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Area Code 862, New Jersey Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

  • Belleville
  • Bloomfield
  • Clifton
  • East Orange
  • Garfield
  • Hillside
  • Irvington
  • Kearny
  • Livingston
  • Lodi
  • Maplewood
  • Montclair
  • Morristown
  • Newark
  • Nutley
  • West Orange
  • Passaic
  • Paterson
  • Wayne
  • West Milford
  • West Orange

New Jersey cityNew Jersey  is one of the most popular states in the entire territory of the United States of America, and historically arises with the colonization by Dutch citizens, who were the pioneers who wanted to take as part of their territory to this highly valued state, then the Swedes were also attracted by its privileged location, the English with their pretensions to lead the conquest of all the vast North American territory also settled in New Jersey with clear intentions of populating it under their cultural conditions. Its history in terms of population highlights the natives of the American Indian tribes as the Lenape, who is native of the place remained firm in their lands throughout the history that makes them up. This State is adjacent to the State of New York by its boundaries East and North, by the West is next to another prominent state, as is the State of Pennsylvania, and in the Southwest meets Delaware and the South shares with the majestic Ocean Atlantic.

New Jersey It is one of the states that are more populated according to recent studies, which place it in one of the first 10 places with more population of the whole country, not only as one of the most populated states leads the first 10 places, additionally represents one of the most prominent states talking about its economy is relevant and make it stand out among many others, its greatest achievement is due to industrial development especially with regard to the chemical industry, everything related to the process of manufacturing of raw material that it is converted into products for mass consumption, it is carried out in its industrial area, as well as pharmaceutical products belonging to laboratories of great importance, nationally and internationally, which make it economically independent.

Added to this by its extensive bays on the coast, it represents a very attractive state for tourists who love the sand and sun of the beach, it also has numerous parks and extensions of recreation places decorated with spectacular gardens, the heritage of the Dutch colonizers of the beginnings. New Jersey is a state that stands out for its wide diversity, currently has Latin, Asian, European communities, and as is well known the Italian colony is extensive, due to the proper functioning of its ports, these in World War II were those who received en masse to all those who fled in search of a better life and settled and spread quickly, in fact one of the best-marketed snacks in the state are the typical sausages of Italian culture, recognized by many visitors.

The state of New Jersey is distributed in three main areas: Central Jersey, South Jersey, and North Jersey, although colloquially no one speaks of regions, all are considered to come from the same state and are thus called, citizens are very cosmopolitan and extroverted in addition to the proximity with other states such as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and New York, which since its inception have been free in every sense of the word, in its way of acting to receive others and the conjunction of multiple cultures in the same place. Since 1972 it has been the capital city of Trenton state, and its governmental structure is 21 counties.

Within its limits is the variety everywhere, from the languages ​​of cultures as distant as those native to the Philippine Islands to Portuguese, Spanish has been growing, recent years Latin migration has been increasing. In sports stands out also, in baseball, basketball, football, universities are a very good example, among many others that make the state rename continuously, the automobile circuits are striking and visited by a loyal public to good shows such as Nascar In the agricultural area does not have relevant extensions of crops or farms, the industry is ultimately its greatest achievement and the exploitation of tourism as mentioned above, its citizens proudly speak of coming from this unique state, and are very attentive to those who arrive, nowadays they are about 8.5 million inhabitants, and their economy is one of the most fruitful of the whole country.

Belleville  is one of the municipalities of Exxes one of the 21 counties of the picturesque state of New Jersey, since 2010, has a population of approximately 40,000 inhabitants, with decrease and increase it gradually.  During the development of this unique locality, one of the most relevant aspects is the positive reception they received from the Chinese community, who came to enter the long lines of railway employees, and who helped with great effort to build the railway lines and railroads that both drove the economy of the United States of America, and a very special proof of that reception is a large number of beautiful cherry blossom trees that adorn streets and parks. And we cannot fail to mention that the name undoubtedly very marked by the great Italian community, which inhabits this municipality since its inception, the Belleville definitely corresponds to the name a beautiful place. Its population, although small, has a free public education system, with diverse options so that children and young people are prepared in a comprehensive manner; among other places of interest it is necessary to mention the public library that is highlighted at the national level by the number of books that on its shelves has at its disposal throughout the county. The municipality of Belleville is also composed of other locations that are: Big Tree, Soho, and Belwood, additionally have large proportions of river water, including the second river very famous because it crosses almost the entire municipality.

