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  • Belmont
  • South Boston
  • Brookline
  • Cambridge
  • Chelsea
  • Everett
  • Milton
  • Newton
  • Quincy
  • Somerville
  • Watertown

MassachusettsMassachusetts, a state with a greater amount of inhabitants in the northeast side of the country, is located in the division called New England. One of the smallest states nationwide, with a total territory of 27,340 km2, where 20,306 is land and 7,031 km2 is the body of water, with different bays along the coast. It is divided into a total of 14 counties. It was founded in the year 1788, on February 6 and admitted as status number six. At its limits are the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the state of Connecticut and the state of Rhode Island to the south, the state of Vermont and the state of Hampshire to the north, ending with New York to the west. The city of Boston is the capital of this state, besides being the city with the largest number of inhabitants in the New England region, forming the well-known Greater Boston Metropolitan Area where 80% of the inhabitants of all of Massachusetts residents. This region shows to have great influence in the industry, history and American academy being the largest city, located where the Charles River empties, in addition to the lowest level of the entire Bay of Massachusetts. It is because there is a considerable amount of bays near the state, which is nicknamed the State of the Bays, Cape Cod Bay and the aforementioned Bay of Massachusetts on the east side and Bay Buzzards on the south side.

Massachusetts was a zone mainly of fishing, commerce and agricultural activities; so that after the manufacturing sector became the protagonist in the middle of what is known as the Industrial Revolution. Subsequently, in the twentieth century, its economy changed again, the manufacturing sector gave prominence to the service sector. It is a state known for being superior in the area of engineering, education, finance, commerce, and biotechnology. With areas to spend the summer season, it has open-air sites, surrounded by green areas and infrastructures that attract tourists. Famous places like the peninsula of Cape Cod in the eastern part of the state. It has a certain international reputation for its educational level, has recognized universities such as Harvard, Boston University, Boston College, among others. You cannot forget the art centers like Berklee College of Music and Amherst College. In 2005, its gross domestic product was a total of 251,514 million US dollars, and per capita income was the US $ 68,500.

BelmontBelmont was known as a town located in Middlesex, one of the counties of Massachusetts considered one of the suburbs of the city of Boston, forming part of its metropolitan area. Its motto is "The People of the Houses". It was established in the year 1636 and was officially incorporated in the year 1859. In the decade of the 20s, its population grew by 90%. For the year 2016, on July 1, the United States Census Bureau revealed that its total population was 25,171 registered people and about 16,296 voters. In addition to having 12.2 km2 of the surface, where 12.1 is solid ground and 0.1 km2 is the body of water. Its population has not had much growth since the 50s. The Belmont Hill residence consists of huge mansions, of which, their owners live in other areas with more people. This town is surrounded by Cambridge on its east side, the city Arlington on the north, the city of Lexington on the northwest, the city Waltham on the west and on the south by the city Watertown. Belmont had been a town based on agriculture, production and animal husbandry before being officially incorporated. This lasted until the twentieth century, when roads and means of transport had their improvements; causing it to become a pleasant and attractive residence, urging people to build housing and large establishments.

Middlesex was recognized for being part of the states with the highest range of water and air pollution nationwide. Cambridge Plating Company, located in this town entered the list of the most polluting companies in the entire county. These companies release many chemical ingredients that under study has been concluded that can cause cancer. These chemicals are difficult to control because they spread through the air. The contamination had reached such a point that a large number of houses in the village were at risk of lead poisoning. Due to these facts, for the year 2004, Belmont gave place to the first fair with an environmental theme. The mission every year is to bring to each home a mentality of environmental conservation. It should be noted that this town has many people who have been worthy of winning different Nobel Prizes throughout history, which may be due to universities such as Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

