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  • Henderson
  • North Las Vegas
  • North Las Vegas
  • Paradise
  • Spring Valley
  • Sunrise Manor
  • Winchester

The state of Nevada of the United States of North America has capital Carson City (which is an independent city) and is located in the west of the country. Geographically, Nevada borders Idaho to the northeast, Oregon to the northwest, Utah to the east, Arizona to the southeast, and California to the southwest. It is also known as "The Silver State" whose translation into Spanish is "The Silver State" (this is because it is an area rich in silver deposits) and its motto is "All for our" country whose meaning is "All for our country".

With an extension of 286 351 km² it becomes the seventh largest state in the United States and is divided into 16 counties, which are the following: Lander County, Churchill County, Douglas County, Elko County, County Emerald, Pershing County, Humboldt County, Lincoln County, Eureka County, Mineral County, Nye County, Clark County, Storey County, Lyon County, Washoe County, and finally, White Pine County. Historically, its admission to the union of states is on October 31, 1864, in the context of the war of secession, from there became the state number 36. The fact that it was united in the days of the American Civil War has led to its nickname: "The state born in battle."

This name is received due to the exploration of European settlers, who were the first to explore the area, this was because they observed a lot of snow during the winter, especially, it was very striking because the snow almost completely covered the mountains, so the Franciscan friar Francisco Garcés decided to baptize it with the name that is known today. Until the year 1821 was part of the Viceroyalty of New Spain, then, became part of Mexico, however, given the war between Mexico and the United States, and by the end of the war in 1848 becomes part of the United States.

Regarding its demography, between the years 1990 and 2000 it showed a very high population growth rate, with a figure of 66.3%, nevertheless, it is necessary to highlight that Nevada is a state whose most part is uninhabited, since the Most of the population is found in the cities of Carson City (capital), Reno and Las Vegas. Therefore it is positioned as the ninth state less densely populated with respect to the economic activity of the region is based on tourism.Nevada

The main tourist attraction, arguably the games of chance and entertainment at a general level, is also notorious for mining and livestock. The mining activity, in particular, presented a breakthrough thanks to the discovery in 1870 of a significant amount of silver deposits, which boosted the mining sector and placed Nevada in one of the first places of national mining. Besides, it is also known for producing oil, sand,and gold. Although Nevada has a large number of natural resources, it should be noted that the main source of income is in tourism both nationally and internationally. Especially, in the cities of Reno and Nevada, whose tourist activity increases considerably over the years. With regard to taxes, one of its particular characteristics is that there is no income tax or corporate tax.

The state sales tax is 6.5%. Regarding its climate, it has two seasons: winter, which is quite extensive and cold, while summer is less extensive and warm. However, its climate is classified as desert, which requires artificial irrigation for the maintenance of crops, this because of the United States, Nevada has the lowest annual rainfall rate. The University of Las Vegas is a good source of employment, in addition to offering a strong university activity. In 2011, a census was conducted to determine the racial demography of the state, which showed the following results: 58.6% are white people, mostly descendants of Europeans or Europeans proper, 26.4% of the population is Latin American, in which Mexicans predominate, 8.3% are of African descent while 5.9% are Asian. Regarding religion, it is reported that 66% affiliate with Christianity, 44% identify themselves as Protestants, the Baptist Church makes up 15%, the Methodist Church 6%, the Lutheran Church 3%, and other Protestant affiliations occupy 21%. %, Catholics are located at 24%, other affiliations related to Christianity represent 1%, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, mostly known as the Mormon church occupies 12%, other religions occupy a 2% %, while non-religious are 20% of the population.

The state of Nevada is highly urbanized, among its main cities areCarson City, Las Vegas, Reindeer, Paradise, Henderson, North Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Enterprise, Sparks and Sunrise Manor. In sports, Nevada has the distinction of having legalized sports betting, but not in other areas of the country. Also, the state is called "The capital of professional boxing" great athletes of this discipline, the likes of Thomas Hearns, Myke Tyson, Oscar De La Hoya, Muhammad Ali, etc. have starred in various battles.

