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  • Arlington
  • Bedford
  • Benbrook
  • Burleson
  • Cleburne
  • Euless
  • Fort Worth
  • Grapevine
  • Haltom City
  • Hurst
  • Keller
  • Mansfield
  • North Richland Hills
  • Southlake
  • Watauga

Texas CityTexas is part of the United States and is in second place in terms of area and population. It was discovered in 1528 by the Spaniards, who established several villages in the 18th century. The French tried to found other colonies, but they failed. Towards 1821, it separates from Spain and joins Mexico, allowing the entry of Mexicans and a revolution is generated. In 1836, the Texans rise up and declare the independence of Mexico, founded in Texas on March 2, 1836. She was admitted to the Union on December 29, 1845, as State 28 of the country. In 1861, the Civil War broke out and after its culmination, it was established as a Republican State. At the beginning of the 20th century, thanks to oil, development was promoted, becoming a very prosperous area.

The capital is Austin with 842,592 inhabitants, being the city with greater population Houston, that for the year 2,010 it had 2,099,451. It has 254 counties and other major cities such as San Antonio, Dallas, Arlington, El Paso, Laredo and Fort Worth. It is located in the south of the country, between the coordinates 31 ° North and 100 ° West, belonging to the Southwest Center division. It has north to Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas, both borders are formed by the Red River; to the southwest with the Rio Bravo, which forms the separation of Mexico; the southeast border is the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean; to the west is New Mexico and to the east the Sabine River, which constitutes the separation of Louisiana. Since the year 2015, Republican Greg Abbot is the Governor, having Republicans John Cornyn and Ted Cruz as Senators.

It has a total area of ​​696,241 km², of which 17,570 km² are covered by water, which corresponds to 2.5% of the surface. Account with a maximum height in the relief of 2,667 meters on the level of the sea, being the average altitude of 520 meters. It is the second largest state in the country, second only to Alaska. It is divided into the coastal zone of the Gulf of Mexico, the Apalachicola basin, the Great Plains to the north and fertile plains to the south center. Among the most representative aspects are the flower of lupine or lupine, the armadillo and the beak as animals that identify the State. By the year 2015, it was classified as the second State with the most population in the country, with a total of 27,469,114 people and a population concentration of 40.23 inhabitants per km². According to estimates for the year 2008, the population at that time was 24,326,974 residents. The distribution by races was 84.14% white people, 35.31% Latino, African Americans were 12.09%, natives of the Pacific Islands were 0.17%, American Indians were 1.1%, Asians were 3.62%, the English represented 7.2%, Scottish-Irish had 7.2%, Germans were 10.9% and Mexicans 25.3%, which indicates that the largest population is of Anglo-Saxon origin, other States where A greater number of this population is recorded in Hawaii, California, and New Mexico.

In Century XX, the number of inhabitants of Latin origin, suffered a decrease of 46%, compared with figures of the year 1,930 and in 1960, the concentration of population was reduced in 41%, arriving at the lowest limit during the year 1.990, when a decrease of 25% was registered. As of 2000, they have recovered by 32%, reaching 38% of Hispanics in 2010. The most popular language is English, spoken by 66.24% of the inhabitants and followed by Spanish, spoken by 29.40% of the residents, due to the influence that Spain and Mexico had in the area, during the period of independence. This has resulted, as a consequence, that the Government Code allows the information on the web pages to be in Spanish.

According to 2005 figures, Texas had the Human Development Index at very high levels, as it ranked 33rd in the country, with 0.914. The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) was fixed at $1,141,000 million and the per capita income was $47,772. The economy of the State is in second place, surpassed by California. For the year 2010, the GDP was $1,153,100 million and per capita income was set at $45,940, ranking among the highest in the 24th position. The main industries are based on agriculture, fishing, livestock, mining, oil, commerce, and tourism.