South_BostonThe South Boston neighborhood is known for its concentration of inhabitants, located in the capital of Massachusetts, the city of Boston. It is located on the south side and the east side of Fort Point and bordering Dorchester Bay.This town used to be mainly belonging to the Catholic religion and to the labor hand. It receives the name of "Southie", where young people with professional aspirations are interested. South Boston went through a process of transformation, which is why their real estate has increased in price so that they are part of the highest of the whole place. There are a total of two Red Line transportation stations of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, which are Andrew and Broadway. MBTA Silver Line is a bus line that serves as a means of linking these two stations with the nearest residential areas using routes number 5, number 7, number 9, number 10 and number 11. In South Boston, there is a place for the celebration of the St. Patrick's Day Parade and the St. Patrick's Day Parade, which belong to the culture of Ireland. These events are due to the fact that the Irish, after the Great Famine that happened in their country, were emigrating until they reached the city of Boston, and South Boston became a mainly Irish neighborhood. Many family groups have this neighborhood under focus, which is because their community proves to be united, thrives and there is a quick path to downtown and public roads.The number of parks to explore is impressive; among them, we can mention the South Boston Maritime Park, the Peters Park and the M Street Park, among others. They are areas that have green and recreational areas; where you can enjoy a good picnic, a view of nature and diverse attractions that depend on which park you decide to visit, there is somewhere you can play different sports, there are others special only for children. This neighborhood has the most primitive public houses nationwide. Its population used to consist mainly of Irish and natives, but from 30 years to the present it has demonstrated a more varied racial community. These houses are controlled by the Boston Housing Authority.

south-bostonCulturally, it can be said that Matt Damon, known as the working leader of South Boston, starred in Good Will Hunting in 1997. In 2006, The Departed was a film inspired by the reign of Witney Bulger in Boston. Team Fortress 2 is a shooting game where the player comes from South Boston. In addition to the American film inspired by the life of Brian Goodman, who is also the director and focused on transmitting what were his experiences with the mafia in South Boston.Norfolk is one of the counties of Massachusetts that has as a member the city called Brookline, which is part of the Greater Boston metropolitan region. In its limits it is with Allston, Mission Hill, Fenway Kenmore, West Toxbury and Jamaica Plain, all pertaining to the city of Boston, In addition to having the city Newton on the west. The number of inhabitants for the year 2010 was 58,732 people. This city was first established as a village within the city of Boston in the year 1638, to later be considered, in the year 1705, a secluded city of Boston. In Brookline, John Kennedy was born and grew up, who was one of the presidents of the United States of America. The north of this city is mostly urban land, an area of high traffic. The concentration of people per km2 is 8,000; which makes it part of the densest places in the entire New England region, along with Somerville, Chelsea, and Cambridge.

This place was colonized by Europeans for the seventeenth century, better known as the village attached to the Muddy River. It was not incorporated as a city until 1705. On the north side and on the south side are two small rivers, from which they took the name of the city. The river on the north side was known as Brook Smelt but it was plugged in some middle period in 1888 and 1925. And the other, on the south side, is the Muddy River. Brookline is a city that has always had to be careful not to mix with the city of Boston, because that possibility has always existed, and this city enjoys its independence, which was a decision shortened in a meeting where Brookline separation was discussed of Boston in the year 1873. The total area, according to the values revealed by the United States Census Bureau, is 17.7 km2, where only 0.1 is water. It has pleasant temperatures; its hottest months go from June to August, where on average 15 degrees Celsius is passed; while its coldest months go from December to March, where temperatures touch the negative numbers. Brookline has many residences available near different institutes, universities, and academies; mention the University of Boston and the Harvard Medical School. So Brookline is known for having the highest number of people with PhDs nationwide, at least 14% among all residents. A city with an excellent educational system has recognized universities and a good number of public and private schools; with multiple sites of interest that focus on culture and art such as theaters, clubs and other historical sites such as The Dutch House and even a National Register of Historic Places.

