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Tennessee The State of Tennessee is one of the 50 belonging to the United States, it is located to the Southeast and it limits by the north with Kentucky and Virginia, by the east with Carolina of the North, by the west with Missouri and Arkansas and by the south with Georgia and Mississippi, with coordinates of latitude N36 ° and a length of O86 °. It had its beginnings in the border agreement, known as the Watauga Association, celebrated in the year of 1772. This stage was taken as the first constitutional government that was implemented in the western area of the Appalachian Mountains. Previously, it was the seat of North Carolina and soon it happened to be denominated Territory of the Southwest. Founded on June 1, 1796, it has a rich musical, cultural, political and social history, being accepted in the Union as State number 16. Currently, it is divided into 95 counties, among which can be mentioned, Lauderdale, Anderson, Cumberland, Washington, Morgan, Henderson, etc, being the last State to separate from the Union, from 1861, becoming the State that abolished slavery in the year 1865 and the following year certified the fourteenth amendment, was the only one that was not governed by a military, celebrating its centenary in 1987 making an exhibition. Account with a total surface of 109.247 km ², being the extension of water of its territory of 2.398 km ², which represents a 22% of the State. It has its highest altitude in the Clingmans Dome, with 2,025 m (6,643 ft), with an average altitude above sea level of 274 m and a minimum altitude of 54 m (178 ft), on the Mississippi River, bordering the State of it first name. It is surrounded by 8 States, being one of those with the most borders. In its wide extension, the Tennessee River can be located, which defines the west and the center and the zone of Cumberland, which establishes the limit in the east and the center. In addition, there are 6 geographic areas, bounded from west to east by the Gulf coastal plain, the Nashville Basin, the edge of the mountain, the Cumberland Plateau, the Appalachian Peak and Valley, and the Blue Ridge Mountains. It also has the Tennessee, Mississippi, French Broad River, Holston and Cumberland rivers.

Tennessee Until 2015, it had a population density of 59.1 inhabitants per km², counting, by then, with 6,600,299 inhabitants, which indicates that it is the city with the 17th place in terms of number of inhabitants and, Due to its surface, it is located in the 36th place, with the largest extension of land, among the 50 States of the country. It houses a melting pot of races, among which African-Americans, whites, native Indians, Asians and many more live together. Despite this, the inhabitants are originally from the United States, with a child population that has less than 5 years of 6.6%, having children under 18 years in 24.6% and a population over 65 years of age of 12.4%, with the majority being the female population with 51.3% (Data from the Census Bureau, 2008). It has a climate between tropical and humid in a large part of the territory. Although in the temperatures of the mountainous area tend to fall. The level of rainfall is very moderate since it has about 130 cm per year. As for the snowfall, in the area of the mountains can accumulate up to 41 cm of snow, being 13 cm the minimum level recorded. The temperatures in the summer months reach 32 ° C and in the winter season they can be -36 ° C. The State's area is not affected by hurricanes, thanks to its geographic location, but it is susceptible to abundant fog, tornadoes, and thunderstorms, which come with hail and strong winds. Tennessee is located between the Appalachian Mountains, in the eastern region, with the Clingmans Dome, which is the third highest and the Mississippi River that borders the west. In addition, it is covered by the Tennessee River. The city of Memphis is listed as the second largest city in the State, as it has a population of 652,717 inhabitants.

