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  • Alvin
  • Atascocita
  • Baytown
  • Channelview
  • Cloverleaf
  • Deer Park
  • Friendswood
  • South Houston
  • La Porte
  • League City
  • Mission Bend
  • Missouri City
  • Pasadena
  • Pearland
  • Rosenberg
  • Spring
  • Sugar Land
  • The Woodlands

TexasThe United States of America is composed of fifty states, Texas is one of them. It has an area of ​​695,621 km², making it the most extensive state number 2 in the country. In the same way, with a little more than 25 million inhabitants, it is the 2nd busiest state, according to a census conducted in 2010. It also belongs to the Southwest Center division and is located in the South region. Thus, the boundaries of Texas are:
  • To the north, Oklahoma and, to the northeast, Arkansas. Part of these two borders is formed by the Red River.
  • To the east, Louisiana is located, which is separated from Texas by the Sabine River.
  • In the southeast and southwest, it borders the Gulf of Mexico and the Rio Grande, respectively. The latter, separates the state with the country of Mexico, specifically with the states of Nuevo León, Chihuahua, Tamaulipas and Coahuila.
  • In the west, New Mexico is located.
Being a state with borders to a Latin country, racial diversity is very evident. This is not only perceived in skin colors, but also in languages ​​and cultures. Which, over the course of time, have been combined, resulting in what we now know as Texas. In this regard, the most important features of this state are:
  • Austin is the capital of Texas; however, the city with the largest number of inhabitants is Houston; which is followed by Dallas and San Antonio. The latter, containing more than one million people, makes Texas the only state to own three of the most populated cities in the country.
  • In the United States, it is located at the 4th state, where most of the inhabitants have different origins from the Anglo-Saxon one. Thus, that 25, 3% are Mexicans, Germans have 10.9% and African Americans 10.5%. Likewise, and with equal percentages, there are English and Scottish-Irish with 7.2%.
  • They do not have an officially declared language, however, the most handled and spoken by 66.24% of the inhabitants, is English. However, the Spanish language has taken center stage, positioning itself as the second most spoken language by 29.40% of the population. This is due to the migration occurred by Latinos and Hispanics.
  • Considered the second largest economy in the country; the state of Texas, thanks to its abundant natural resources and its varied relief, is fundamental within the general economic sector of the entire country. In this regard, the economic activities that stand out are livestock and agriculture, mining and fuel energy, tourism, trade,and
  • The pseudonym of the state of Texas is "The Lone Star State", which translates to Spanish as "Solitary Star State". This represents its previous status as an autonomous republic, and likewise, it is a reminder of the battle that was fought for independence from Mexico.
  • Another very characteristic and representative element of the state of Texas is its gastronomy. This is because, Chili con carne, is their official Tex-Mex style food dish, which is well known and replicated in almost the entire world. Likewise, southern dishes, barbecues,andCajun-style are recognized to a large extent.

HoustonHouston: Although not the capital of the state, it is the city with the largest number of inhabitants of Texas and the 4th in the country. Likewise, it is the seat of Harris County. Geographically it is found around the Gulf of Mexico, in the southeastern part of Texas. Likewise, Houston has a territorial area of ​​1,625.2 km² in its entirety; of which, 1,552.92 km² are occupied by an estimated 2.24 million people. In another context, Houston's climate is classified as subtropical humid. In this way, the summers in the locality are quite hot with temperatures of 32 ºC; nevertheless, the approximate perceived humidity is 90% in the mornings, while in the evenings it oscillates in 60%. Also, winters are usually cool and rarely snow.
On the other hand, Houston is the center of important industries that have made great contributions to the development of the country. As it is the case of:
  • The Texas Medical Center, which is the largest medical organization in the world. In the same way, it has been the pioneer institution of heart transplants and many other discoveries.
  • It is the home of NASA, the largest space research headquarters in the entire planet.
  • In Houston, the highest global rodeo event is held, the well-known Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Alvin: Located in the county of Brazoria, it is a city in the state of Texas, in the United States of America. Also, the latitudinal axes of Alvin correspond to 29 ° 25'38 "North and 95 ° 13'31" West; which are between the Houston metropolitan area, The Woodlands,and Sugar Land. With limits to League City and Friendswood in the northeast, while a portion of its southeast border is Hillcrest. Likewise, according to the United States Census Bureau, the city has a land area of ​​62.91 km² and an aquatic area of ​​3.49 km², making a total of 66.4 km². This surface is occupied by an estimated 24,236 people, being distributed in 364.97 inhabitants each kilometer². Also, this population is composed of:
  • White lineages in 79.43%.
  • African Americans 3.07%.
  • Native Americans, 0.57%.
  • Asian origins, 0.89%.
  • Islanders of the Pacific, 0.02%.
  • Other diverse races occupied 13.46%.
In the same order of ideas, according to a census conducted, in Alvin there were 7,826 dwellings, in which: 39.3% had children under 18 years living in them; 51.9% were married couples who lived together and 13.6% was a home without the presence of a husband, so that the head of the family was assumed by the woman; 28.4% were not families and another 7.7% were guarding a person over 64 years of age. In terms of education, Alvin has an independent school district, which is responsible for schools and public education. It also has a library that makes up the county's library system.  