In its racial composition, like all New Jersey is a multicultural municipality, there are all existing ethnic types, black, and white, Indian, Asian and Latin. Religion is not marked by a single tendency, all are admitted and respected. The government is assisted, by a mayor and a municipal manager, both elected under the laws prescribed by the municipality and the corresponding state, and its geographical size is 8,805Km².

Bloomfield CityBloomfield Another complement of the county of Exxes, is the municipality of Bloomfield its initial inhabitants shared the place where English and Dutch in its great majority, so much so that they ended up mixing until today as a single community and formed that piece of the country as their own and shared the patriotic sense, since they fought in the War of Independence among others.The religion of each one of the countries where they came from was very pronounced and make up the great community that today they represent with their respective church, the Dutch Reformed Religion and the corresponding Presbyterian religion on the English side. The municipality Bloomfield has a size of 13801 KM² and a population of 47,243 inhabitants may be a few less, the migration between states is active from all points of the country and is composed of Watsessing and Halycon sectors of the municipality.

In its beginnings, this municipality was industrialized, the production of wool and other agricultural products, very well managed by the women of the families who had to assume the role of head of household due to the successive wars that occurred throughout the territory, however, they did not remain, due to high costs and irregular uncontrolled administration.The population is made up of ethnic groups of all types as is already common in this county: Latinos, Asians, Africans, Islanders and South Americans in similar proportions. It is a municipality, economically stable, citizens live according to what they generate in their jobs, and the way of life is considered calm and safe compared to other municipalities.

The government authority is defined by a mayor and three elected councilors not designated, the policy has gone through commented ups and downs, however, its citizens express comfort and satisfaction in their community for emergency services, education, and other government rules. One of the most important attractions of the municipality are the 8 natural parks, which invite all residents and tourists to enjoy contact with nature and all the green that surrounds them. Clifton Belonging to the county of Passaic, Clifton is a city, initially, it was a municipality that managed to be named ratified as a city since 1917, through the exercise of legislatures of its citizens, registered days before. Its total territory is 29164KM² and with an approximate of 84100 inhabitants and it is composed of the following localities: YanticawPond, Albion Place, Delawanna, BotanyVillage, Lakeview, MontclairHeights, Athenia, Dutch Hill, Main Mall, StyertowneRichfield, Rosemawr, West Clifton, and Allwood.

Among those that make up the diversity of its inhabitants, there are all types of ethnic classes, from the North American, black and white classics, as well as a considerable part of citizens, Latinos, Indians and Asians who come to represent countless pre-established cultures and resulting in the pluricultural nature of the state of New Jersey. Not to mention that families made up of individuals of the same sex are considerable. The Italian and Irish population is prominent in the city, it is typical of the state that these communities predominate belong to the origins of municipalities and counties of the state. The economy is led by trade, and food companies, and professional development and companies corresponding to manufacturing processes such as chemical compounds, the industry of plastic containers, cardboard, paper in various presentations among many others, with raw materials from other places. As for politics and government, it is a mayor and council elected without belonging to parties of any branch already established. If education is treated public and private schools justify the taxes of citizens because they are observed in their physical vicinity and the results of the students that resources are well used, at all levels of education provided in the city.Public services have the same structure, firefighters, and police work for their citizens, with an ideology of respect and attention and availability for any situation of protection and assistance of all the inhabitants of the city.