Arlington CityArlington is located in Tarrant County. From 1840, it was occupied by Europeans and at the end of the century, it became a thriving agricultural area. The city was founded in 1876 and its incorporation into the Union was on April 21, 1884. By the beginning of the 20th century, I had public services, schools, and companies that promoted its development. The General Motors automobile plant and the beginning of the aerospace industry were decisive for progress, having a vertiginous growth after the Second World War, reaching 7,692 inhabitants for the year 1950, compared to the 3,031 that existed in the year 1,925. The Mayor of Arlington is Jeff Williams, since 2015. The city is ranked 48th among the most populated in the country and seventh, as the largest population in the State. In addition, the third place among the largest municipalities in the metropolitan area and the largest, which is not part of the county. It is located at the coordinates 32 ° 42'18 "North and 97 ° 07'22" West and is part of the Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area since it is 19 km from Fort Worth and from the west. About 32 km from Dallas. Other cities that are in the vicinity are Grand Prairie, Pantego, Mansfield, and Kennedale. It has a total area of ​​258.02 km², with an area of ​​248.33 km² of land and 9.69 km² covered by water, 3.76%, of the Trinity and Johnson Creek rivers, which cross it. The average height of the city is 184 meters above sea level.

In the census conducted in 2010, it was determined that the population was of 365,438 people, having a population concentration of 1,416.3 inhabitants per km². Of the total population, 58.99% were white people, Latinos represented 27.44%, African Americans were 18.82%, Native American Indians were 0.67%, for Asians it was 6.79%, those coming from of the Pacific islands were 0.11%, those of other races were 11.26% and those of two or more races were 3.35%. There were 90,099 groups of families and 133,072 homes in the city, with a density in the population of 1,472 residents per km². The concentration of houses was 5,833 per km² The distribution of races among the inhabitants, for 2011, according to an estimate of the previous year, was 59% of white people, 27.4% of Latinos, blacks were 18.8%, American Indians were 0.7%, Asians had a 6.8%, those of the Pacific Islands were 0.1%, of other races 11.3% and of more than two races 3.3%.

Among households, 40% had kids under 18, 15% belonged to single women, 48% were represented by stable marriages, 32% did not have any family ties, the houses that were occupied were 25% and in 5% were found people over 65, who lived alone. The families had a size of 2.7 to 3.3, on average. The extension of the residents was registered with a 31% corresponding to people with less than 20 years, those who had ages of 20 to 24 years were 8%, those from (25 – 44) years were 30%, for those of 45 at 64 years, 23% were observed and those over 65 years old were 8%. The inhabitants had an average age of 32 years. For a group of 100 women, 104 men could be counted and for the same number of women over 18, there were 94 men on equal terms.

Households had an average income of $50,655, during the year 2011. For the male population, which had a full-time job, there was an income of $41,059 and for women, $35,265. The per capita income was $25,317. Between 16% of families and 31% of households that had a woman living alone, were at high levels of poverty. The total 20% of the residents, with 28% of those under 18 and 8% of those over 65, were also below the poverty line. For the year 2011, of the residents that lived rented, there was 43% that allocated 35% of the income for household expenses. Also, among those who were owners, approximately 28% paid 35% of what they generated in the homes. In the year 2013, the city had 379,577 people, being the third municipality with the largest population. For 2.016, the population estimate was 392,772.

Bedford CityBedford is located in the northwestern sector of Tarrant County, establishing itself as a suburb of the city of Fort Worth, is close to Dallas and is part of the Hurst-Euless Independent School District. The city has a system of government Council Manager, which provides public services, which was approved in 1966. Having Brian Bosshardt, as City Manager, Clifford Blackwell, III his Assistant and Michael Wells as Secretary. The City Council is comprised of Mayor Jim Griffin, Rusty Sartor, and Dan Cogan. The geographical location is at the coordinates 32 ° 50'48 "North and 97 ° 8'23" West. It has a total area of ​​25.9 km² (10.0 square miles), which has no extensions covered by water, only 0.10%. The maximum height in the city is 182 m (597 ft). It has important communication routes, such as State Highway 121, Highway 183 and the Airport, which leads to the Dallas-Fort Worth Air Terminal.