Atascocita: It is a place designated by the census, and is located in Harris County, which belongs to the state of Texas; corresponding to coordinates 29 ° 58'33 "North and 95 ° 11'40" West. Thus, it is located east of Humble about 10 kilometers and about 29 kilometers from the northeast part of downtown Houston; which is also located, northeast of Harris County.
Also, according to the 2010 census, it was determined that Atascocita has an area of ​​65.35 km² of stable soil; while, only 0.49 km² correspond to water, thus completing a total of 65.84 km². Therefore, within each square kilometer, it is estimated that 1,000,02 people lived Stipulating in this way a total population of 65,844 inhabitants; which were mostly made up of whites and African-Americans, while in a smaller percentage they were Asian and of other line ages.
In another context, Atascocita, when bordered by Lake Houston, has an incredible green and vegetable portionwhich is why several parks, golf courses,and country clubs have been created. Example of them would be, the Walden in Lake Houston Golf and Country Club and Tour 18 and the Atascocita Country Club. For these reasons and more, Atascocita is considered and pointed out by News & World Report, as the ideal place to enjoy retirement,always highlighting the incredible opportunities for recreation with fishing, sailing,and golf.

BaytownBaytown: This city is in Texas, United States, between the counties of Harris and Chamber, on the coasts of the Mexican Gulf. Also, it is located in the vicinity of the San Jacinto River exit, located in the east of Houston, about 35 kilometers, in the Bay of Galveston. Similarly, Baytown belongs to the metropolitan area known as Greater Houston,which is integrated by Sugar Land, Houston and Baytown Metropolitan Area and, is considered the sixth city with greater extension of the same one; and, in addition, to the area of ​​Galveston Bay.
In the same sense, the axis of latitudes to Baytown corresponds to 29 ° 45'25 "North and 94 ° 58'5" West. This is determined by its total territorial extension, which is 94.57 km², comprised mostly by land and, to a lesser extent, by water. Also, within the firm terrain, there are 71,802 people residing in the city of Baytown; which in their majority are distinguished by being of a white race, African-American, Asian, and of other diverse lineages.  
On the other hand, as far as transportation is concerned, Baytown is served by important highways such as Interstate 10 and State Highway 146. It also has the Sterling Municipal Library and public schools operated by the Consolidated Independent School District of Goose Creek.

Channelview: In Texas, in the United States of America, Channelview is located. This is a locality that, for the year 2010, according to the census, possessed 38.289 inhabitants, which were dispersed in a territorial area of ​​46.9 km²; corresponding to lines 29 ° 47'35 "North and 95 ° 6'52" West. It should be noted that this population is also a place designated by the census or DCP.
In the same order of ideas, Channelview is located right where the Old River is formed by the San Jacinto River; and is located in the southern part of the railroad corresponding to the Pacific of Missouri and Interstate 10. Likewise, it is only 24 km east of the focus of the largest city in the state, Houston. It is estimated that, for each square kilometer of land, it is inhabited by 815.28 people; among which the predominant race with 55.87% are white and 22.61% refers to other diverse races. While African Americans, Asians, Pacific Islanders and Amerindians, share percentages lower than 15.31%, 1.61%, 0.06% and 0.81%, respectively.
Being part of Harris County and also of the Houston metropolitan area, Sugar Land and Baytown, the Texas Handbook, defines Channelview as oil refining sector of the Houston metropolitan area. On the other hand, this city owns two independent school districts that are responsible for public education.