cambridgeCambridge, a city located in Middlesex, one of the counties of Massachusetts; included in the Boston Metropolitan Area sector. It is located on the north side of the city of Boston, getting his name in search of honoring the University of Cambridge that is unique in England. Two of the most famous educational centers in the entire city of Cambridge is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. Radcliffe College used to be one of the leading female universities nationwide, and then in 19991, on October 1 it joined with the University of Harvard. The results revealed by the census carried out in the year 2010, express a population of 105,162 inhabitants. In 2014, it became known as the fifth most populous city in Massachusetts, followed by Worcester, Boston, Lowell, and Springfield. Cambridge is just one of the administrative centers of Middlesex County, despite the fact that its government fell in 1997; the other administrative center in Lowell. In Cambridge, Kendall Square is known as the area with the greatest number of improvements worldwide, due to the number of companies and businesses that took place in 2010 in the city.

ChelseaChelsea, city located in Suffolk, one of the counties of Massachusetts. It is located next to the Mystic River. In 2013 there were about 36,828 inhabitants living in Chelsea, is one of the cities with the highest concentration of inhabitants in the entire state of Massachusetts, being surpassed only by Somerville. It covers a territory of 6.37 km2, becoming the smallest of the cities of Massachusetts in terms of area. It has a very diverse group of residents, where a large number of people are Latinas. It also has a high index of activity in the industrial sector, after having had a historical fall in the 1990s, enjoying how much its economy grew and how it is maintained.Chelsea has a mountainous environment and multiple inclinations, which separates the different neighborhoods of the city, all different from each other. Chelsea is very close to the city of Boston, and that's why, in addition to how open and accessible it is, at least 1,200 houses have been registered by the year 2005; where mostly families of few members or young students and professionals reside. Retail sales, restaurants, and offices have also been developed in large numbers in this city, a city that used to be called Winnisimmet, which means "A good spring nearby"; named in this way by the tribe that used to live in the area. In the year 1635, Samuel Maverick sold Winnisimmet completely, taking his properties out of the deal. Richard Bellingham was the one who bought Winnisimmet, a place that had not ceased to be the territory of the city of Boston until the year 1739, which managed to be incorporated as an independent city; it is there that it is named Chelsea, in honor of the well-known central district of the capital city of London, in England.

The manager of the city of Chelsea is Thomas Ambrosino, along with the deputy director Ned Keefe. Chelsea was included in the list of winning cities of the "All-America City Award", for being a city that is highly focused on strengthening its Municipal Council and for possessing great will in solutions for disasters and problems. It has managed to prove itself to be a city capable of improving with increasing force. Well, if in the year 2000 he had an important setback, he managed to advance with the best values in his finances that they could achieve. Chelsea has not possessed the best education system throughout its history since there is a high number of student arrivals and departures annually. Because of this, the School Board made certain decisions; for the year 2008, in the month of June, the different schools of Chelsea came to be controlled. It has at least a total of 13 educational centers, divided between elementary schools, middle schools, and secondary schools.

EverettThe city of Everett, located in Middlesex, on the east side, is only 6.4 kilometers north of the capital of Boston, in the state of Massachusetts. Everett limits by the north with the city Malden; the city of Revere on the east side, Chelsea on the southwest side, the cities of Medford and Somerville on the west side, the Mystic River and the city of Boston on the south side. Everett is included in the Boston Harbor area, having a large park-like Glendale Park, known as the largest in all of Everett. The total area covered is 9.6 km², where 8.8 km² belongs to the mainland and the 0.78 km² is a body of water. Everett used to be part of the city of Charlestown, later to be part of Malden but then it came off in the year 1870. In the year 1892, Everett stopped being considered a town and happened to be considered a city. Everett's name was taken to honor Edward Everett; a person who represented many positions in the country, was a minister, secretary, governor of the state, senator and even taking the position of president in the University of Harvard. Everett has a growing population because people seek homes near Boston without having to pay the prices of living in Boston, Cambridge or Somerville. The population was 41,668 according to the 2010 United States Census.

