Area Code 947 Location - Michigan

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Area Code 947 Map and Location

Area Code 947, Michigan Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

  • West Bloomfield Township
  • Farmington Hills
  • Ferndale
  • Madison Heights
  • Novi
  • Oak Park
  • Pontiac
  • Rochester Hills
  • Royal Oak
  • Southfield
  • Troy
  • Waterford
  • West Bloomfield Township

Mansfield Michigan is the tenth state with the most population and the 11th largest in the United States. Founded on January 26, 1837, and was the sixteenth in belonging to the Union. It has 83 counties. The capital is Lansing. Republican Rick Snyder is the Governor. It has an area of ​​250,493 km2, with 103,372 km2 (41.3%). The highest height is 603 m.s.m., with an average elevation of 274 m.s. and a minimum 174 m.s.n.m. It borders Lake Superior on the north, Indiana, and Ohio on the south, Lake Michigan on the west, Lake Huron and Minnesota to the northwest. The climate is humid temperate, with maximum temperatures of 40 ° C in summer and a minimum of -40 ° C. In 2015, the population was 9,922,576 citizens. For 2.017, 9,962,311 inhabitants were established with a concentration of 67.1 km2, which placed it in 17th place for that year. The average income in the houses was $ 54,203, being in the 31st place in the list.

Troy is located in Oakland County, considered the eleventh city with the largest population of the State and the largest total area of ​​Oakland County. The current Mayor is Dane Slater. It has a total area of ​​87.13 km2, with an extension of 86.69 km2 of land and 0.44 km2. The maximum height is 228 m.s.n.m. The population was 80,980 people in 2,010 and in 2,017; it was estimated at 83,813 inhabitants, with a concentration of 930 residents per km2. The annual temperatures are 40 ° C maximum, presenting minimum measures of -29 ° C, with averages between 4 ° C and 14 ° C. The level of rainfall is 810.2 mm per year. During 2007, households had an income of $ 84,330, families had an income of $ 101,271, men received $ 66,475, women $ 41,026. The city had an income of $ 35,936 per capita. The families had a size of 2.63 to 3.14. There was an average age of 41.8 years. In 2011, it was the 19th place in the country, in terms of security and a good place to live in 2008.

Southfield CitySouthfield is located in Oakland County. It began in 1830, to be incorporated in 1958. The Mayor is Kenson J. Siver. The surface is 68.06 km2, with 68.04 km2 and 0.03 km2. The highest height is 208 m.s.n.m. In 2010, there were 71,758 people, for 2,017 it was estimated at 73,208, with a concentration of 1,100 inhabitants per km2, in the metropolitan area there were 4,296,250 residents. The established dwellings were 31,778 and the families were 18,178. The population was composed of 24.9% of whites, 1.3% Latin people, Asians in 1.7%, African Americans were 70.3%, other races 0.4% and more than two races 2.4%. The average age was 42 years and the families had a size of 2.22 and 2.96. The income for the 2,000 was of $ 51,802 per household, $ 64,543 per family, men received $ 48,341, women $ 37,949 and the city $ 28,096, per capita. The level of poverty was 7.4% in the population and 5.8% of the families.

Farmington Hills is located in the county of Oakland. It had its beginnings in the middle of 1823. Dave Boyer is the current Mayor. It has an extension of 86.27 km2, with 86.19 km2 of solid ground and 0.08 km2 of water. The highest height is 262 m.s.n.m. In 2010, there was a population of 79,740 inhabitants. For 2.017, a population of 81,050 citizens was estimated, with a population concentration of 920 residents per km2, with a density in the metropolitan area of ​​4,285,832, placing it in 13th place in the country. The average age of the population was 42.1 years; the families had a size between 2.36 and 3.00. In 2.013, it had the fourth place among Japanese residents in the State. During 2015, household income was $ 93,274, families had an income of $ 198,136, men were $ 61,757, and women had an income of $ 39,540 and the city, per capita, of $ 36,134. The owners of luxurious houses represent a heritage of $ 725,120, making it the most prosperous suburb of the country.

Pontiac CityPontiac is in Oakland County. It originated in 1818 and its incorporation was in 1861. Dr. Deirdre Waterman is the Mayor of the city. It has 52.52 km2, with 51.72 km2 and 0.80 km2 covered with water. The maximum height is 281 m.s.n.m. In 2.017, a population of 59,793 was found, with a concentration of 1,100 inhabitants per km2. For the year 2010, there were 59,515 residents. The average age was 33.4 years; families had a size of 2.56 to 3.28, on average. In 2000, there was an income per household of $ 31,207, families had an income of $ 36,391, and in men were of $ 31,961, women of $ 24,765 and in the city of $ 15,842, per capita. The level of poverty was 22.1% of the population, of 18.0% of the families, those under 18 were 29.3% and those over 65 were 15.7%. The population was composed of 49.1% men and 50.9% women.