East Orange Of the county of Exxes, East Orange is a city of 69824 inhabitants, in a demographic space of 10162KM², it has limits to the north with Bloomfield and Glen Ridge, on the south with South Orange and on the west with Orange and also on the east with Newark. East Orange has a structure composed of 5 dependencies; Doddtown, presidential states, Ampere, Greenwood, and Elmwood, which operate in all their public or private expressions in a cordial and balanced manner. Regarding the diversity of races, and ancestry, this city is characterized by having high numbers compared to other states of the country with Guyanese, Haitians, and Trinidadians, so the black race is highly represented in this area, and the Caribbean islands they also say present as Jamaica. The economy that drives them are those related to the mechanical industry, engine manufacturing and plastic production, as well as trade and tourism, the average accrued per family according to the costs of housing or rent is accessible for the income obtained and there are good opportunities for improvement and progress. Education is prominent and has an exemplary library highlighted by its public spaces and well endowed with universal, professional, national and international information. The government was administered by a council of ten members led by a mayor, they have a well-trained fire department and police. This city has been one of the most populated, initially it was a municipality, however, it appealed to the census made among its citizens and achieved the task between the free election of its representatives and it became a city in 1899, almost 30 years later. Among the means of access to the city are the vicinity of the Newark airport as well as railway stations, multiple land terminals and bus routes and public access lines throughout the territory.

Garfield cityGarfield  is another of the cities that make up the splendid state of New Jersey, belonging to Bergen one of the 21 counties, since 1898 by petition and election of its inhabitants, the coverage of the territory is 5594KM², between its internal localities, are; Dundee Dam, Belmont, Plauderville and Bogart Heights with an approximate population of 30,000 inhabitants, with an important tendency to have ancestry From the Ukraine who came to populate the city from its beginnings, it borders with New York in the west, with Paterson in the south, in the east with Clifton and Passaic and to the north with Newark. The races that constitute their citizenship are represented by those who participate throughout the state, whites, blacks, Indians, Asians, and Latinos coexist under a participatory and prosperous economy, determined by the textile industry, the chemists in their production process and distribution, from German investors in its first steps, as well as wax paper so well used in the culinary area, they attribute it to this city, the Italian community of the entire state also made great contributions as the creation of a vast variety of local food and sale of sausages, the manufacture of wool and marketing they owe it to the Polish, German and Hungarian settlers who, fleeing the crisis of their nations, bet on this rich and generous territory.

The climate is humid in general and has only 2 recreational parks, it is usually a peaceful and peaceful city.Its name comes from the last name of a president of the United States of America, James Garfield, and its young population is relevant with respect to the elderly, there is a liberal way of thinking and there are several families of the same sex and single mothers in charge of the home, a percentage that does not stop making noise of 17%, and the majority of the families are of a maximum of 3 members. The governmental authority of the city is administered by a manager or mayor and a vice mayor and five councilors with a period of four years, who are elected along with the elections decided by the president of the country, with an average of approximately 11,000 voters. Public education is very well managed, with the expense of works and conditioning structures of schools and areas dedicated to education with the premise that everyone has the right to education and training of better individuals, promoting art and science in all levels of school education, also encourage reading as part of the educational process in all its stages.

Hillside Union County, Hillside is called a municipality since 2013, by-election as is common in the history of the formation of cities and municipalities of the United States of America through the process of voting called census, its population is approximately 21,200 inhabitants. It is a relatively small town with only 7,000KM² and shares a border on the west with the county of Union on the east with Elizabeth and on the south, on the north with Irvington, between the towns that constitute it are SaybrookeFarm and Lyons. And the climate that characterizes it is wet and cool in winter. The diversity of descendants from various parts of the world are its citizens, belonging to the white American race, Indians, black Africans, Asians, Latinos and descendants of Portuguese, we cannot fail to mention the Italian community lower than in other locations. Education is largely public, from the kindergarten garden to the university preparation and training options of the individual, with a view to independent, proactive and citizens capable of producing social and economic stability. The economy is based on trade for low taxes compared to others taught in the state of New Jersey, the general poverty rate is low and families are mostly stable in their income and individual subsidies. As for the administration of the municipal government, it is headed by a mayor and seven elected councilors, not appointed, together with the central government of the presidency. The name of this town comes from the prominent hills that surround it, and its citizens call each other like the locals of the comet because its representation as a region or municipality is linked to the appearance of the trajectory of the famous Halley comet.