Cloverleaf: It is part of Harris County in Texas, United States and is a place designated by the census. According to the coordinates 29 ° 47'16 "North and 95 ° 10'23" West, Cloverleaf is on the extension of Interstate 10, between Channelview and Jacinto City. Likewise, the city has an absolute surface area of ​​8.59 square kilometers. According to data taken from the United States Census Bureau, Cloverleaf for the year 2010, housed 22,942 inhabitants. They were distributed in approximately 2,668.86 people per km². Also, the racial composition was very diverse, in which whites predominated with 61.17% and African-Americans with 10.52%; while the rest was completed with people of other varied races, such as Asians, Indians and native islanders, Latinos and Hispanics. As far as education is concerned, Cloverleaf has Galena Park Independent School District; same that is in charge of the management of public schools. Which receive the inhabitants of the town.

Deer ParkDeer Park: Arranged southeast of the state of Texas, in the United States of America, is Deer Park. It is also located in Harris County and the Houston metropolitan area, Sugar Land and Baytown. Its geographical characteristics are:
  • 29 ° 41'13 "North and 95 ° 7'00" West.
  • Southwest adjoins Pasadena.
  • In the southeast, it borders La Porte and,
  • To the north, the Buffalo Bayou, which is a navigation channel of the city of Houston
Likewise, Deer Park for the year 2010, according to an applied census, was the possessor of an area of ​​27.25 km²; of which, 27.08 km² was of consolidated soil and a minimum portion of water with 0.17 km². Thus, in the inhabitable segment, there were residing about 1,174.71 inhabitants per square kilometer. Being a total population in 2010 of 32,010 people, which was composed by the following racial specification.
  • 23% of whites.
  • 48% African-American.
  • 7% Native American Indians.
  • 51% Asian
  • 08% Islanders from the Pacific.
  • 81% other diverse races and,
  • 18% corresponded to two or more races.
The history of Deer Park indicates that its name was granted by its founder Simeon H. West in the year 1892; who was an adventurer worker of agriculture and also a legislator in retirement status. The same, I assign that name to the city, due to a large number of deer that were constantly wandering in the flat area of ​​the Mexican Gulf. As part of the progress of the city, the same year of its foundation a railway station was opened, and the following year, a delegation of the post office.

Friendswood: In the metropolitan area of ​​Houston, The Woodlands and Sugar Land, in Texas, there are the counties of Galveston and Harris; which share an absolute area of ​​54.08 km², which is called Friendswood and, is located on the axes 29 ° 30'28 "to the north and 95 ° 12'2" to the west. With a population registered in the 2010 census of 35,805 people, it was estimated that the population density was 662.12 inhabitants per km² of area. These residents were of different races, in which the most abundant were whites with 86.62%, followed by 4.85% of Asians and 3.44% of African-Americans. Likewise, there were islanders from the Pacific (0.05%), Amerindians (0.43%) and 4.6% from other races. On the other hand, the magazine CNN-Money in 2007 included Friendswood in the top 100 of the best places in the United States to reside,converting it thus, in one of the 900 most well-known towns with many sites of interest, such as the Oxnard and Stevenson parks, and the Quaker Acadamy History State.

South HoustonSouth Houston: In Texas, in the United States of America, in South Houston. Which is in Harris County and is part of the Houston, The Woodlands and Sugar Land metropolitan area, corresponding to axes 29 ° 39'40 "to the North and 95 ° 13'42" to the West. In such a way, its limits are with the cities of Pasadena and Houston. In 2010, the United States Census Bureau determined that South Houston owned an absolute area of ​​almost 8 km², without water surfaces. In this sense, for each square kilometer of land, there were around 2,148.48 people; giving a total of 16,983 residents throughout South Houston. Likewise, this population was comprised mainly of whites, which represented 65.9% of the population. On the other hand, other diverse races constituted the second most abundant group of people with a 27.55%; in lower percentages were Asians, Native Americans, African Americans and Pacific Islanders with 0.56%, 0.86%, 1.54% and 0.02%, respectively.

When the city was formed in 1907 by C. S. Woods of the Western Land Company, it was initially named Dumont; subsequently, in the year 1913 it was renamed and became South Houston. By then, a local post office had been established. During the beginnings of the city, the farms were in charge of the economic development of the same; in this way, they transported fruit and vegetables such as figs, strawberries, among others, to the Houston, Galveston and Henderson Railroad routes. Likewise, the evolution of the Houston Ship Channel collaborated in the progress of other industries in the interior of the city.