According to the census of the year 2000, the population was 47,152 inhabitants, there were 20,251 houses and a total of 12,555 families. The concentration of residents was 1,820.5 per km². There were 21,123 homes that had an average density of 815.2 per km². Regarding the disposition of the races among the population, 87.63% of white people were found, 7.22% of Latinos, American Indians were 0.51%, African-Americans were found in 3.65%, those of the islands of the Pacific were 0.25%, among Asians there was 3.62%, those of other races were 2.44% and those of two or more races were 1.89%. There were 20,251 houses that had children under 18 living with them in 29.0%, stable marriages were 49.8% of the total, women who were alone without a partner were 8.8%, in 32% of households the Members did not have any family ties, 31.6% of the houses were inhabited and 5.5% were occupied by people over 65 years of age. The families presented a size of 2.30 to 2.93, approximately.

The population was expanded among those under 18 years of age by 22.5%, those who had between 18 and 24 years of age increased by 9.7%, those between 25 and 44 years old increased by 32.9%, those aged 45 to 64 years they were 26.1% and those who were over 65 years old were 8.7%. The inhabitants had an average of 36 years. For each group of 100 women, 93.0 men could be found and for the group of women over 18 years, it was determined that there were 91.1 men. The average income of the homes was $54,436 and the families had an income of $71,017. For men, the average rent was 45,938 and for women, it was $33,012. The city had a per capita income of $29,466. The levels of poverty were in 2.4% of the families, with 3.7% of the inhabitants, the under-18s had 4.2% and the adults over 65 were 5.6%.

For the period 2.013 to 2.014, a financial study was carried out that determined that the city obtained revenues of $62.5 million, expenses were established at $56.9 million, the assets of the city were set at $127.4 million in total, having some liabilities of $67.2 million and investments and cash were placed at $22.4 million. The main providers of jobs in the city are made up of the network of health resources, offering 1,600 jobs, being the first in the area. In the second place, is Carter BloodCare, which provides employment for 1,100 people. It can also be mentioned, very well-known corporations with Walmart, the companies Beryl, Warrantech, Transamérica, Daystar and governmental institutions, such as National Insurance, the city itself and the Hurst-Euless Independent School District.

Benbrook CityBenbrook is located in the southwestern area of ​​Tarrant County. It was incorporated in the year 1947, as a town. In 1949, the sale and distribution of all types of alcoholic beverages, such as beer and liquor, was prohibited. During the year 1951, a consensus was reached and the population voted in favor of the illegality of the taverns. Submitting for consideration the consultation again in the year 1954, to determine the legal nature of the sale of alcohol, which would be "consumption outside the establishment", but the necessary votes were not collected. In the year 1.971, the only drink that was allowed to consume outside the premises was beer.

The geographic coordinates are 32 ° 41'5 "North and 97 ° 27'24" West (32.684658, -97.456692), located in the 12th Congressional District of Texas and one suburb of Fort Worth. It has a territorial extension of 31.6 km², corresponding to 12.2 square miles, of which 29.8 km², about 11.5 square miles are solid ground and 1.8 km², which is 0.7 square miles or 5.63% of land is covered by Lake Benbrook, which was formed after the construction of the dam in the year 1952. This work had its beginnings in the year 1947 and was carried out by the engineers of the Army of the United States. The highest elevation of the relief of the city is 210 meters above sea level or 689 feet. The system of government is of the type Alderman and Manager, is based in the City council of the city and is conformed by Mayor Jerry Dittrich and a team integrated by Rene Franklin, Rickie Allison, Keith Bailey, Mark Washburn, Ron Sauma, Jim Wilson, Andy Wayman is in charge of City Manager.

According to figures from the 2010 census, there was a population of 21,234 inhabitants, for a population concentration of 670 persons per km². This number of inhabitants of 21,234 reflects an increase when compared with the figures for the year 2000 since for that year there were 20,208 people, which indicates that the population increased by 1,026 people. At the same time, it can be deduced that there was a growth of 644, in contrast with the figure of 19,564 for the year 1990. The estimate for the year 2.016 is 22,948. For the study conducted in the year 2015, 22,144 inhabitants and 9.27 houses were found. In the city, there was a race distribution equivalent to 77.1% of white people, 11.0% belonged to the Latino population, African Americans counted 6.7%, Asian race was 2.2%, for those who came from Pacific Islands had 0.01%, Native American Indians were 0.20%, those with a mixture of other races were 0.01% and those with more than two races were 2.8%.

