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The state of Tennessee is on the list of the largest US states, occupying the 36th place, also on the list of most populated US states, occupying the 16th position. This state is located within the Southeast region of the country; within its limits find the states of Virginia and Kentucky in the north, the state of North Carolina in the east, the states Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia in the south and finally Missouri and Arkansas in the west. Tennessee connects the state of Missouri as a state that occurs within the limits of a good number of other states. The name is derived from the word belonging to the Yuchi indigenous community: "Tana-see", which translates to the meeting place. Tennessee has the nickname "The voluntary state", which may or may not be due to its motto, which is the same, "Voluntary State". This motto had its origin in the middle of the War of the year 1812, where the soldiers who served as volunteers during the mandate of Andrew Jackson, who was the general, were lived examples of courage and people with a huge commitment to the state of Tennessee during the fights that occurred during the war.

Tennessee CityOn June 1 of the year 1796, Tennessee was officially included in the Union as the sixteenth state that makes up the United States of America. Tennessee originates in the year 1772 in what is known as a semi-autonomous government or pact that was integrated by settlers located on the border, they lived in the Watauga River, and so it is believed that it is named Watauga Association. Formerly Tennessee was part of the state of North Carolina, and after what became known as the Southwest Territory of Ohio. Tennessee broke away from the Union and joined a different union of states called the Confederation, which union was made up of eleven meridian states. By the time the war is over, Tennessee is the number one state to return to the Union.In this state, it is dominated by the North American mountain range, the Appalachians, in the east of Tennessee while the Mississippi river integrates the west of the same one. The capital city of Tennessee is Nashville, which is also the largest city with 660,388 inhabitants. While Memphis is called the largest city but ranked number two, with a population of 652,717 people. In the central point of Tennessee, the city of Murfreesboro is located. For the year 2017, Tennessee has reached a total of 6.716 billion inhabitants, when for 2008 the total number of residents was 6.214.888.

The state is divided by the Tennessee River itself. Its highest point in all of Tennessee is the set of mountains known as Clingmans Dome, these reach about 2025 meters high, and a point that also shares with the state North Carolina. The Clingmans Dome park is known as the highest point of the entire Appalachian mountain range and number three on the list of highest peaks nationwide, on the east side of the Mississippi While its lowest point is the Mississippi River itself, with about 54 meters. In itself, Tennessee is divided into three parts, in different areas: cultural, economic, legal and geographical. These divisions were called West Tennessee, Middle Tennessee, and East Tennessee. It is considered that the Tennessee River is the one that divides West Tennessee from Middle Tennessee; and in turn, it is considered that the Cumberland Plain is what divides Middle Tennessee from East Tennessee.The climate of Tennessee is subtropical of the humid type, less in the high areas of the Appalachian Mountains; these areas have a temperate mountainous climate that is due to cold temperatures.

The climate of Tennessee is dominated by the Gulf of Mexico; this is due to the winds that come from the south, which are the cause of most of the rain throughout the year.In itself, Tennessee has hot summers and a certain wetness of not so cold winters, rather cool with little rain throughout the year. It records, an average of 130 cm of rain, snow at least 13 cm on the west side, and more than 41 cm on the east side. In a large part of the state during the summer it has an average temperature of 32 degrees Celsius, however, temperatures that have reached 45 degrees Celsius have been recorded. In winter the temperatures are not so drastic; the cold, if it arrives, is most noticeable at the highest points; Lower temperatures mean that a large part of the state enters a freezing state. -36 degrees Celsius has been the lowest recorded temperature in mountainous areas.

Tennessee is a state that, because it is far enough from the coast of the country, is not in danger from a direct blow from a hurricane; but it is due to its location that there is a possibility that it will be seen under the negative effects of cyclones and heavy rains, such as the storm Chris in 1982. There is an average of 50 electrical type storms throughout the year, some come with hail and strong winds included. Tornadoes are common in West Tennessee and Middle Tennessee; there have been cases where people and animals have been affected to a mortal level. In winter there is room for occasional cold storms, but ice storms are more common. Above all, throughout the state fog is frequently present, especially in the Smoky Mountains, which are part of the Appalachians, mountains included in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Bureau of Economic Analysis revealed that for the year 2003, the gross national product of the state reached the US $ 199,786,000,000, which is only 1.8% of the gross national product. In the same year, the per capita income reached about the US $ 28,641, ranking 36th in the US-based on per capita income.This state has the lowest sales taxes in the entire country. Its state tax on sales reaches 7% while the counties add about 2.25%, which adds 9.25% sales tax.The state has at least one national forest, some 15 state forests and 54 state parks; these forests and parks are extremely important areas and attract thousands of tourists every year without rest.