The Porte: Included in Harris County, La Porte is a city in the state of Texas in the United States. It is part of the Houston, Sugar Land and Baytown metropolitan area and is located right in the bay of this. Its coordinates are 29 ° 40'3 "to the North and 95 ° 2'57" to the West and correspond to an absolute surface of 51.84 km², of which 3.58 km² are an extension of water and the remaining 48.26 km² area of the mainland.
Considering the extension of habitable land, with the 2010 census it was determined that for each kilometer2 there were 652.02 people; totaling thus an amount of 33,800 that resided in La Porte. This population was composed of 80.07% of white people, 6.21% of African Americans, 1.22% of Asian ethnicities, 0.62% were Native American Indians and 9.12% belonged to different races.
When La Porte in 1992 was 100 years old, it received the Barbours Cut Terminal, which was maneuvered by the Port of Houston authorities. By 2007, the Bayport Terminal was annexed to the Port, just south of the city. On the other hand, the surroundings of La Porte since the 70's have played a leading role in trade and international economy. Also, this same zone of the city was a witness of the combat of San Jacinto, which allowed the independence of the Community of Texas. One of the places of interest in the city is the well-known Monument of San Jacinto, as well as the parks Sylvan Beach, Seabreeze,and Brookglen, Being the first known worldwide and the favorite of many artists.

League CityLeague City: It is located in the county of Galveston, between the metropolitan areas of ​​Houston, and is a city of Texas, state of the United States of America. It limits the southeast with Houston and the northeast with Galveston, reason, why its coordinates correspond with 29 ° 29, '24 "North 95 ° 6'33" West; these are related to an area of ​​137.26 km², of which 4.42 km² are water and the remaining 132.84 km² are compact soil. This surface was populated by 83.560 people and was distributed in 608.78 inhabitants each kilometer², according to data taken from the records of the census made in the year 2010. Likewise, League City was made up mainly by 79.47% of people with factions white, while 7.12% are African-American. The rest of the population is composed of Asians, American Indians, Pacific Islanders and other races.
Some places in League City are of great interest to tourists, especially maritime centers, such as Waterford Harbor, South Shore Harbor Resort,and Conference Center and Yacht Club Marina. The same, they are very popular among the neighbors of the city of Houston and its adjacencies.

Mission Bend: It is a CDP or place designated by the census, located in the county of Fort Bend in the contour of Highway 6 of the state of Texas, in the United States. Mission Bend is located on the latitudinal axes 29 ° 41'37 "North and 95 ° 39'59" West. Also, the town hall of Sugar Land has it just 6 kilometers to the northeast; while, it is about 32 kilometers southwest of downtown Houston. Its territorial extension comprises about 12.7 km², which housed a population of 2,874.39 inhabitants per km²; which makes a total of 36,501 people. In Mission Bend, the most abundant race is that of whites with 36.07%, however, there are a considerable number of African Americans and Asians 29.73% and 15.25%, respectively, While the rest was composed by other races and origins.

Missouri City: With an estimated area of ​​77.19 km², Missouri City corresponds to latitudes 29 ° 33'55 "North and 95 ° 32'17" West. In this way, it is located between Harris and Fort Bend counties in Texas, United States. Also, its limits are:
  • Fifth Street
  • Northeast Houston and Stafford. Being only 27 kilometers away from downtown Houston.
  • Sugar Land.
  • Ash tree.
  • Arcola.
  • Sienna Plantation.
On the other hand, each square kilometer of the surface is inhabited by around 872.66 people. Which, makes a total of 67,358 inhabitants for 2010, year in which a population census was conducted. Likewise, it was determined that in Missouri City, there was a racial diversity where the majority of the people were African-American, representing 41.77% of the population. While they were followed by whites with 33.57%, Asians with 16.21% and other races occupied almost 6%. Missouri City has several sites to recreate and visit, such as Oyster Creek, Buffalo Run,and Kitty Hollow parks. The city's means of transportation is run by the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County.

Pasadena: Southeast of Houston, in Harris County of Texas, in the United States, in Pasadena. With a total area of ​​114.65 km², it is the city with the largest extension of the county, number 15 in the state and 159th in the country. Its geographic coordinates are 29 ° 39'30 "to the North and 95 ° 9'2" to the West, reason why, its borders to the north are bordering the Houston Ship Channel, conformed by the Buffalo Swamp and the San Jacinto River. Likewise, Galveston Bay adjoins the southeast of the city. For the year 2010, Pasadena had a total population of 149,043.
Pasadena The name of this city was assigned by its founder John H. Burnett in 1893, who was returning from a trip to Pasadena in California and found many similarities in the vegetation of this area; therefore, he called it Pasadena. The climate of this city is similar to the one in Houston and the south of the United States; that is, hot and humid summers, and cool winters. Didactically, it is a place with many interesting places to enjoy. This is because it has several museums, a theater, and some festivals that attract the attention of many people in the country. It has also served as the setting for the filming of several films with renowned actors such as John Travolta and Debra Winger. Another feature that stands out in the city of Pasadena is that they have the Volunteer Fire Department, the largest municipal level in the entire country.