As for its contribution to economic level, according to the figures of the Office of Economic Analysis of the United States, during the year 2011, Tennessee had a real gross product of $ 233,997 billion and in the year 2012 had a surplus of assets of $ 533 million, entering the list of eight states that reached a surplus. For the year 2003, Tennessee had a per capita income of $ 28,641 and a national income of $ 31,472, which represented 91% ranking it 36th. Having a family income of $ 38,550, that is, 87% of the average of the nation that was $ 44,472, was ranked 41st for the year 2004. The State of Tennessee has the sales tax, with the lowest rate in the entire United States. This tax, which was set at 7% and affects sales, does not compare with those of other counties, which have increased by 2.25%, to obtain a final figure of 9.25% and adding other taxes. The current Governor is Jim Haslam and the representation before the Senate is in charge of Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker all militants of the Republican Party. The terms for a governor, a Senator are for 4 years, while for those of the House of Representatives it is two years. The State Legislative Power resides in the General Assembly, with 33 Senate and 99 Representatives. In the Supreme Court is the Judicial Power, with 5 courts. It has 12 judges for the Court of Appeals and 9 for the Criminal Court. The State is governed by the Constitution of 1870, according to which up to two of the judges of the Supreme Court, may belong to a Grand Division. As for the cultural aspect, this is one of the most representative states of the blues music genre. Being Beale Street, in the most populated city of Memphis, the place where musicians like W-C Handy and many others, began to play in the nightclubs of the area, at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Tennessee In the mid-50s, the company Sun Records was founded, giving a boost to rock and roll with musicians such as Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Charlie Rich, Roy Orbison, Carl Perkins and the world famous Elvis Presley, among others, who They took their first steps in that city. The capital is Nashville, located in the central region to the north of the county of Davidson, on the banks of the Cumberland River and is the largest city with an area of 1,286 km², of which only 4.37% is constituted by water, that is, about 56.26 km². At its highest point, it has 182 m. and the population, up to 2014, was 668,347 inhabitants, which gives it a population density of 486.99 inhabitants per km². Currently, the mayor is Megan Barry, its foundation dates back to 1,806 and is composed of a wide range of races, including 65.9% of whites, African Americans by 27.1%, American Indians 0.4%, Pacific Islanders 0, 1%, Asians by 3.1% and between 1.2% and 2.3% are other races. It has the second place among the most populated cities, being surpassed by Memphis. Nashville has a humid and tropical climate, the highest records during the summer season are 26.2 ° C, reaching a maximum of 42.9 ° C, while the winter season can see temperatures between 9 and 13 ° C, despite the fact that in year 85 a temperature of -27.4 ° C was recorded.

On the other hand, the style of country music, also originating in this state, had its beginning in the year 1927, when they began to record in Bristol country music songs, resulting in the birth of the Grand Ole Opry, which in the decade of the 30 turned Nashville into the most important center of the record company. In Nashville, there is also the Hall of Fame, the Museum of Country Music and streets full of honky-tonks and places to go dancing. A tourist site is a mansion of Graceland, where Elvis Presley lived, as well as clubs devoted to blues lovers, the legendary Sun Studio, famous for being the first where rock and roll music was recorded. Other interesting attractions that can be visited are the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the intricate cave system of the Cumberland and Tuckaleechee caverns, the Appalachian Mountains Trail and much more. In the tourist city of Gatlinburg, there is the Dollywood park alluding to the singer Dolly Parton and lots of crafts and ski mountaineering. Among the most recognized characters worldwide, who have left Nashville, you can mention the actresses Reese Witherspoon, Taylor Swift, Lucy Hale; singers Natalie Prass, Ryan Follese, Alejandra Alberti, Danielle Bradberry and many others from the world of music and entertainment.

JacksonThe city of Jackson, Madison County, is located at a distance of 110 km east of the Memphis. For the year 2010, it had a population of 65,211 inhabitants, updating the figure for 2012 to 67,265 inhabitants. It is the largest city in the county and the western part of the State, forming part of the statistical area of Jackson and Humboldt. It was one of the most important cities in the western area, in the year 1834, which is why the Supreme Court Justice Palace was established there. Before the Second World War, the economy was based on the cultivation of cotton. Starting in 1851, one of the largest railway networks in the State, since it was possible to connect the north with the south and the east with the west, contributing greatly to give the necessary momentum and development, for the commerce industry and opening the doors to jobs at the end of the 19th century, once the Civil War ends. Due to the transformation of the industries, the index of jobs and services, was quite reduced, in the 60s, significantly decreasing the intensity of daily trains and changing the economy. In the midst of this modification, relevant factories emerged, which has made it the seventh largest city in the State, according to the 2012 census.According to statistics, 2,010 people in Jackson lived in 65,211 people, in some 25,191 homes and there were 15,951 families. It had a population density of 423.4 inhabitants per square kilometer (1,317 per square mile), with 28,052 homes in about 218.9 km² (566.3 square miles). Since then, 24.5 km² (9.4459 miles) have been added, also the percentage by race classification is 49.2% of targets, 0.2% of native Indians, 45.07% of African-Americans, 1.2% of Asians, 0.02% of islanders, 4.0% of Latinos and 2.3% belonging to other races. Children under 18 years of age, who live with their parents, represent 29.7%. Of a total of 25,191 households, 37.6% were legally constituted couples, a percentage of 21.4 only had women and had no male presence and 36.7% had no family ties. In a percentage of 30.8, the houses had people and 10.59% had elderly people over 65 years. The families in their great majority had an average size between 2.42 and 3.03. There was a population increase of 24.7% in young people fewer than 18 years of age, in those between 18 and 24 years of age in 13.4%, those who have 25 to 44 years in 25.4%, those who are aged between 45 and 64 years in 23.8% and those over 65 in 12.7%, which indicates that there are many young people. The statistic also established that for every 100 women, there were 87.4 males. Of that universe of women who were 18 or older, there were 81.7 men, which represent a large percentage of women compared to the number of gentlemen.