The city Clarksville is being the administrative center of Montgomery County. Enter the list of largest cities in Tennessee, occupying the number 5, just after the cities of Memphis, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Knoxville; not in that precise order. It is a city that has the perfect locations between the recreational area known as Land between the Lakes and the capital of Tennessee, Nashville. Your locality has thirty parks and more recreational areas that turn your attention to the Cumberland River, In addition to the absence of income tax. The population of Clarksville is a total of 132,929 people according to census records that took place in 2010 with a concentration per km2 of 522.22 people. For the year 2016, its population was approximately 150,287 people. In 2017, the total number of people was 153,205. Where it is estimated that 66.6% would be white, 10.8% Latino, 23.1% African American, 2.4% Asian, 0.5% Native American and Alaskan, 4.9% belonged to more than one race.

It was in the 2010 census that 51.3% of women in the city's population were calculated, while men comprised 48.7%. With a total of 51,776 homes, in 38.8% of them, children lived under age, 48.9% continue couples under marriage who share a home, in 17.3% lived single women and 29.1% did not share housing with their family, an estimated 23% of the total number of dwellings where several individuals lived, 5.1% where solitary people over 65 years old lived. The family on average had 3 members. The average income in Clarksville was $ 48,678, a family group had an income of $ 56,295, men with an average income of $ 41,019 while women had an average income of $ 31,585.Clarksville had a per capita income of USD 23,722, making it the fourth city with the highest per capita personal income in the entire state. A total of 12.4% of the families and 16.5% of the population, in general, were in a situation of poverty, where 23.4% were children under age and 11.5% are adults over 65 years of age.

A city that was founded in the year 1785 and officially part of the Union in the year 1807, is currently the most important, the downtown city of the Metropolitan Statistical Area of ​​Clarksville, Tennessee, Kentucky. Said area includes Stewart County and Montgomery County in the state of Tennessee and Trigg County along with Christian County in Kentucky. For many years, the economy was based primarily on agriculture, farming or planting until the construction of Fort Campbell's military facilities. While Clarksville was founded in the year 1785, this makes it the first of the entire state of Tennessee. His name was chosen in honor of George Roger Clark, a general who fought on the border and a hero in the war of independence; having William Clark as a brother. The 2010 records of the United States Census Bureau reveal that Clarksville has an area of ​​247 km2, where 246 km2 is solid ground and 1.8 km2 is water. The city is located on the edge of the northwest side of the Highland Rim, which is the area bordering the central Nashville basin; Clarksville just 72 km away from northwest Nashville. This city enters the list of those that have more historical impact on the entire south side, is also where one of the oldest newspapers in the state, called The Leaf-Chronicle; Austin Peay State University and also located next to the base of the US Army Fort Campbell, this military base is only 16 km2 from the city center. Certainly Fort Campbell is officially located in the state of Kentucky; however, a large part of this military base is within the territory of the state of Tennessee. The education system has a modest list of public and private schools and different universities where young people can choose where to attend.

The city of Clarksville offers many places to visit. Tourists have different destinations to explore and have fun during their trip. You can mention the great Museum and Cultural Center of Customs; this center has 10,668 m2 of activities and multiple exhibitions, galleries, exhibitions, sculpture gardens. This is known as one of the largest general museums in all of Tennessee. In 1898, its infrastructure was built, it used to be a post office as well as a customs post because there was a large tobacco market in the area. Not only is it one of the largest, and notoriously older, but it is highly photographed for how attractive and picturesque it is. There is also The McGregor Park Riverwalk, which has 1,609.34 meters of footpath where people can walk, jog, run, spend a nice time with family or friends at a picnic, area for boats, a museum called As the River Flows, among other attractions. This place is open most of the day and it maintains certain rules, with the purpose that it is a place to keep it free of loud noises and disorder. The river is reserved for boat rides and to appreciate its beauty, fishing activities are not available or to swim in it. Clarksville Greenway is a natural park with trails where you can walk, run or cycle. You have the opportunity to go into nature without losing your comforts. Its paths are long, perfect for extensive and quiet walks. In addition to these places, there is an extensive list of other places where you can go for a walk, play minigolf, eat, shop, enjoy a little art, learn about history, watch live shows, and more. The temperatures in this city seem to have come at some point to be a bit extreme; its hottest months are from June to September with temperatures that reach 21 degrees Celsius on average, although its highest recorded temperature was 43 degrees Celsius in the month of July. As for cold temperatures, its months with lower temperatures are from November to February, although October and March are months when the temperature stays below 3 degrees Celsius. The lowest recorded temperature was -27 degrees Celsius in the month of December and the month of January.Several companies that use in Clarksville are Google, Hankook Tire, soon LG, in 2019, among many others.