In addition, it has also hosted mixed martial arts matches. College sports also occupy an important place. The Nevada Wolf Pack and the UNLV Rebels are Nevada basketball teams. In the category of men's basketball, it is noteworthy that Los Rebels have become an important place in the competitions they have attended, winning 13 conference championships, four semifinal championships and a national championship. The final of the basketball MWC is usually played in Nevada, which attracts a large number of people who come to watch the final and support their teams. At present, the government of the north and south of Las Vegas is divided, due to the accelerated growth of the state. The population, at the party level, can be located as follows: The Republican Party represents 40.5%, while the Democratic Party occupies 40.1%, other parties include an other: 19.3%. It is important to note that no party has completely dominated the political scene of the state as a whole.

North Las Vegas whose translation is "Las Vegas del Norte" is a city that is located in Clark County in the state of Nevada, is located in the Mojave Desert and its extension is 262.6 km2. In 2010, through a census, an approximate population of 216,961 inhabitants was established and a growth for the year 2017 of 216,961 inhabitants. It is known as the fourth largest city in the state of Nevada and its union is situated on May 16, 1946. It is located north of Las Vegas and is close to the Nellis Air Force Base. Regarding transportation, it has the airport formerly known as Sky Haven Airport, currently known as North Las Vegas Airport and offers domestic and international flights. The land route connects with the I-15 and CC-215 highways. Currently, companies dedicated to the implementation of solar technology and high technology in general, have decided to establish their headquarters in North Las Vegas.
Las Vegas This will represent a displacement of the industries that have operated there for decades and that have led the local market. Currently, the popular Amazon web company has decided to open a dispatch center for its products in the locality. North Las Vegas is also known for hosting the only female prison in the state of Nevada which is called the McClure Women's Correctional Center, which was inaugurated on September 1, 1997. Nuclear energy practices are also recorded in the region. United States Army, training areas, as well as the popular area 51, is an aerodrome whose objective is the realization of research and development of experimental weapons and equipment of advanced technology and is owned by the United States government.

It is also known as Groom Lake or Homey Airport, In the year 2013, authorities published a map showing an exact and detailed location of the popular area, located exactly northeast of the city of Las Vegas, at 144 kilometers In 1995 a law was passed to protect the state of the polluting agents that could come from the area and extend beyond. The area is protected by a constant patrol, security guards daily monitor the perimeter to prevent access by anyone. For more information about this city, you can visit the official website In it, you can access updated information and receive newsletters about what happens in the region.

Henderson 16 miles southeast of Las Vegas, with an area of ​​279.0 km2, is this city which is listed as the second largest city followed by Las Vegas. Through a census carried out in 2017, an approximate population of 307,928 inhabitants was established. Demographically, the male population is estimated to be 49%, while the female population is 51% and an index of seniors is 17.8%. It belongs to Clark County and is located at the southern tip of the state or is located in the metropolitan area of ​​Las Vegas. In it is the Henderson Detention Center, one of the most important prisons in the region. Geographically, it is bordered by mountains that reach up to 3,800 feet, which, in addition, have inclinations. Of all, Mccullough Range is the mountain that is closer to the city and is characterized by being covered with a large number of black rocks.Henderson

It has several points of interest, among which are: The Black Mountain Recreation Center, the Acacia Demonstration Gardens, the Wildhorse Golf Club and an exact replica of the Simpsons family home, is a private property, which represents an attraction for tourists. Henderson is a city that presents a high growth in the last decades, it is a metropolitan area located near the Las Vegas Strip, Hoover Dam and Lake Mead.   Attractions that have been positioned among the most popular and visited in the world. Now, apart from the artificial attractions typical of the region it is also possible to find a great native and the tourist can easily find a variety of activities that go from the visit to the Red Rock Canyon, the Valley of Death, the Valley of the Fire, Lake Mead the Hoover Dam, even horseback riding offered by Bonnie Springs, zoos.