Milton is one of the cities that make up Norfolk, the county belonging to the state of Massachusetts.Milton is located in the middle of the Blue Hills and Neponset rivers. In its limits is Dorchester in the city of Boston, the Mattapan neighborhood on the north side, Hyde Park on the west side, the city of Quincy on the southwest side, the Randolph village on the south side and the Canton village on the side West. The Census Bureau revealed that Milton is a city that covers an area of 34.4 km² where 33.8 km² is the mainland and the remaining km2 are under water. The city has a mostly windy climate. In the Blue Hills Reservation park, the area with the highest altitude of all of Norfolk is called Great Blue Hill, where there is a place for the so-called Blue Hill Observatory, which is the headquarters of the longest meteorological record in the whole continent. Besides this, it is the city where George Bush, one of the presidents of the country and Buckminster Fuller, a famous architect, was born. The city was included among the places to live more top at the national level.

Its colonization occurred in the year 1640 when the settlement located in the bay was made in the 1630s. In the year 1662, it was incorporated as an autonomous city, when it used to be integrated into the city of Dorchester. Its economy was based on agriculture, sowing, and farms; besides that, there was a development in the sector of large enough industries near the well-known river Neponset.A large number of people from different social classes in the year 1856 came here to get job opportunities.In the city of Milton until today different farms are obtained, different types of houses that were built in the nineteenth century, where you can include the Suffolk Resolves House and the Forbes House, as well as stone walls that were not built with frequency.

Newton Newton is known as a suburb that lies east of Middlesex, one of the counties of the state of Massachusetts. Located about 11 km2 on the west side of the city of Boston; in its limits is the West Roxbury neighborhood and the Boston Brighton neighborhood on the southeast side, the Brookline suburb on the east side, the Waltham suburb and the Watertown suburb on the north side, plus Needham and Wellesley on the west side. It occupies an area of 47.1 km2, where 46.6 km2 is the only land and the remaining 0.5 km2 is a body of water. The total population for the year 2010 was 85,146 inhabitants, earning the position of the eleventh city with the largest population in Massachusetts. Newton has about thirteen villages. Newton in the year 1688 used to be known under the name of Cambridge Village, then in the year 1873, its name changed to Newtown and then change back to its current name in 1766. It obtained its foundation being called as a city for the year 1873 He earned the nickname The City of Gardens.

In part of the seventeenth century and the nineteenth century, different industries began to develop. In the Newton Lower Fall and Newton Upper Falls, there is an availability of energy that was commonly used by the mills built in the different fields. These different fields were producers of paper, chocolate, tobacco, and glue. Without sufficient hydraulic power to allow a manufacturing development, despite the fact that by 1902 it became the administrative center of Stanley Motor Carriage Company where cars were manufactured using steam engines.

QuincyQuincy, known as one of the largest cities in all of East Norfolk County in Massachusetts, is ranked number eight. It is one of the most accessible suburbs and forms part of the Metropolitan Statistical Area of Boston. The Census Bureau said that Quincy has an area of 69.69 km², where at least 42.92 km² is land and the remaining 26.76 km² is under water. Better known under the name of "City of the presidents", that is because in this city they were born of the American presidents called John Quincy Adams and his father John Adams; like John Hancock who was the first man to sign the Continental Congress and was also the president of the same and already mentioned Congress. Quincy has an urban territory in most of its extension, not counting the well-known Blue Hills Reservation State Park, which is under the administration of the Department of Conservation and Recreation of Massachusetts. It is an area without inhabitants that forms the southwest side of the city, as well as being located in the highest altitude area of all Quincy, at 158 meters above sea level, the Chickatawbut Hill. You will find another number of mountains or hills within the territory of Quincy as the Presidents Hill; in addition to South Quincy, Penns Hill and Forbes Hill in Wollaston. A city established in 1625, when it had been a member of the city of Boston in addition to Dorchester before being considered, in the year 1640, the district of North Braintree. He got his name to honor John Quincy, a colonel, who was also a relative of Abigail Adams, a place that began to properly consider a city for the year 1888. A large granite-producing industry was located in the city of Quincy for more than a thousand years. Also being the number one railway area nationwide, the first to exist, which was called Granite Railway.