In the count carried out in the year 2000, 20,208 people were found and a total of 8,599 homes and 5,778 families living in the city. The population concentration was 681.4 inhabitants per km². Of the 8,914 houses found, they had an average density of 300.6 units per km². In relation to the distribution of the residents by type of race, 88.30 white people, 4.42% blacks were found, Latinos were 6.96%, among Asians there was 2.14%, those who came from the Pacific islands. They were 0.04%, the native Indians were 0.50%, those belonging to other races were 2.71% and those who had more than two races were 1.87%. Among the 8,599 households found, it was determined that there were 28.5% of children under 18 living with their parents, 8.7% were single women who were house leaders, 56.0% were stable marriages, 32.8% had no family ties between them, the houses that were inhabited were 28.1% and in 7.8% of the houses lived adults over 65 years. Likewise, it was found that there were 315 couples who were not married, of whom 251 were made up of couples of different sex, while in 50 households there were couples of men and 14 were women. The average family size was from 2.33 to 2.86.

Among the population was 22% of people under 18 years, those who were between 18 and 24 years old were 7.6%, for those who had 25 to 44 years were 29.8%, residents between 45 and 64 years they were 25.7% and those who were over 65 years old were 14.7%. The average age of the inhabitants was set at 39 years. For a group of 100 women, 90.1 men were found and for the same group, over 18 years old, 87.9 men were established. The income received by the households was $50,978 and the families had an average income of $63,529. Among the male population, an income of $42,270 was registered, while women had $30,030 as income. The per capita record was at $26,781. For the year 2004, the income for the State was $41,759 and the national average was $44,684, according to a Survey of the American Community. Poverty levels were established at 4.4% of the inhabitants of Benbrook. As for the families that were in a state of poverty, it was established at 2.5% below the threshold, households with single women were 12%, children under 18 years were in 4.3% and those over 65 years they were 2.9% of the residents.

Fort Worth is one of the most important cities, located in the northern area of ​​the State of Texas, in Tarrant County. It has the fifth position as the largest in Texas, the fifteenth, as the largest and the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the country. It was founded in 1849 and its incorporation into the Union was in the year 1873. The name is derived from Major General William J. Worth, who proposed establishing a series of 10 forts in the region, with the purpose of raising a border in the western area of ​​the State. Currently, he has a government led by the Republican Mayor Betsy Price, together with City Manager David Cooke has its headquarters in the City Council. The city is located at the geographic coordinates of 32 ° 45'Norte and 97 ° 20'W, distributed between the counties of Denton, Parker, Wise, and Johnson, being part of the Cross Timber area, which establishes the boundary between the center and the prairies and hills and the wooded areas of the east. It has an extension of 904.4 km² or 349.2 square miles, of which 886.3 km² or 342.2 square miles belong to the territory and 18.1 km² or 7.0 square miles, are occupied by water, formed by Lake Worth, which forms the dam, which has a capacity of 33,495 acres of water. The highest elevation of the city is 216 meters above sea level or 653 feet.

In the year 2,017, the census showed 874,168 inhabitants, with a population density of 842.0 km² or 2,181.0 square miles. For the year 2010, the distribution of races in the city was in 61.1% of white people, whites who were not Hispanic were in 41.7%, African-Americans counted in 18.9%, those coming from the Pacific islands were a 0.1%, Latinos were 34.1%, 0.6% corresponded to native Indians and those who were of more than two races had 3.1%. In this count, it was determined that there were 534,694 inhabitants, some 127,581 families, and 195,078 houses. For 2004, this city was among the 20 with the most number of inhabitants, ranked 19th, with 17,872 people representing an increase of 3.1%, the population concentration was 705.7 per km², 211,035 houses being found in 278.5 km². The races were distributed in 59.69% of whites, 0.59% of Indians, Hispanics were 29.81%, Asians 2.64%, Islanders 0.06%, African Americans 20.26%, other race 14.05% and more races 2.72%. The population was estimated at 604,538 people and was among 5 more cities with a significant increase, in 2003.

