30.5 square miles of which 7 km2 are water and 72km2 are land. In this big city there is a beautiful water park which can be visited by people of any age, called Splash Station and belongs to the park and recreation department of Cleburne, also having a state park 10 miles from the city, which it has areas for swimming, camping, fishing,and hiking alone or with relatives. Thinking of all ages and tastes you have the sports complex Cleburne Sports Complex for the youngest of the house with an area of ​​three hundred and ninety thousand square meters with 20 football fields and seven baseball fields for sports. On the other hand, it has a baseball stadium with one thousand seven hundred and fifty seats called The Depot at Cleburne Station, headquarters of professional baseball of the Association of the United States. It also has a theater company called Plaza Theater Company with one hundred and fifty-eight seats that operate throughout the year in the historic center of Cleburne, offering comedies and family musicals whose amount of prizes for their quality theater work since 2006 has not been a wait.

Fort Worth is the 5th largest city in Texas and the fifteenth largest in the United States. Located in the north of Texas and belongs to Tarrant County with nine hundred ten km2 in Denton, Wise, Johnson and Parker counties, its population is 874,168 inhabitants and is considered the second largest city of Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, this city it was established as such in the year 1849, currently maintains its architecture, its western heritage and traditional designs since its inception. The first ship of the Navy of the United States bears his name and is the headquarters of the international piano competition and of many world-class museums whose designs were executed by international architects. Within the modern architecture and considered the most important works are the Texas collections at the Kimbel Art Museum with its great variety. The city has an area of ​​2989 square miles of which 16km2 is water and 758km2 is land, according to the census office. With regard to water, it can be said that there is a large storage dam that was built in 1914 and has a capacity of 33,495 feet of water for the benefit, use,and distribution among its inhabitants, and in turn, this dam forms a something called Lake Worth.

GrapevineGrapevine is a city in Texas in Tarrant County with an area that extends to Denton and Dallas counties. There are also a number of highways called SH 26, SH114, SH121, SH360, FM2499 and SPUR 97 running into Grapevine. Over the years several wineries have been opened and the city is considered highly active preserving its historical legacy, this city is near Gravepine Lake, which is a reservoir recovered by army engineers in the year 1952 and is fundamental as a recreational space and water source. The Dallas and Fort Worth International Airport is largely located within the boundaries of Grapevine. In 2007 considered that this beautiful city is among the best places to live in the United States.

It has an area of ​​35.9 square miles, which represents 93km2 of which 9.98 percent is water and 32.3 square miles is land. According to the census of 2010, the city Grapevine has a population of 46,334 residents and if we compare it with the 2000 census, which was a population of approximately 42,059 residents, there was an increase of 10.2% between both censuses. Grapevine is located at 32 ° 56'6 "N 97 ° 5'9" W (32.935025, -97.085784), and has an area of ​​35.9 square miles (93 km 2), in which 9.98% is water with 3.6 square miles (9.3 km2) and the rest that would be 32.3 square miles (84 km 2) is pure land.

Haltom City is a city that is within the Dallas Fort Worth region in Tarrant Texas, United States. It has a population of 42,409 according to the census applied in 2010. The location of the city is located thirty miles from the American Airlines Center, twenty miles from Dallas International Airport and six miles from downtown Fort Worth, the same surrounded by Watauga, Richland Hills, North RichlandHills,and Fort Worth. Education is served by the Birdville School District, and high school students are also served in the north, fed at Fossil Ridge High School in Fort Worth and the construction of Veterans Memorial was inaugurated in November 2017.

Hurst is located in the state of Texas in Tarrant. It is considered part of the Mid-Cities, thirteen miles from the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport. It has a population according to the 2010 census of thirty-seven thousand three hundred thirty-seven inhabitants, close to the city are other communities such as Fort Worth, Bedford, North Richland Hills, Euless, Richland Hills, Colleyville and Grapevine. The school system is sponsored and fully enforced by the Hurst-Euless-Bedford School District. A fascinating place is the Tarrant County College campus built in 1961, there is also a court northeast of Tarrant. It has a population of thirty-seven thousand three hundred thirty-seven people, ten thousand two hundred and sixty-one families residing in the city and fourteen thousand six hundred and fifty-two families formed. The population density was 3,662.6 people per square mile, 15,761 households and the distribution of the races was 0.7 Native Americans, 0.3 of the Pacific Islands, 5.6 African Americans, 63.7 whites, 2.3 Asians and 7.20 percent of other races.

KellerKeller is introduced to the world as "successfully balancing the comforts of the big city with the charm of the small town" was established in 1955, on November 16 of that same year, established in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, located at "Alliance Gate Freeway", south of Highway 114 and east of Interstate 35W, with coordinates 32 ° 55'39 "N 97 ° 14'10" W (32.927533, -97.235995). Suburban city of the state of Texas, in the county of Tarrant, with an approximate population of 39,627 inhabitants living in the city established by the 2010 census, with an increase of almost 100% if we compare it with the 2000 census. It was 27,345 inhabitants, that is, it increased by 99.8%, with this the city of Keller earns the 74th place in most populated cities in the state of Texas, not to mention the most recent estimate of the population that gave 44,940 resident inhabitants that made on January 1, 2018. Also, if we continue to review the 2010 census, the United States Census Bureau said that the city has a total area of ​​18.4 square miles (47.8 km²). In the 1850s, the settlers created the city of Keller and used it for a stop on the Pacific and Texas railroads. They settled in the vicinity of the forested region that, thanks to its location, managed the water supply of the Trinity River and many lands for cultivation. Currently, Keller City is a resident of more than 300 acres (120 hectares) of land used and implemented for 11 parks and more than 26 miles of trails for athletes to perform their physical activities, in addition to hiking, hiking, picnics,and cycling. And in education, there was the famous Keller Independent School District which has 39 campuses in which they serve more than 34,000 students.

