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Area Code 718, New York Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

  • The Bronx
  • Brooklyn
  • New York City
  • Borough of Queens
  • Staten Island

New yorkNew York City Homologous to the state that welcomes it in the United States, the city of New York is the largest city in the state and the country; same that lodges around 8.5 million inhabitants or more, which represent, half of the state population. Together with the suburbs, Long Island and a part of the Hudson River, they represent the southern region of the state. It is also considered the focus of a megalopolis, which is usually known as BosWash, due to its extension from Boston to Washington D.C. On the other hand, the city of New York takes the reins of the state economy in general. This is because, like other neuralgic cities of the world, it has become a global connector for commercialization and international negotiations. In this regard, many actions are developed in the insurance, media, real estate, finance, and arts sectors. Likewise, tourism has a fundamental role in the economy; as a result of the transit of more or less 40 million people of national or foreign origin, through the city. The favorite destinations are the works on Broadway, the statue of liberty; Empire State, Central Park, Times Square, Madison and Fifth Avenue, among others.

BronxBronx A county of the state of New York, which in turn is one of the 5 districts that constitute the homologous metropolis of the state, also, it is the only district located on the firm ground, because the others are located on islands. Its location is more towards the north sides; corresponding to latitudes and longitudes 40 ° 42'15 "to the north and 73 ° 55'5" to the west, respectively. Likewise, the Harlem River isolates the Bronx from Manhattan. With an area of firm ground of 109 km2 and an area of 40 km2 of only water, the district itself has an area of 149 km2 in total. In this sense, within this land there were, for 2014, an amount of 1,438,159 people; of which were:
  • Latinos from Central America and the Caribbean, 52%.
  • Africans, 32%.
  • Europeans, 11%.
  • Asians, 4%.
  • Other diverse races, 1%.
It is said that in the Bronx came the hip-hop rhythm, specifically in the 1520 Sedgwick Avenue building; also, in the locality is the famous New York Yankees Stadium and the Bronx Zoo.

BrooklynBrooklyn It is the most populated district of the five that make up the city of New York, with 2,648,771 residents until 2017. Initially, it was an autonomous city until in 1898 it was decided to make it part of the city set of New York. This was a source of great discontent for the native residents, who until now, firmly maintain their identity and culture. Geographically, it is located on the western tip of Long Island; and has many sites of interest to locals and tourists, such as Coney Island, Prospect Park, Brooklyn Museum of Art and Brooklyn Heights. Also, for the immigrants that the district received, it has many authentic neighborhoods, where a different essence of the city can be perceived; like the following:
  • Bedford Stuyvesant. It is dominated by African American races, who have established the culture of hip-hop in each of its streets.
  • Brighton Beach. He is also known as "Little Odessa", due to the concentration of Russian and Ukrainian people.
  • Bushwick. The largest populations of Hispanics in the district are there, from the Caribbean.
QueensQueens Since 1898 it is one of the constituent districts of New York, the city. It is the largest of all with 462 km² of the surface, in which large green areas are appreciated; likewise, with 2,358,582 inhabitants, it is the second with the largest number of residents, throughout the metropolis. The ethnic diversity found in Queens is the most extensive worldwide. In this way, there are neighborhoods uniquely identified according to the immigrants who populated them, such as:
  • Europeans, mainly from Ireland, Poland, and Italy, can be found in Woodhaven, Howard Beach, Middle Village, Rockaway Beach and Maspeth.
  • The largest Colombian community in the country.
  • In Astoria, there is a large density of Greeks, who in recent times have been joined by Ecuadorians, Afghans, and Arabs.
  • Brazilians on 34th Avenue.
  • Corona, Elmhurst and Jackson Heights, are a huge mass of Hispanic and Asian groups.
Staten IslandStaten Island Located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean, Staten Island, as its name implies, is an island that constitutes one of the 5 districts of New York, the city. Its name is native of the Dutch languages, who were those who colonized the territory in 1609. At the time it was renamed Richmond County, however, in 1975, the City Council decided to rename it, designating the original Staten Island. The island measures 266 km2 of absolute area, in which 468,730 people lived, according to the data thrown by the census carried out in 2010; which increased by 6%, with respect to the population registered in 2000. It was also ethnically shaped by:
  • White whites, 64%.
  • Hispanic Americans, 17%.
  • African Americans, 11%.
  • Asians, 8%.
  • Other races, 3%.
Staten Island is known for its rides on the Ferry, which connects with Manhattan and from which you can appreciate the skyline of the city. The district also hosts many historic sites in the state, such as Historic Richmond Town and Fort Wadsworth.

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