For 1970, the black population was 19.9%, Hispanics 7.9% and whites 72%. There were 195,078 homes, in which under 18 years lived in 34.7%, married couples were 45.8%, women alone were 14.7%, and those who had no family ties were 34.6%. The couples who were not married occupied 9,599 houses and were 8,202 heterosexuals, 721 made up of women and 676 made up of men. The inhabited dwellings were 28.6% and the elderly over 65 years who lived alone were 7.7%. The families had a size of 2.67 to 3.33.

The distribution by age was of 28.3% for those under 18 years, those between 18 and 24 years old were 11.3%, those between 25 and 44 years old represented 32.7%, those between 45 and 64 years old 18.2% and the older ones 65 years old 9.6%. The population had an average age of 31 years, for 100 women you could find a group of 97.3 men and for 100 women older than 18 years, there were 94.5 men. In households there was an average income of $37,074, considering family income in $42,939. Among men, the median income was $31,663 and that of women was $25,917. The city had a per capita income of $18,800. The levels of poverty were 12.7% of the family groups, the inhabitants had 15.9%, those who were under 18 were 21.4% and those who were over 65 years old were 11.7%.

Mansfield CityMansfield is between the counties of Tarrant, Ellis, and Johnson, forming part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area. It was occupied by the Europeans in 1840, building a fort to protect themselves from the Indians. Subsequently, a mill was inaugurated, which contributed to the settlement of the area. In 1909, the incorporation of the city was registered, with the name of Mansfield, by the mills Man and Feild. It is led by Mayor David L. Cook and City Manager Clyton Chandler. It is located at the coordinates 32 ° 34'38 "North and 97 ° 7'36" W, having an area of ​​94.6 km², with 94.5 km² of solid ground and 0.1 km² covered with water. The maximum height of the city is 184 meters above sea level. In 2014, it ranked 17th among the "Best places to live" and today it is ranked 15th as the most prosperous city in the State. The population for the year 2010 was 56,668 inhabitants, with the estimate for 2013 of 60,872 people, occupying the 581st place in the country. The population concentration was 600 inhabitants per km², with an urban population of 5,121,892, which occupies the sixth place, and in the metropolitan area, there were 6,810,913, which gives it the fourth place in the State.

By 2.016, the population amounted to 67,628 people, occupying the second place as the most city in the world. The average age was 35.2 years. The racial distribution was 68.80% white, 17.81% African American, Asians 4.32%, non-Latino white 60.45%, Islanders 0.02%, other race 5.06%, those of two or more races 3.40 %, Hispanics 15.66%. English was spoken by 82.62%, Asian by 3.09%, Asian by 10.62%, Indo-European by 2.32% and other languages ​​by 1.35%. In 2.016, the average age was 35.2 years, with 33.9 for men and 36.1 for women. The inhabitants under 18 years were 28.32%, those from 18 to 35 years were 21.4%, for those from 35 to 55 years were 30.74% and those over 55 were 19.54% of the residents. The distribution by education was of 2.82% for those who had less than 9th grade, secondary was 4.67% and 20.30%, university students were 25.21%, for associate studies there was 7.39%, baccalaureate 27.10%, those of mastery they were 10.21%, those who had professional studies a 1.05% and doctorate a 1.25%.

The family income was $111,177, distributed in 16.42% between $50,000 and 75,000; 14.75% corresponded to $100,000 and 125,000, while 12.16% was between $125,000 and 150,000. The poverty level of the families was 4.86% and those who had children were 3.75%. The families had an average size of 3.18. The houses had a value of $201,170, built in 2002. Since 2010, the family income was $100,762 on average and the family income was $93,906. The average income of the male population was $65,229 and that of the women was $48,578. The city's per capita income was $34,103.

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