In the natural areas it offers the possibility of camping, picnicking, hiking, and bicycle touring. It has two important tourist areas such as the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and the Grand Canyon National Park, which offers the possibility of taking photographs, videos and observing the landscape and wildlife. Regarding the nightlife, Henderson offers a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, buffets, swimming pools, casinos, game rooms, pizzerias, gourmet cafes. All focused on offering maximum entertainment for all visitors.

Paradise with an area of ​​46.7 square miles (121 km2) is one of the unincorporated cities. Its elevation corresponds to 629 m above sea level, it has a length of -115.146660 and a latitude of 36.097190. Its formation is located in the year 1950, a day 8 of the month of December and since it is categorized as an unincorporated city it is under the governorship of Clark County, due to its status of the unincorporated city it does not present an independent municipal government. The census of the United States has located it in Clark County. It is located approximately 24 kilometers from the cities of North Las Vegas, Spring Valley, Henderson, Whitney, Manchester and Sunrise Manor. For the year 2000, it registered a population of 186,070 inhabitants, while for the year 2007 it presented a growth of 189,958. It is an area in which a number of important hotels and resorts are located because they present a lot of tourist demand throughout the year.

There are, among the most popular, the Caesars Palace hotels and the MGM Grand hotel. There is also the Las Vegas International Airport and the University of Las Vegas. It is important to note that Paradise receives Las Vegas zip code. This generates frequent confusion among people about what city they are in. The city's airport is the McCarran International Airport.
Paradise In Paradise, there are a lot of accommodation options, large and popular hotels, golf courses, and 20 miles away are 7 lakes that are one of the main tourist attractions and their own. Among its many attractions are: The Las Vegas ski area, the Stratosphere Tower, the Lake Mead / Hoover Dam (30 minutes away), the Liberace Museum, the gondola rides offered by the Venetian Hotel, the Circus Theme Park Circus Adventuredome and the Red Rock Canyon which can be accessed in less than one hour by vehicle. Sport is an activity that also has a strong presence in the area. For those who are interested in baseball, an important team in the area is the Minor League Baseball (MiLB). In football, you can find the Las Vegas Gladiators and the Arena Football League (AFL). In the Hockey are the teams of Las Vegas Wranglers and the East Coast Hockey League (ECHL) and in the area of ​​athletics, you can find the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) with the Rebel team from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas (UNLV). Demographically, at present, the total population is estimated to be 229,666.

The male population is 52% and the female population is 48%. The elderly population is 12.5% ​​and at present, the age of the population is estimated to be 36 years on average. Regarding educational training, 21% of the population has a higher degree. As for the population's ancestry, it presents the following percentages: German 9.8%, Irish 7.1%, Italian 4.9%, English 4.8% and others, which frequently include the Hispanic and African-American population is 56.8%. In terms of its climate, precipitation is equivalent to Nevada. In terms of family income, the median income stands at $54,766, below the poverty level is 17.4% and the percentage above the poverty level is 82.6%. The average family size is 3 members and the average number of married people is 38.6%.

In a query made by the authorities, of the 226,957 in the city, the (95.30%) have been identified from one race, most of the inhabitants are white and represent 64.80%, while the 20564 are from Black or African American, (0.70%) are local Americans, (9.70%) are Asian and (0.80%) are islanders, specifically from the Pacific. It has 13 postal codes established: 89014, 89102, 89119, 89121,89169,89074,89183, 89118, 89120, and 89123,89109,89103,89052.

Spring Valley, like Paradise City, is an unincorporated city, located two miles west of Las Vegas. It presents an area of ​​33.4 square miles (86.4 km²) determined by the United States Census Bureau and its formation is recorded in May 1981. It has an elevation of 721 m. The census conducted in the year 200 yielded a result of 117,390 people. While for April 1, 2010, a population of 178,395 is estimated, according to the United Nations Organization. Property owners are approximately 47,964 and 29,929 of families residing in the CDP, by then the population was 3,519.4 people per square mile. Its boundaries are Decatur Boulevard on the east side, Sahara Avenue on the north, and Hualapai Way on the west and Warm Springs Road on the south. Regarding racial demography, the following data and percentages are found: whites occupy 72.60%, while 5.29% are African-American population, 0.60% are local residents, 11.21% are the Asian, Hispanic and Latin population, in general, occupy 13.77 %, 0.48% are islanders from the Pacific and 5.14% are from other races.