Irvington cityIrvington Belonging to the county of Essex, Irvington is a municipality confirmed since 2010, by the free election of its citizens, hoping that with this type of entity the economic collaboration will be much more convenient from the government.With a territorial distribution of 7,589 km² and bordered by Essex County, by south with Hillside another municipality, by the Southeast with Union County, with Newark bythe east. Irving Place is among its localities.Demographically they are complemented by 54,000 inhabitants, of which belong to all ethnic groups, whites, blacks, islanders, Latinos throughout the Hispanic territory, Indians and all those who descend from American pioneers scattered throughout the region. Its economy is expanded by the chemical industry in the area of ​​drugs, manufacturing with metals and electrical appliances, goldsmithing also stands out in its business development, and the population takes advantage of commercial activity, with very low taxes of 3.3 %. The government organization is distributed by a mayor and seven councilors who approve their management from close, these representatives of the people are freely chosen by the citizens of the municipality, there are both parties, Republicans, and Democrats, as well as others with independent tendencies, Administration periods are between two and four years respectively. Following the very marked pattern of the State of New Jersey in terms of education, this municipality also stands out in the excellent education and physical structure of public schools, offering its citizens the possibility of intellectual and social progress as individuals of good and profit.

Kearny cityKearny  is denominated as a city since 2010, with a 26,399 km² of territory across the width and length, and with an approximate population of 40,000 inhabitants. Its economy dominates the ruble of textile inheritance of its first English citizens, as well as the production of electrical equipment and manufacturing, chemical processing, mining and industrial development in general, added to this the commerce, which makes it a postulated city in promotion in all the aspects that conform it. His established form of government is given by a mayor and eight elected councilors through free elections with the representation of the parties that exist. Their public education is well inspected and his collaborating with the other sectors of the city, sports and culture, the religion marked by Catholicism and Christianity as well marked trends also place their collaboration in the formation of proactive and independent individuals with the spirit of overcoming and socially stable. Ente the places that make up the city are Schuylers, Arlington, West Arlington and Corner, bordering Harrison, North Arlington, and East Newark, inside you, can enjoy several parks and zoos and spaces for outdoor sports and roofing.

The racial ethnics that constitute it are those that exist throughout the state, whites, and blacks, Latinos throughout the continent, islanders and Indians and Asians of all regions. Public services, such as transportation and municipal fire brigades, are renowned for being well disposed to the reach of citizens and their complete willingness to provide a very good service. The city has a well-endowed public library and a museum where culture and history are part of its collection, regional and international, that serve for the recreation and promotion of culture in the city.

Livingston Of the State of New Jersey, belonging to the county Essex this Livingston designated municipality, from the year 2010 chosen freely by the election of its citizens, and from 1813 under the trusteeship of the state. Its name comes in honor of one of the fathers of democracy, a politician who participated in the drafting and signing of the still existing constitution of the country. Historically the first settlers that had the municipality of Livingston were the Lenape Indians and the English; both clashed and then participated in the civil wars, and the independence. The size of this municipality is of 36.742KM², with limits included by the south with Short Hills, by the north with Roseland, by the west with east Hanover and by the east with West Orange. With 29,366 inhabitants and the highest Jewish population of the rest of the municipalities of the country with 46% that suggests that this community feels comfortable and has managed to expand and multiply in this municipality, managing to live with another diversity in ethnic groups, the blacks Africans who are less than 1%, American whites, and descendants of the first settlers represented by 76% and thus Asians, Latinos from all corners. Its economy is very diverse, flourishing and dynamic in several relevant aspects, trade is one of the most important commercial premises exist, buying and selling, as well as food businesses, and the franchise system is important in this municipality, managing to expand Throughout the country, the plastics industry has its percentage of participation in the modern boom of the municipality of Livingston, as well as financial centers and stock brokers, and the lucrative business of telecommunications, making its population have access to live independently and economically stable. It is a municipality interested in developing the culture of art as an integral part of the individual, so it takes advantage of public and private resources to maintain availability, study and access to all expressions of art, for which it offers art galleries, theaters, school Performing arts, painting, sculpture, photography, artisanal crafts and fine, has facilities for this as the Riker Hill Art Park that serves as a showroom for artists and art dealers. The parks that comprise this municipality are numerous, leafy and fresh for the whole community, the sport is also a fundamental part of the options found within the limits of this municipality, tennis and many others are part of the school education and facilities available for public entertainment.