Jackson The average family income of a house in Jackson was $ 38,169, with an average income of $ 45,938. On the other hand, men presented an average income of $ 41,085, compared to about $ 30,436 for women. Per capita income was set at $ 23,762, with 15.6% of families and 21.6% of the population living in poverty. The city of Memphis, located in the east of the Mississippi, at 35º7'3 N and 89º58'16 O. It has an extension of 763.4 km², of which 5.24% is occupied by water. It has four seasons and a humid climate, characterized by high temperatures in summer, between 33.4 ° C and 22.7 ° C and cold air gusts of the Great Plains in winter. During the month of January, it can be recorded between 9.2 ° C and -0.4 ° C, having sporadically snowed 120 mm per year. During the summer short electrical storms are generated and in autumn the climate is very hot and dry until the month of October. The rainy season has an annual average of 1,390 mm. According to a study from the year 2008, Memphis was composed of 62.6% of African-Americans, 31.7% of whites, 29.5% of non-Hispanics, 5.0% of Latinos, 0.2% of native Indians, 0.1 % of the Pacific Islands, 1.2% of mestizos and 2.7% belonging to other races. This was determined by the American Community Survey. Subsequently, in the year 2010, Memphis had 646.889 inhabitants, with a population density of 1,283.12 inhabitants per km². In a percentage of 53.7, the inhabitants were owners of houses, with an average occupation of 2.58 people per house. The age of the population under 18 years is a percentage of 26% and those who are over 65 years old is 10.3%. On average, there are 10 women for every 9 men and the average age among the population is 32 years, being one of the youngest. The families have an average income of $ 36,473, yielding a per capita income of $ 21,007. Regarding the average level in Memphis, it can be said that 17% of families are below the poverty line and 25.4% of the total population. The city has 9 districts and is headed by Mayor Jim Strickland, since the year 2016. In its metropolitan area, it has the counties of Fayette, Shelby, and Tipton, which are located in Tennessee, Tate, Tunica, Marshal and DeSoto in Mississippi and Crittenden, located in Arkansas, which has areas of other neighboring States. The motorway network is one of the most complete, consisting of I-40, I-55, I-240, and others such as I-22 and I-69, which will be built soon. The boom that the area had in terms of roads railways, has marked the lifestyle in Memphis. All merchandise trade moves through them, from north to south and from east to west, connecting Chicago, Dallas, Saint Louis, among others.

Jackson In the aspect of the service it provides to the community, Amtrak operates the train from the city of New Orleans, daily, allowing transportation to the city of Chicago. For the rest, the internal transport is complemented by buses and trams, very characteristic, in charge of the Transit Authority. It is one of the big producers of garments in textile, diversity of accessories for cars and trucks, musical instruments such as pianos and spare parts for heating. It has the Memphis International Airport, where the headquarters of the largest delivery company in the world, known as FedEx, rest. In recent decades it has become a preferred center for filming large-screen footage. Their scenarios are used to make very successful films, such as nothing but the Truth in the year 2008, The Firm in 1993 and many others. At the end of the 19th century, after an epidemic that left the population at one of the lowest levels, new settlers began to arrive, bringing their talents and customs, obtaining a wonderful result in the musical field. These new inhabitants, made up of African American slaves and farmers, were the ones who promoted music in the city.One of the representatives of this genre was the composer and conductor W.C. Handy, as well as the famous musician, composer and singer B.B. King. In this city originated rhythms that would travel the entire world, such as blues, rock and roll, country and gospel songs. Cradle of great kings, Memphis saw the birth of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, who is still an idol in the city; King of Country, Johnny Cash and King of Blues, B. B. King.