MansfieldMansfield, which is currently ranked 15th in "the most prosperous cities in all of Texas County," this suburban city has small distributions in Ellis and Johnson counties, is primarily located in Tarrant County, American state, almost near Fort Worth and Dallas, and located next to Arlington, part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. It had an established population of 56,368 residents in the city in the 2010 census, with a large increase, literally exceeding 100% of the previous census that was 2000 with a population of 28,031 residents, the increase was 101.1% but more incredible was the estimate of our current year (2018) with 69,340 residents, in addition to the United States Census Bureau calculated that the city has an area of ​​36.4 square miles (94.3 km2) In total, of which it could be said that 0.12% is water with 0.04 square miles (0.1 km2) and 99.88% is land with 36.4 square miles (94.2 km2).

Southlake is a suburb in Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex that is located at 32 ° 56'48 "N 97 ° 8'43" W (32.946678, -97.145230), predominantly in Tarrant County because it extends to smaller areas to Denton County in the state of Texas, United States. Its population is 26,575 residents, calculated by the 2010 census, with an increase of 23.5% over 26,575 inhabitants of the previous census that was made in 2000, in addition to the United States Census Bureau determined that the surface The city's total is 22.5 square miles (58 km2), in which, 2.45% is water with 0.6 square miles (1.6 km2) and 97.55% is pure land with 21.9 square miles (57 km2). Education in Southlake is literally exemplary because the Carroll Independent School District has the exemplary grade of 100% ASD, recognized by its public schools (Carroll Elementary School, Old Union Elementary School, Dawson Middle School, and High School). Carroll Sr. High School, among others,), for his wealth, the eighth state race champion of Carroll High School, the swimming, soccer,and scuba diving team for men. South Lake

The company Saber Holdings, S & P 500, has its headquarters in Southlake, to be more precise in the Solana business park, where industrial companies distribute gasoline, make storage and perform concrete works, very close to the highway 114, on the east side of the city and near the DFW airport. In 2018, according to data from the American Community Survey showed that Southlake was the fourth wealthiest city in the United States, due to the average family income account of approximately $ 243,029 and the poverty rate of the city is 2, 5%.  

The beginning of the one of the richest cities is that in the 1990s, Southlake began to build neighborhoods in a planned manner, with a minimum size of 1 acre (4,000 m 2), after the city had to reduce the minimum size from the lot to 1/2 acre, and then 1/3 acre, and with that, these exclusive neighborhoods with incredible workmanship by great architects began to develop throughout the western part of Southlake Boulevard, thus developing large luxury neighborhoods in the 1990s, of which we can point out Timarron, which includes the Timarron Country Club and Timarron Country Club, Myers Meadow,Stone Lakes, Timber Lake and Monticello Estates and in the 2000s, finishing the older neighborhoods Southlake now began to create lots of countryside in luxury neighborhoods, some of the newest luxury neighborhoods are Estes Park, Clariden Ranch, The Enclave, Stratford Park, Shady Oaks, Cambridge Place, Westwick Hills, Laurelwood Park, Autumn Creek Estates, Villas Del Sun, Versailles, Coventry Manor and The Southlake Reserve. Finally we can mention the well-known project "Southlake Town Square", a shopping center located on State Highway 114 and Southlake Boulevard that was approved in March of 2005 that allowed duplicating the Town Square area with new additions that were completed in the summer of 2006, making it one of the favorite and most popular shopping centers in Metroplex.

Wataugacity is located in the county of Tarrant, in the United States, Texas, in this the population is of 23,497 inhabitants according to the census of the year 2010, located astronomically at 32 ° 52'17 "N 97 ° 14'57" W (32.871416, -97.249122), its boundaries are may include Watauga Pavilion, Capp Smith Park, and Watauga Public Library. In 2000 there was a census which inferred that 21,908 residents lived in the city, and a total of 7,145 Watauga families have an area of ​​10.8 square kilometers, and absolutely the entire surface is made up of land, the population density is 2,028.5 per square kilometer, and in a density of 673.6 square kilometers can be established up to 7,275 homes, homes of which 49.7% have children under 18 years of age living with their families, 68.8% are married couples they live together, 10% of the households have an absence of a man, and only 16.8% of the houses were not formed by families, 2.7% of the households lived in the people over 65 years of age, The average family size was between 3.04 and 3.33. The population in the city was very varied, 32.3% of the people are under the age of 18, 7.2% are between 18 and 24 years old, 36.5% of the people are between 25 and 44 years old, between the 45 and 64 years there is 19.3% and there is only 4.7% of people who are over 65 years of age. The average age in TexasCity, Watauga is 32 years and for every hundred women, there could be 97.9 men and for every hundred women over 18 years of age, there were 94.2 men.

Making a rent for a house in this city was 56,751 dollars, and the rent for a family home was 57,969 dollars. In this city, men had an income of 40,468 dollars and no more than 28,360 dollars for women. The per capita income received by the city was $ 19,872. An approximate of 3.5% of families and in terms of population has a 2.9% living in extreme poverty.

The Watauga Government has made the city a full service in which it provides efficiency in firefighters, police and all kinds of emergencies, also entertainment sites such as parks, the library; and it has a great planning I have an inspection of the buildings, an economic development, and public works. In recent years the city had an extraordinary income with 25.5 million dollars, of which 23.3 million dollars is used in expenses for improvements in the city, $ 102.8 million in total assets, there are 32.8 million dollars of liabilities used for emergencies and 27.5 million dollars in cash for the largest investments.

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