Lodi From the county of Essex is this small city, with only 5,048 km² and a population of 24,136 inhabitants, has Garfield in the limits. The racial confluence is led by white Americans, followed by blacks, Asians, Latinos, and islanders and Italians who marked the entire emergence of these cities throughout the state, so much so that the name refers to an Italian city called also Lodi.It is administered in its governmental mode by an elected mayor and five councilors, schools and higher education are dependencies of this administration. The firefighters are well represented by trained and trained personnel to respond and provide assistance in emergencies additionally has a volunteer from the community and collectively address the adversities of the city and its adjacencies. The change in the demographic rates of the city has increased and diminished gradually with a rise of 0.7%, this result was thrown into the count made in 2010.

Maplewood cityMaplewood Belonging to the state of New Jersey, Maplewood is cataloged municipality from the year 2010, the results obtained for that then was of 23.867 inhabitants, this until now has had certain ups and downs due to the constant migrations between states of all the country in general, here it is obtained a 10.2% increase in the population. Young people have a prominent population in the municipality with a percentage of 28.3% in the age up to 18 years, and in the extreme to the elderly, that is, over 65 years has an 11% The proportion of the whole territory of the municipality was established in the same census of the year corresponding to 2010 by 10,048KM² and added to this the 0.006% of water, in this regard have the Rahway River that has its flow throughout the municipality, allowing sports like the very popular boating in its waters. The boundaries of Maplewood are with Millburn in the west, in the north with South Orange and West Orange, in the south with Union County, and in the east with Irvington. Historically, the first settlements on these lands were made by Europeans from France, England, even from lands a little more distant such as Holland, which have marked their roots in their descendants, until today.

The climate is not completely cold, in fact, it is warmer and more humid than in other municipalities of the state, Public and private education is very demanding in its programs, following the Scottish tendencies of the first settlers, its government policy is similar to that of all municipalities in the state composed of a mayor and several councilors who together decide and administer the effects public and laws.

Montclair is another of the municipalities of the state of New Jersey, so-called initially in 1868, then reaffirmed citizens by free election in 2010 through the national census. The demographic indexes are of 37.669 inhabitants, and with an increase of the rate in 3.3%, the territory comes distributed in an extension of the territory of 16.357KM² and the places that conform it are: MontclairHeights, Church Street, Watchung Plaza, FrogHollow, South End and Upper Montclair.

The economy primarily commercial, they have centers of stores and local of food, exclusive and types franchises, extended by all the municipality, the financial development also is prominent, with a district dedicated to this branch. In terms of culture, there is ample coverage in this municipality; it has several theaters, art halls, cultural recreation centers and art instruction in all its manifestations: painting, sculpture, and ballet. This municipality is in the position number 6 of which more inhabitants have in the state of New Jersey. The climate they enjoy is a bit extreme, it is hot and when it is cold it is high, they call it temperate.In the sports area splendid in the national sport are American football, in the baseball minor and major leagues are highlighted, in the rugby that is practiced in the grounds of the University of Montclair, the locals are faithful to their athletes, tennis has an occupation of 18 sports fields where such valuable activity is developed for young people, and the last but not the most important skating is also present in this municipality. This beautiful town of Montclair has several parks with leafy green areas that allow healthy and recreational recreation of the entire population.