Columbia CityColumbia is a city located in Maury, one of the counties of the state of Tennessee of which also it is the administrative center. This city stretches along the edges of the Duck River, with the highest areas of Highland Rim, the area bordering the central basin of the city of Nashville, on the south and west side of Columbia being officially included in the year 1817. Some sources claim that different founding American tribes that were on the east side of the Mississippi River could have lived approximately 2,000 years between the channels of the Duck River and the Little Duck River; therefore they are areas of great importance for the natives. The Duck River enjoys a certain freedom on one of its sides, it contains a great variety of bivalve mollusks, known as clams and freshwater fish; what makes it the most biologically diverse river in the entire American territory. It moves through the city of Manchester and manages to unite with the Little Duck River, which is another very important body of water. These two rivers have their union in the Old Stone Fort State Park. In 2010, the United States Census Bureau revealed that the city had a population of 34,681, which had a concentration of 424.27 persons per km2, and after that, in 2013, it affirmed that the population had grown enough to reach 35,558 residents. Columbia has a land of 77.03 km2, where only 0.03% is covered with water In addition to having an average altitude of 196 meters above sea level. Known as the Mule's World Capital; it is a city that gives place annually for the celebration of the Day of the Mulaen in the month of April.

This city and Maury, the county, popularly called the "Antebellum" Housing Capital of the state, this is because they own the most houses built before the Civil War took place, more houses than the other counties of Tennessee. In Columbia is located one of two houses that survived US President James Knox Polk, in addition to the famous White House. As the years passed, the city of Columbia was a place where different acts of aggression and violence against people of color, African-Americans, were witnessed. The State Legislature was made up of white people before the nineteenth century ended, that's when the green light was given that different laws against the rights of African-Americans were enforced. For the 20th century, acts of lynching against black men are recorded. In the year 1946, undisturbed was armed where the center of commerce and two lives came to an end.

The case is also known where men belonging to the African-American race were accused of possible murder, where police officers were only wounded. Thurgood Marshall, a lawyer for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, defended these accused men and ruled that they were not guilty, even though the jury was made up of white people. This political exclusion continued largely in the twentieth century. This adversely affected race relations for decades in Columbia and Maury County. Columbia before the war, as the administrative center of Maury County, which was the richest in all of Tennessee for its agricultural activities and belongings. It had fertile land and was available for the sowing of hemp and tobacco; besides the breeding of cattle. Slaves were in charge of these activities. There was a large number of farms for the breeding of poultry, horses, livestock, among other animals.

The large industries supported these agricultural areas by offering a large number of slaves to perform the various tasks.Thanks to all these and many more acts of aggression, exclusion, and racism, in Columbia and Maury relations between races, has been a sensitive point. Although currently in the list of cities and towns with the greatest diversity, Columbia is ranked number 37. After the war, where the blacks participated actively, they made public their opinion of not wanting to remain as a separate class, they no longer wanted to remain as slaves. Then, from 1950 to 1960, activities were held in the entire state of Tennessee to defend the rights of civilizations.

Currently, Maury is a county known as a heritage point worthy of a large annual wave of tourists. Part of the places visited is the only surviving house of President James K. Polk after the war and the planting areas. Tourists also come to Columbia for Mule Day; it affirms about 200,000 people who join the celebration, where of course the mules are the protagonists with their own shows, there are also different areas for the sale of handicrafts, art, typical food and other things of interest. An area that has a climate called humid subtropical. Columbia is a city that maintains some freshness during the winter and a hot summer because its temperatures are usually not extreme. Columbia is located on the south side of the capital Nashville; the city has many natural and open areas, as well as heritage history that demonstrates the evolution of its inhabitants. Tourists will undoubtedly have many food centers, places to shop, green areas to walk and play as the beautiful Stillhouse Hollow Waterfalls and the famous Maury County Park.

In Columbia, the economy is currently diverse, there are different manufacturing, construction, wholesale and retail, transportation, finance, services, administrative, information, and other industries; the industry that stands out the most, forming a solid 25.7% overall industries, is health care, education, and assistance. If once this city was a city where agriculture predominated, it is no longer so. The city had several estimated increases ranging between the period of 2017 and the year 2022, where the population grew by 1.64%, homes had an increase of 1.71%, families grew by 1.56%, the average income per household it increased by 2.44% and per capita income grew by 2.63%.According to the information gathered in the year 2018, on July 1, Columbia compared with other cities and towns; in the list according to the number of residents, it is in the position number 19; in the list according to population concentration per square kilometer, it is number 48, in terms of income per household, it is number 149 and 161 according to per capita income.