Approximately, in the middle of the decade of 1970 it was acquired by Pardee Homes and developed a series of planned houses, it is there that it receives the name of Spring Valley. Doug Pardee and sales manager Jack Whiteman decide the name because of the view it has of the Spring Mountains and also because it is located in the Las Vegas Valley. The average income of the region is $50,192. The average value of the home is $170,700.Spring Valley Regarding the population age, the following data are found: The average age is 37.1%, over 18 years of age occupy 80.2%, a population with 21 years of age occupies 76.8%, and seniors who go beyond 62 years is 16.2%, while people over 65 occupy 12.9%. This offers an interpretive panorama that indicates that Spring Valley is a city with a fairly young population whose age is in the product range.

In terms of languages, English occupies 59.5% of the speakers while the other languages ​​occupy the remaining 40.5%. As tourist attractions are some casinos, hotels, restaurants,and resorts for the enjoyment of own and foreign, however, Spring Valley is a community that is more family oriented and dominates the middle class.

Sunrise Manor is a city also classified, like the city of Paradise and the city of Spring Valley, as unincorporated. It also belongs to Clark County and sits at the western base of Frenchman Mountain, just east of Las Vegas. In 2010, a census was carried out, which resulted in a population of approximately 189,372 inhabitants. Its foundation is located in the month of May of the year 1957. It is a fairly large city, has an area of ​​33.4 square miles (86.4 km2).

It has an altitude of 1,821 ft (555 m) and a density of 5,123.7 / mi² (1,975.1 / km²) hab. /km². It has a significant number of high schools and high schools including the following: The Technical and Career Academy (ECTA or East Tech), Sunrise Mountain High School and Las Vegas High School. Its oldest school was inaugurated in the year of 1973 and its name is El Dorado. Las Vegas High School is one of the most popular high schools and was inaugurated in 1993. Regarding racial demography, the following data can be found: 65.47% are white, African Americans are 12.89%, Asians they are located with a 5.41%, and a 0.98% is occupied by the Amerindian population, 0.46% the original Pacific Islanders, Hispanics,and Latinos occupy 26.02%, while the other races occupy 10.13%.

Concerning the religious aspect, in this city is Las Vegas Nevada Temple which is a building corresponding to the Church of the Latter Day Saints, which corresponds to the followers of the church popularly known as Mormon, it was founded on December 16, 1989. For those who wish to practice sports such as hiking, mountain climbing, surfing or skiing, Sunrise Manor can contact through different websites that offer these services with specialized personnel in the area in question.

It has several ski resorts, among them,are Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort, Big Bear Mountain, Snow Summit, Bear Mountain, Brian Head Resort. It has an important proximity with several mountains, among them: Frenchman Mountain, Sunrise Mountain, Black Mountain, Bridge Mountain and Mount Wilson. There is a cartographic map of the acquired region of satellite cartography. The same can be seen by accessing the following link, there it is possible to observe in detail in addition to a topographic map, a simple map, you can also observe the rivers, the roads main ones that connect the region, the main railways and railway lines, as well as the water courses. In the city, it is also possible to find accommodation for all kinds of budget, large hotels, restaurants, pizzerias, stores and night spots that make the city one of the busiest for tourists in different seasons of the year.