Another of the most recognized artists who saw his beginnings in Memphis is Justin Timberlake, Tina Turner, Al Green, Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes and many other celebrities. But not only country music and blues have its space, also classical music occupies a very important place in society since it has the Opera Memphis Company, whose shows are staged at the Orpheum Theater. The music school Rudi E. Scheidt of the University of Memphis and the Ballet of Memphis are an integral part of the cultural field of the city. Another of the most important cities in Tennessee in Murfreesboro, which is located in Rutherford County, account with an extension of 143, 71 km ², between this surface 143, 34 km ² corresponds to the area of the city and 0,37 km ² is occupied by rivers. According to the census conducted in 2010, the population was 108,755 inhabitants. The city of Murfreesboro is located in the center of the State and has a population density of 756.76 inhabitants per km², with a combination of races of 75.62% of white individuals, 0.35% of native Indians, a 5.93% Hispanics, 15.18% African-Americans, 0.04% from the Pacific Islands, 3.36% from Asia and between 2.65% and 2.79% from other races. Murfreesboro was founded in 1817, the current Mayor is Shane MacFarland and among the attractions that the city presents is the Old Fort Park, Barfield Crescent Park, Stones River National Park, the Arts Center, The National History Museum, Gateway Island, Tennessee Geographical Center.The third largest city in the State of Tennessee in Knoxville, located in Knox County. Being the first and the second largest city Memphis and Nashville, Knoxville has an area of 254.1 km², with an area of 240 km² occupied by land and 14.1 km² correspond to water flows, with the French River, Holston, and Tennessee Being the fourth in order of importance of the entire State, it is also placed as the second with greater antiquity, since it was founded in the year 1.786. The named capital of the State 10 years after its founding, it owes its name to the first Secretary of Defense, Henry Knox. Currently, it is under the command of the mayor Madeline Rogero. Knoxville has a tropical and humid climate, in the summer, the atmosphere is quite hot, reaching a temperature of 31 ° C and reaching 41 ° C in July. During the winter period, very low figures of 8 ° C and a minimum of -1 ° C can be presented. As for the rains, it can be said that the level is 1,225 mm per year and in winter can fall up to 25 cm of snow. Knoxville has a population of 178,874 inhabitants living in the city and 704,230 located in the metropolitan area. By the year 2000, it had 40,164 family groups in the city and a population density of 724.6 inhabitants per km², as for the number of houses, at that time had 84.981 houses, ie 354.1 homes per km².

Jackson In the city the white race predominates with 79.7%, followed by African Americans with 16.2%, 1.45% of Asians, 1.58% of Hispanics, 1.57% of crossbred, 0.03% of the Pacific Islands and 0.72 inhabitants. Of other races.19.7% of the population is under 18 years, those with ages between 18 and 24 years represent 16.8%, inhabitants of 25 to 44 years are 29.5%, people of 45 to 64 years are 19.6% and those over 65 have 14.4%, having an average age of 33 years and with a ratio of 100 women for every 90 men and 86.3 men, for the same number of women over 18 years.In the family nucleus, its standard size is 2.84 members, 22.8% live with minor children, marriages are 35.3%, 13.7% correspond to families with one parent and most of them, 47.6 do not have ties family A small percentage of 11.4% belongs to people over 65 years of age, who do not live together. The income in the city is $ 27,492, being $ 37,708 in the metropolitan area. The figures vary between men and women since men can have earnings of $ 29,070 and women of $ 22,593. Having a per capita income of $ 18,171, with a poverty level of 14.4% and 20.8% of families, with percentages of 26.1% that have less than 18 years and 12.0%, represented by people over 65. From the year 2000 until today, the number of annual dwellings has increased from 3,925 to 4,300, with the aim of continuing growth in future dates, since the 1990s the number has increased, 3,575 per year, which indicates that the appearance of the house is expanding to a large extent.