The economy of this city had a construction of boats and boats in the Fore River, which was a key piece. Dunkin Donuts and Howard Johnson achieved their foundation within Quincy for the twentieth century. It is a city known for possessing the highest amount of per capita income for foreign Asian people within the entire state of Massachusetts. In fact, it should be noted that by the year 2003, a solid 66 percent of Asian foreigners registered throughout the city came from China, thus making Quincy one of the cities with the largest number of Chinese registered as residents in the entire state of China. Massachusetts.

Somerville Somerville, a city that lies on the northwest side of the city of Boston in Middlesex, a county in the state of Massachusetts, official sources reveal that the city of Somerville has about 11 km² in terrestrial area, where the mainland covers 11 km² and the 0.26 km² is purely a body of water. Somerville is surrounded by several cities, where you can mention in its limits the city of Medford, others such as Everett, Cambridge, and Arlington, in addition to the Charlestown district that is part of the city of Boston. Somerville is found along the banks of the west side of the Mystic River. It was not established as a city until 1842, separating from the Charlestown neighborhood. At first, its inhabitants were mostly shepherds or farm people. Followed by the rapid increase in the manufacture of railways throughout the county, which occurred in the nineteenth century, came to change the city completely. The garbage from the factories was discarded in the Millers River; what brought as a consequence that the area of this river was converted into different slaughterhouses and lanes. John Woolwich was known in Somerville as his first direct settler of the European continent; who was also a merchant who arrived for the year 1630 to these lands. For the year 1775, approximately 500 people were registered; the area was mostly land for planting and a good number of pastures.

A city that used to be called as Cow Commons and Stinted Pasture; for the year 2010, according to the Census of the United States, the population of Somerville had touched 75,754 residents, thus becoming the municipality with the highest population concentration in the entire New England region; entering the list of the same year, ranked number 16 with the highest population concentration nationwide. For the year 2006, this city was named as the one that had a better administration in all the state of Massachusetts, which was affirmed by the Boston Globe. Multiple times in its history, as in the year 1972, then in the year 2009 and finally in the year 2015, Somerville was the city that won the City of All America Award. The legacy left by the times of the Somerville industries includes the creation of a cream derived from the marshmallow known as Fluff, which is typical for the American population and is part of their breakfasts. The Stop and Shop supermarkets decided to place the first of its stores in this city for the year 1914.

WatertownThe city of Watertown is located in the county of Massachusetts called Middlesex, which is integrated in the same way in the Greater Boston Area. A city surrounded by other cities such as Belmont, along the entire length of the street with the same name. On the south side he meets Brighton and Newton, and on its border is the Charles River. It is affirmed by the United States Census Bureau that Watertown has a territorial zone of 11 km2, where 11 km2 in its entirety is only solid ground and only 0.1 km2 is only water. It is confirmed by the evidence of the archaeological type that this area that makes up the territory of Watertown used to be inhabited for at least 6,000 years by Native Americans. There were a total of two indigenous tribes, which were called or were known as Nonantum and Pequossette; these were established along the Charles River. Jhon Smith in the decade of the 1600s was the man who ventured along the coast of the state and was responsible for naming the river that takes place through the city, a name that did not last long, then changed it to his name current, the Charles River. A city founded by a large number of settlers for the year 1630 and incorporated not long after, in the same year. These settlers had a couple of well-known leaders like George Phillips and Richard Saltonstall. A total of 31,915 people registered for the year 2010 are registered. Watertown is one of the few municipalities in the entire state that has won a municipal government, with the only condition of keeping the preposition "The city of ..." in their names. Watertown Square was taken as the center of the Armenian Library and Museum of America.

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