Morristown Corresponding to Morris a county of the state of New Jersey has the city of Morristown, named after itself in honor of a prominent governor who worked hard for the rights of the first settlers, Lewis Morris. This city had an important participation in the war of independence, and its lands were witnesses of battles, the English, Dutch and some Swedes were those who came to stay in this region. In the 2010 national census, the demographic indices indicated that the city had 18,411 inhabitants with a variety of races, white Americans, Latinos, blacks, and Asians. In its economy have had a boom throughout its development, companies specializing in construction and engineering, likewise is also very well established the energy industry based on waste processing, with advanced technology, and heritage of Swedish settlements. Production of mechanical and electrical devices such as elevators and stairs for shopping centers and professional buildings.Culturally it has commemorative museums to the war, and in sport, the hockey is one of the most outstanding.

Newark Of the county of Essex Newark is the most important city of the state of New Jersey, has 217,140 inhabitants and an extension of the territory of 62,644KM², it develops important maritime, commercial, mainly, rail and air transactions nationally and internationally. The limits of this city come given by: towards the north with the municipality of Belleville, to the south with Elizabeth, towards the west with South Orange, and to the east with Jersey City.Its variety in races is of whites, African blacks, white Americans, Asians and Indians, and Latinos of all countries. The economy is based on professional centers, finance and investment, stock and commercial houses, franchises and food stores spread throughout the city, as well as insurance companies, small and medium-sized companies of manufacturing and simple manufacturing,  make up the broad development that Newark has and the production of beer. This sumptuous city has historical monuments, an architecture that tourists appreciate, numerous parks, golf courses and recreational centers. At the cultural level, public and private investment is considerable, there are several galleries, theaters, recreational and sports sites. The city is recognized by a large number of cherry trees that embellish it and the festivals that take place. Telecommunications have a very marked relevance, there are radio stations, television, digital newspapers and others. The government departments are headed by a mayor and 9 councilors, with a period of action of 4 years and are chosen by its citizens. It has numerous schools and universities, both public and private with a sense of permanence and in the process of forming independent, proactive and capable citizens to function effectively.

Nutley From the county of Essex, Nutley a municipality of 28,370 inhabitants registered last year 2010 when the national census was taken with a territorial extension of 8,878 km² with borders with Bloomfield and Belleville a demographic representation of 28,370 inhabitants with a 1% increase of its population progressively, with races distributed in 11% Latinos, 82% White, 0.6% Blacks, Asians, Islanders, and others. The economy is represented by the chemical industry in the hands of La Roche laboratories in the production and distribution of drugs initially; today there are other companies that participate in the same field. In sports are involved in various branches, basketball, hockey, tennis, skating, baseball, and football. The parks are colorful and invite you to enjoy them as a family. The trajectory of Nutley until these days is given as follows, first was named as part of the laws of New Jersey (legislature) in 1874, then was growing in citizenship and establishment of streets and houses passing village in 1902, and the city, until 2010 when it was named municipality.

West Orange CityWest Orange Historically it was a territory of indigenous Lenape natives, then the first European settlers specifically from the Netherlands tried to colonize, however the English came to join this region of the country and then all lived until today, the name of the municipality is due to the fact that called an English prince in one of his noble titles (Prince of Orange) Since 2010 during the national census, it was called West Orange, has a territorial extension of 31,522 km², 0.324 km² of water and a demographic representation of 46,205 inhabitants, shares borders with, Orange, Montclair, Livingston, and Verona.The localities that integrate it as a municipality are Saint Cloud, Crystal Lake, Pleasantdale, and Crestmont.The commercial activity of shops and restaurants are what define the economy of the municipality, the sports Ice Hockey represents the most attractive activity in the area. Telecommunications are relevant and represent a fruitful national business, not only through the generation of communication media but also through the production and installation of fiber optics.