JacksonThe city has major railways and highways and the McGhee Tyson Airport, which makes it an area where there are companies distributing high-level products and services, such as AC Entertainment, Scripps Networks, DeRoyal Industries, among many others. Culture and education are paramount in Knoxville, with its distinctive musical style, bluegrass, there are a variety of events such as the Kuumba Festival, which brings together the highlights of dance, theater, music, food and endless of attractions. The Rossini Festival, held in April, celebrates everything related to Italian culture. It also has prestigious universities and world-renowned studio houses, such as the University of Tennessee campus, the University of Knoxville, the University of the South, the Johnson University and the University of Technology. Located in the county of Hamilton, Chattanooga is located in the fourth place, among the largest cities of the State. Settled on the border with Georgia, it is located southeast of Tennessee. It has an area of 370.8 km², of which the amount of 350.2 km² is a land extension and about 26.6 km², corresponds to rivers, representing 5.56%. The highest site in the city is 206 m. For the year 2013, the city had a population of 173,366 inhabitants, with a population density of 443.95 inhabitants per km². According to figures obtained in the year 2000, it could be established in a census that there were 65,499 homes and the Chattanooga had, at that time, about 39,626 families, with a large majority of the white population with 59.71%, a 36, 06% of African Americans and other races.

In its beginnings, it was inhabited by native Indians, who settled in several territories in different periods, from the Archaic to the Cherokee. Currently, it is under the mandate of Mayor Andy Black. Among the most outstanding characters that have left this city are the actor Samuel L. Jackson, the musician Usher and many more. Clarksville was founded in the year 1,808, is located in the county of Montgomery, the current mayor is Kim McMillan, who was elected in the year 2011. This city has an area of 254.54 km², of this total, only 252.79 km² belong to the surface and 1.75% is occupied by water. By the year 2010, it had a population of 132,929 inhabitants, with a population density of 522.22 inhabitants per km². Of the total population there were 65.6% of white people, 0.61% of American Indians, 2.3% of Asians, African Americans had a percentage of 23.23%, Hispanics 9.3 %, the natives of the Pacific Islands were 0.47% and there were also 2.61% and 5.1% who were of other races and 4.4% classified as immigrants. The climate of Clarksville is tropical and has a humidity of 68%, presenting temperatures in summer ranging from 17 ° C to 27 ° C in the month of July and in winter temperatures can range from -3 ° C to 6 ° C in December and January. The annual precipitations have a level that is between 7 and 12 cm. The recreational areas and interesting places offered by the city, both for the visitor and for the tourist are the MacGregor Park Riverwalk, Liberty Park and Marina, Rotary Park, Heritage Park, Cultural Museum, Roxy Regional Theater, the cave system and Dunbar Caverns and many others.

JacksonThis city, founded in 1856, covers Washington, Sullivan, and Carter counties. The current mayor Ralph Van Brocklin was elected in the year 2013. The city has an area of 112.07 km², divided into 0.85 km² of water, that is, 0.76% and 111.22 km² of land surface, the average height of the city are 498 m. In the information provided by the 2010 census, Johnson City had a population of 63,152 inhabitants and had a concentration of 563.51 km². The city has a diversity of races, among which are white people with 0.09%, American Indians in a 0.34%, African Americans were 0.01%, inhabitants of the Pacific Islands 0.03%, is one of the few cities that do not have other races among their settlers. For the year 2000, per capita income was $ 20,364, with an average household income of $ 30,835 and a family income of $ 40,977. The men had an income of $ 31,326 and the women had an average income of $ 22,150. In the level of poverty is a percentage of 11.4% of families, as well as 15.9% of the inhabitants. In addition, it has 18.9% of people under 18 and 12.7% of people over 65% in the poverty line.The climate of the city of Johnson City has temperatures in summer that can reach 39 ° C, at most and at 24 ° C at least. During the winter season, the temperature ranges between 8 ° C and -29 ° C. It has a humidity of between 59.0% and 76.5%, with an average amount of rainfall of 1,148.6 mm and snowfall level of 39.6 cm.

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