Cookeville cityThe city of Cookeville is located in Putnam, one of the counties of the state of Tennessee; this city is the administrative center of the entire county, also the largest, where the renowned Tennessee Technological University is located. Popularly known as part of the list of metropolitan areas nationally, which regardless of whether they are small or not, are economic zones of great importance. There are a total of twenty areas of this type in the entire state of Tennessee and this city is the largest of them all. He won different names, including Cookietown and Cookeville. Cookeville is located in the Highland Rim area. The city has an altitude of 350 meters above sea level, is several meters higher than other cities such as Knoxville and Nashville; and this is why temperatures are lower, as is its humidity, compared to the Tennessee Valley or the Nashville Basin itself. Jackson, Smith, DeKalb, White, Cumberland, and Putnam are different counties that make up an important commercial area, where Cookeville is in its entire splendor being the centerpiece; has at least 103,500 work options, a figure that was estimated in 2013; This number represents a considerable part of Putnam County's employment options.

According to the List of Costs of Living Index in 2016 of the Center for Regional Economic Competitiveness, this city has a very economical cost of living, being the city number eight. A total of 16 banks plus a cooperative society took place in Cookie, whose deposits amounted to 1.91 billion US dollars in total. In 2013, sales to the minor formed a solid 1.39 billion US dollars. Putnam presented a 3% unemployment rate for the May 2017 date when it had been higher in April, at 3.7%. Cookeville as a micropolitan zone occupies number eight in the totality of micropolitan zones with the largest national gains in 2016 and 2017. In the 2010 census, it presented a total of 106,042 inhabitants and for the year 2017, its The total population was 111,363. This zone covers 57.52 km2 of land, where 57 km2 is solid ground and 0.52 is pure water.

Richard Fielding Cooke was the character that was sought to honor by calling this city Cookeville; this man in the year 1810 came to the state to be a new resident, a time later he was elected to the Senate and became an influence to establish Putnam as the county of the state. This city ended up being the administrative center of Putnam to possess what was needed for the acquisition of water that would be implemented throughout the county. Cookie came to own his first Palace of Justice in the year 1856, this place caught fire not long after but it did not take long to build it again. Only to burn again in the year 1861, because it accidentally caught fire after members of the army started the fire in the middle of the camp that they carried out in the same areas.

The Courthouse of Cookeville has gone through many reconstructions because once it was rebuilt for the third time in 1866, it was burned again for the year 1899. Currently, the Palace of Justice that the city has was rebuilt in completely in the year 1900. Cookeville had its first hotel fully available in the year 1886, this hotel called Isbell Hotel. For the year 1890, the construction of the railroad of the city Nashville and the city Knoxville, by means of the city of Cookeville was completed. The Cookeville Corps of Engineers maintains control of three longs located near the city. The reason for this is that we look for the best way to avoid heavy floods that would occur in the valleys Three artificial lakes: Cordel Hull, Dale Hollow, and Center Hillson, maintained by the Cook Engineers Corps, are located near the city. This team seeks to help control floods in the narrow valleys of the Cumberland Plateau.

Burgess Falls Lake and City Lake are other lakes of less size; these are located by the Falling Water River, which takes place in the southeast of Putnam. The Civil Conservation Corps was commissioned to build a dam that gave rise to Cane Creek Lake, located in western Cookeville. The climate of the city is called the humid subtropical type; it has rains throughout the year unevenly and high temperatures in the summer; during this season the heat and humidity are maintained, however, during the winter the temperatures are not strong, they have rainfall and a temperate environment. Cookeville in the year 2012, on June 29 reached a temperature of 41 degrees Celsius. In the year 1985, on January 21 a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius was registered. Both have been the most extreme temperatures ever recorded in the state of Cookeville. On average, its annual rainfall is 1,420 mm, with 154 mm being the highest precipitation, which took place in 1964, on September 29. In the economic sphere, Cookeville has the manufacturing sector as the largest coverage; about 8,000 workers and at least 100 plants. The effort of its workers makes up 13%. A total of 4,200 people are required for retail sales, which is the second most important sector and impact for the city's economy. In the health sector, workers are at least 3,840, which make up a workforce of 12%. Another important sector is that of education; here employ 2,000 people for the recognized public schools and the Technological University of Tennessee. Many companies have decided to open offices in this city.

For the year 2006, Oreck decided to move its facilities from Long Beach to Cookeville thanks to the effects of Hurricane Katrina. This company has about 500 employees and is of great impact. Another company based in this city is Averitt Express. ATC Automation is a company that made public in 2016 its decision to make an investment of 10.4 million US dollars, where they are added 110 positions available to work in the engineering area in Cookeville. Science Applications International Corp for the year 2017 made public its decision to establish a center that deals with offering technology and information services at the moment in which the project is completed.

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