The government of the municipality is established by free election every four years of a mayor, five, seven or nine councilors, according to the municipal government law. Public education is remarkable, with a very marked trend towards mathematics and statistics, renowned astronauts and internationally recognized scientists have emerged.

Passaic Belonging to the Passaic County, it is a city with the same name, in its origins were populated by indigenous Lenapes native to the American territory and especially from all the state of New Jersey, then arrived by Dutch Europeans, in 1679 it was named as a town, then In 1863, as a city and as a city until the completion of the 2010 national census, among the great feats that are told about this city is the emergence of television. Its 8.3KM² represent the entire territory of the city sharing borders with the Passaic and Cliffton rivers, the sites that comprise it are; Pleasant and Davis Bridge. The economy, is fruitful and given to the commercial activity, the city has districts destined for such ends, the commercial centers, and local are common in the zone, the telecommunications as it is to be expected of a city where the television is born its important development, radio and digital media are also added in positive production of the region's currencies.

The name of the city comes from the Lenape and Dutch dialects that tried to express that it was a land divided by a river since the Passaic River crosses them. The architecture of the place represented in its majority by churches like the Lutheran religion, Presbyterian and Victorian tendency, inheritance of the European settlers, that today is distinguished as a very particular tourist spectacle in the surroundings. The Jewish community is also present in this city of the state of New Jersey with a number considered of 1300 families; there is food establishment’s representative of their culture, private schools where religion is related to their beliefs.

Paterson The first inhabitants of the territories of this nowadays city of Peterson were the indigenous Lenape, then the Dutch arrived and the English with their clear intentions of colonizing these lands, Paterson was initially a municipality in 1831 and as a city in 1851. Share border with Cliffton, Totowa, Haledon and Hawthorne, its climate is hot and humid; when it is cold it is worth saying that the temperature is minimal. The mass production of silk attracted Muslim immigrants making it a second place as the city that most hosts this community. It is one of the largest cities and demographically high with 148,678 with a gradual increase of its inhabitants according to the 2010 national census, with communities of Palestinian Americans, Turkish Americans, Blacks, Latinos as Dominicans, Peruvians, and Asians. The economy is represented by an industrial and hydraulic area that persists until today and the development of the textile industry; the powerful commerce and the diversity of culture are a reason to attract tourists to walk its streets.

Wayne cityWayne Of the state of New Jersey and the county specifically Passaic, Wayne is a municipality, located near Manhattan to about 30KM, has a determined population in the national census made in the year 2010 of 54.717 inhabitants that have been increasing historically comparing it with executed censuses in previous years. Although in 1847 it was already a municipality attached to the laws of New Jersey It has a total territory of 65,202 km2 and its borders are vast in municipalities are the following; North Caldwell, Pompton, and Oakland, TotowaFranklin Lakes, Fairfield and Pequannock among others. And the areas that make it up are Barbours Pond, Two Bridges, Barbours Mills, Pompton Falls, Mountain View, Barbours Mills, Lower Preakness and Point View. Demographically it has 54,717 inhabitants, among the racial-ethnic groups, the white whites are heading the municipality, however, the other races represented by blacks, indigenous Americans, Asians and Puerto Rican Latinos and of the whole continent are increasing. Its economy is based on commercial activities; the toy production and marketing industry are relevant. The sports area is developed in golf courses, baseball in the national league and hockey. The government administration is in charge of a mayor and three councilors chose by free elections with a term of office of 4 years.

West Milford cityWest Milford is a municipality since 1834 and has been ratified under that name for Passaic County since the 2010 national census. Demographically, it has 25,850 inhabitants, of which all races are represented, predominantly white, black, indigenous, Asian, Latin and Muslim whites in low proportions. It has a vast territory of 208,018KM² sharing borders with; Hardyston, Ringwood, Butler, Warwick, Vernon, Bloomingdale, Kinnelon, and Sussex. The commerce and the activities that are generated from this are those that represent the economy of this municipality.The government authority is administered by a mayor, an administrator and six councilors freely elected over a period of 4 years.

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