Pearland: Within the Houston metropolitan area, The Woodlands and Sugar Land, in Texas, United States, is Pearland; which is located in the county of Brazoria, although it shares some segments with Harris and Fort Bend counties. The aforementioned city has a total territorial extension of 122.93 km², where a total of 91,252 people live. That is, 742.3 inhabitants per km² of the surface; although, 1.16 km² correspond to the aquatic space.

The population is composed mostly of people of white races (61.97%), however, lineages of African-Americans and Asians also predominate, with percentages of 16.4% and 12.39%, respectively. The rest of the people are from different races, such as American Indians, Hispanics, Pacific Islanders, Latinos, among others. With regard to education, it is managed by 5 independent school districts, such as Pearland proper; Alvin, Fort Bend, Houston,and Pasadena. It also has two public libraries in the town, these being the Pearland Library Library and the Pearland Westside Library.

RosenbergRosenberg: Located in Fort Bend County, Texas, United States, Rosenberg is located. A city of 58.37 km² which, by the year 2010, housed a total of 30,618 people; that is, 524.52 inhabitants per kilometer² of the earth's surface, due to the fact that 0.25% corresponded to water areas.

In the same order of ideas, its axes correspond to latitudes 29 ° 32'24 "to the North and 95 ° 48'40" to the West. In this way, Rosenberg to the northeast is bordered by Richmond, while Pleak is located to the south and Beasley to the southwest. As for the routes or routes of access and communication in the city, is the southwest highway; which moves to downtown Houston. Likewise, US-69 continues some 148 kilometers farther from Victoria.

Regarding the educational system, Rosenberg has the Independent Consolidated School District Lamar, also known by its acronym LCISD. In addition, there are B. F. Terry High School and Lamar Consolidated High School, which are accessible to the residents of Rosenberg.

Spring: As a place designated by the census, Spring is a city located in Harris County, Texas, United States. According to a census conducted in 2010 by the United States Census Bureau, Spring had a territorial area of ​​60.99 km², of which only 1.51% was water. Within this area, there were 54,298 people residing in the locality, which were distributed in an estimated amount of 890 inhabitants per km². This population was largely made up of white ethnic groups (63.85%). However, they were also in smaller numbers, African-American, Asian, American Indian, a native of the Pacific islands, and belonging to other different lineages.

Sugar Land: Located in the county of Fort Bend, in Texas, United States, Sugar Land is one of the cities that have developed the most in recent years. It was instituted in 1800 as a sugar plantation, however, and due to the growth that there was by the consolidation of the Imperial Sugar Company, in 1959 a city was pronounced. Its territorial extension is 88.11 km², of which 4.82% is water. In this way, the habitable zone hosts a total of 78,817 people. Thanks to its climate, location and economic activity, in 2006, Money magazine and CNN-Money ranked Sugar Land as one of the Best Cities to reside in the country in 3rd place of its top 100. While, in the year 2007, the CQ Press declared that Sugar Land is the fifth safest city in the United States.

The Woodlands: One place designated by the census is The Woodlands, located in Montgomery County, Texas. It has a surface area of ​​113.58 km², so it shares a segment of its territory with Harris County. By the year 2010, its population was estimated at 826.29 inhabitants per km², which made a total of 93,847 residents of The Woodlands.

Initially it was a dormitory community, however, the attraction that this locality exercised over the businessmen, made it host a number of important industries, such as:
  • Maersk Line
  • Anadarko Petroleum
  • ExxonMobil
  • Chevron Phillips Chemical
  • Halliburton
  • Chicago Bridge & Iron Company
  • Woodforest National Bank
  • Huntsman Corporation
  • Baker Hughes
  • McKesson Corporation
  • Aon plc
  • Safmarine
  • Southwestern Energy
With respect to education, the Woodlands headquarters of Lone Star College is located. There are also The Woodlands High School and The Woodlands College Park High School; which are managed by the Conroe Independent School District.

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