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Area Code 856, New Jersey Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

  • Bridgeton
  • Camden
  • Cherry Hill
  • Millville
  • Pennsauken
  • Vineland
  • Willingboro

New JerseyNew Jersey, with 22,588 km² it is, by extension, the smallest state in fourth place, of the United States of North America. It is located in the Northeast region of the country and is part of the largest metropolitan areas, which are those of Philadelphia and New York. In such sense, its limits are to the north with New York, the state, Delaware is to the southwest separated by Delaware Bay; while to the east it borders the Atlantic Ocean and Pennsylvania is located to the west, which is isolated by the Delaware River.

In 2010, it became the most densely populated state in the United States; due to the fact that, according to the census conducted that year, 462 inhabitants were registered for each square kilometer of the surface. In this way, there were a total of 8,791,894 residents.

With respect to the economic sector, the state bases its main source of income in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry; also, in tourism, as it is a state well known for its beaches, popularly known as Jersey Shore and the gardens and parks that are located in it, which earned him the nickname of "the garden state". On the other hand, New Jersey has some of the most used transportation and viability services in the country.

Camdem Camden is located in the county that bears the name itself, Camden is a city in the state of New Jersey, in the United States. It is separated from Pennsylvania by the Delaware River because it is on the left side of it. Its surface is of 26.78 km ², in which, for 2010 according to the census, there were 77,344 inhabitants; 2,888 people per km² of the surface.

The city of Camden is known as the place where two important multinational companies were born in 1901, such as the Campbell Soup Company and the Victor Talking Machine Company. The factory of the first ceased functions in 1996, however, to this day the corporate offices are still located in the town. Also, one of the campuses of the Rutgers State University of New Jersey is located. With respect to the places that arouse the interest of tourists, there is the Adventure Aquarium, the war museum of the Vietnam War USS New Jersey (BB-62), the bell of freedom and the Benjamin Franklin Bridge. The latter is the one that connects the city with Philadelphia.

Cherry hills Cherry Hills, According to coordinates 39 ° 55'39 "North and 75 ° 1'24" West, it is a municipality located in Camden County, New Jersey; specifically 8 kilometers southeast of Philadelphia, in the Delaware Valley. According to the data provided by the United States Census Bureau, in 2010 there were 71,045 inhabitants; 1.1256 people for each km² of the surface, which is of 62.79 km² in total.

Cherry Hills is described as a "dormitory city", due to the fact that a large number of the locals work in the adjacent cities. And, it is a municipality with a lot of accessibility to other places, such as Camden and Philadelphia, which are only 30 minutes away; while at an hour, you reach Princeton or the capital Trenton. However, in the community there are also several corporate centers such as Subaru of America and TD Bank, N.A; likewise, Melitta USA, which has a coffee roaster branch.

Also, places to visit in Cherry Hills are many and diverse, such as the Garden State Discovery Museum, Indian King Tavern Musem, Timber Creek Dog Park and Marsh Creek Lake.

Vineland Vineland, it forms the Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area of ​​Vineland-Millville-Bridgeton, which also covers Cumberland County, in which the city of the state of New Jersey is located. Vineland is located on the axes 39 ° 28'49 "to the north and 75 ° 00'50" to the west; which correspond to 179 km². In this way, for the year 2010, the statistics of the census carried out in that period, showed a result of 340 inhabitants for every km² of the surface; giving a total of 60,724 residents.

The most important street in the city is called Landis Avenue; while, the colonial center is a few meters to the west and east of the crossroads between the main avenue and the Boulevard. On the other hand, in the community there are several places to visit and recreate, which can be:
      • The Palace of Depression.
      • The Museum of American Glass.
      • Blackwater Pond Park.
      • Union Lake Wildlife Management Area.
    Pennasauken Pennsauken, in New Jersey, United States is Camden County, which in turn houses the Pennsauken municipality. It has a territorial extension of 31,291 km2, of which 13.63% are of aquatic surfaces and the remaining 27,027 km2 are of firm soil. In this sense, for 2010, the year in which a census was taken, a number of inhabitants of 35,885 were registered; 1,135 people for each km² of the surface.

    With respect to the industrial sector, in the municipality of Pennsauken a very extensive business complex is located; where they stand out a company of the Pepsi in charge of the bottling, and also, the J & J Snack Foods. In relation to tourism, in the community, there are several places with a great attraction for visitors, either in Pennsauken or in the neighboring cities. In this sense, you can take a tour of Fishtown, Penn Treaty Park, the Benjamin Franklin Bridge and Petty Island.

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