Winchester, the unincorporated city, was designated by the census (CDP), is part of Clark County, Las Vegas, and is located in part of the Las Vegas Strip. It has a total area of ​​11.2 km² and an altitude of 585 ms. n. m. In the census conducted in 2010, it was established that the population amounted to 27 978 inhabitants, with a population density of 2453.22 inhabitants / km², its ZIP code is 891691 and its area code is 702. The average family income of the city is $36,986 and the approximate value of a home is $119,300. The population of Winchester presents the following data: The average age is 38.9%, people over 18 years of age represent 79.8%, people over 21 years old cover 75.7%, seniors, aged between 62 and 65 years occupy 17.6%. And people over 65 years of age represent 13.5%. The male population is 52.9% and the female population is 47.1%.

With regard to racial demographics, Winchester has 64.3% white people, 7.2% of African descent, 5.9% is occupied by the Asian community, 0.2% of people from Hawaii, the Hispanic population is 49.6%, the Indian ethnic group 0.9%, and other types of ethnic groups represent 18.7%. In terms of language, English is positioned at 49.3% while other languages ​​occupy 50.7%, this figure represents speakers who speak English and another language.

Regarding its economy, Winchester has an unemployment rate of 6.9%. Expert economists have observed the economic activity of recent years and have concluded that there is a recent growth of jobs in the area, which represents an advance that points to the positive. The employment rate has grown 3.5%, therefore, estimates estimate a growth of 40.2% in the next decade. As for taxes, currently the sales tax is 8.2% and the income tax rate is 0.0%. A Winchester resident receives an annual income of $25,138. Concerning religion, 36.8% of the residents of Winchester profess some religion.

Baptist, 0.1% identify themselves as Episcopalians, 19.1% of the population are Catholics (they represent a majority unlike other religious tendencies), 0.8% identify themselves as Lutherans, Methodists encompass 0.4%, 1.6% are Pentecostals, 0.2% % identify themselves as Presbyterians, 6.6% are Mormons from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 4.7% profess another faith associated with Christianity, 0.3% are Jews, 0.9% profess an Eastern faith, and finally 0.1 % identifies with Islam. Now, in the educational field in Winchester educational institutions invest $8,868 for each student, there are 21 students per classroom, 538 children per counselor and 1,111 for each library professional.Winchester
Regarding the climate, the average rainfall per year is 5 inches and 294 days are absent from rain, that is, totally sunny. In the high summer, which happens in the month of July, the temperature is about 105 degrees, while the minimum temperature in January is 35. A recent study, conducted by the National Assessment of Airborne Toxic Substances, has determined that the Water quality in the city of Winchester is 70, while the air quality is 26, it should be noted that in the United States, the average water quality is 55, and the air quality is 58.
The measure of water quality comes from the watershed, which greatly affects the quality of drinking water. In medical attention, per 100,000 inhabitants there are 154 doctors. Studies indicate that 82% of the adult population of Winchester is a non-smoker, 78% state that they frequently do physical activity, sports and recreational outdoors, 74% maintain a healthy weight according to their height and finally, 76% of the Adult population has medical insurance.

Regarding salaries and salaries there is a difference depending on the profession and/or occupation, the main ones are the following (note that it may vary and the data presented are approximations): The salary of a management employee receives approximately $59,211, the business area receives an income of $54,205, the computer area $52,065, the architectural engineering $44,744, the social services workers $18,839, the educational workers $49,743, the art and entertainment workers $22,019, the practitioners of the health sector $79,750, health technicians $32,000, health care $25,329, firefighters $21,597, kitchen and food handling personnel $18,776, cleaning and maintenance staff $22,649, personnel from the area sales $23,220, the construction sector $23,321, equipment maintenance and repair area $24,085, transporters $44,572.

Among the highest revenues in Winchester are those related to the fields of oil and gas mining and excavation, transportation and storage, finance and insurance, leasing and real estate, technical and professional services, business management and consulting, public administration, educational services, all the above are located above $30,000. In terms of education, it can be said that 6.2% of the population graduated from high school, 18.2% have completed higher education and graduated from university and 6.2% are pursuing postgraduate studies. Educational levels in Winchester show the following data: Bachelor's degree occupies 12%, high school graduate 34%, university studies that do not reach the degree 18.9%.

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