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Area Code 980, North Carolina Cities, Neighborhoods and Local Features

  • Charlotte
  • Concord
  • South Gastonia
  • Huntersville
  • Kannapolis
  • Matthews
  • Monroe
  • Salisbury
  • Statesville

North CarolinaNorth Carolina is located in the southeastern part of the United States. Colonized by Europeans in the 16th century, it was known as a province and on November 21, 1789, it declared incorporation into the Union as the twelfth State. The legislative system of government is housed in the General Assembly and consists of the House of the Senate and the House of Representatives. In the year 2,017, Democratic Governor Roy Cooper was elected, along with Republican Lieutenant Governor Y. Forest and Senators Richard Burr and Thom Tillis, who make up the team. It has 100 counties and the capital was established in the city of Raleigh, which together with Durham and Chapel Hill, constitute the largest exploration area in the country, the Research Triangle Park. It is also the ninth state with the most population, twenty-eighth largest area and has the largest municipality population, located in Charlotte, which has the third largest financial group in the country, being surpassed by San Francisco and New York. It is located between latitude 33 ° 50 'North at 36 ° 35' North and longitude 75 ° 28 'West at 84 ° 19' West, bounded on the north by Virginia, on the south by Georgia and South Carolina, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and west Tennessee. It has an area of 139,390 km2, being 261 km wide and 901 km long. 9.5% of the surface of the State is covered with water. The maximum height is 2,037 meters above sea level, represented by Mount Mitchell; the relief has an average altitude of 210 m. The climate in the region is humid subtropical, presenting variations in the coastal zone and in the mountainous zones of the west the climate changes. The temperatures oscillate between 21.2 ° C and 8.4 ° C, having a level of precipitations of 1.192 mm per year. The rainy season is between March and September, with the months of June to September as the hottest and from November to March temperatures drop. The State has a population of 10,273,419, according to an estimate made in 2.017, the concentration of inhabitants was 80.6 people per km2, being ranked as the fifteenth highest. In 2010 was a racial distribution of 68.5% whites, 8.4% of Latinos, African Americans 21.5%, Asians 2.2%, Hawaiians were 1%, people of another race were 4.3% and those of 2 races were 2.2%. The average income in the houses was $ 50,797, placing in position 38.

CharlotteCharlotte is located in Mecklenburg County. The name is derived from Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz of Great Britain, who was the wife of King George III. The incorporation occurred in 1768. It has the first place, in terms of population in the State and the seventeenth in the country, for the year 2.017. The metropolitan area is the twenty-second most populated in the United States and the second largest in the southeast. It has had a vertiginous growth, since the year 2004, becoming the most important point of the financial activity. Located in Piedmont, it has the geographic coordinates 35 ° 13'37 "North and 80 ° 50'36" West. It has an area of 629 km2, with 627.5 km2 of solid ground and 1.6 km2 (0.25%) are occupied by water, with an average height in the relief of 229 meters above sea level. The city has a humid subtropical climate. The summer season occurs between June and September, with temperatures of up to 40 ° C on the hottest days. During the winter, a minimum of -20.6 ° C to 9.3 ° C is observed, between October and March, with snowfalls that can reach 10.9 cm per year. As for the rains, the most critical months are March and August, reaching more than 1,057 mm per year. The humidity in the environment is 67.4% and from March to October are the sunniest months with 2,821 hours of sunshine during the year. In the year 2010, it had a population of 731,424 people, with a density of 918.71 inhabitants per km2. By the year 2.016, it was ranked 22nd with 2,474,314 people in the metropolitan area. During 2,017, the United States Census Bureau classified it as the seventeenth with the largest population in the country with 859,035. In the corresponding period from 2004 to 2014, the new income of 888,000 people residing in the area was recorded. The metropolitan area of the city of Charlotte, Salisbury and Gastonia is made up of Mecklenburg, Cabarrus, Union, Iredell, Lincoln, Anson, Gaston, Cleveland, Rowan and Stanly counties, located in the State and transferring to South Carolina, with the Chester, Lancaster and York counties, bordering the south-central border with the Catawba river coast. In addition, the financial area that is developed in the area, with institutions such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo, which represents the fourth largest bank in the country, Charlotte established the most important operations center of the company American Airlines This impulse, defined by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network, as the global city "gamma-minus".

concordConcord belongs to Cabarrus County. Occupied by Europeans in 1750, it was founded in the year 1796, being added in 1860. By the end of the 19th century, the cotton industry was developed, which gave a great boost to the area. The name has a meaning of harmony and Concord. His government is hosted by the Council and is currently governed by Mayor William C. "Bill" Dush. In terms of the number of inhabitants, it ranks second among the cities with the largest population in the metropolitan area and the eleventh in the State. In relation to the economy, it has the 16th place in the country, as the city that has had a growth in a very short time, according to the analysis carried out in 2015. He won the All-America City Award in 2004. It is located in the area of Piedmont, 32 km from the city center, with the coordinates 35 ° 24'16 "North and 80 ° 36'2" W, it has an extension of 156.18 km2, with a surface area of 156.09 km2 and an area of 0.09 km2 (0.06%) covered by water. The greatest height of the area is 215 meters above sea level. For the year 2016, an estimate of the population was made in 89,891 inhabitants, having for 2010 the number of 79,066 residents, with a population density of 510 km2 or 1,300 square miles. In the metropolitan area, 2,474,314 citizens existed and the composition by races was of 70.4% of white people, 12.3% of Hispanics, those who came from the islands of the Pacific were 0.1%, for African Americans it was assigned 17.8%, American Indians were 0.3%, those of other races had 6.4% and those of more than two races were 2.3%. A total of 32,130 houses were found, of which 90.7% were inhabited and 9.3% were empty In the 2000 census, the population was 55,977 inhabitants, with a concentration of 419.0 people per km2. The families that were formed were 14,987 and there were 22,485 houses with a density of 168.3 per km2. The population was composed of 78.83% of white citizens, 7.80% of Latinos, 0.03% of the islands, 15.10% of African-Americans, native Indians were 0.30%, Asians were 1.22%, they belonged to other races were 3.35% and those of more than two races were 1.18%. The average income of the households was $ 46,094, for families it was established at $ 53,571, the men had an income of $ 37,030 and the women had $ 26,044. The per capita city income was $ 21,523.

GastoniaSouth Gastonia is located in Gaston, at the geographic coordinates of latitude 35 ° 13'3, "North and longitude 81 ° 12'17" W. It have a land area of 16.7 km2 (6.4 square miles), in this total, there is no surface covered by water. The highest height of the area is 234 meters above sea level. According to a census carried out in the year 2010, the number of inhabitants of South Gastonia was 5,433 inhabitants, with a population concentration of 326.1 inhabitants per km2 (844.5 mi²). In the year 2000, a study was conducted that indicated that the population, at that time, was 5,433 inhabitants with a concentration of 844.5 residents. The number of families counted was 1,543, with about 2,232 houses. The racial makeup of the inhabitants was 84.87% Caucasian, Latinos were 1.88%, African Americans had 12.04%, Asians were 0.63%, for those of other races there was a 1.23%. % and those who were of more than two races a 0.92%. There were 2,061 houses with families who had children under 18 years of age, who still lived there in 32.7 of the households, the legally constituted and stable couples were 55.4%, those who lived together but did not have family ties were 25.1 %, women who were alone and were responsible for their family were 13.7%, homes that were inhabited were 19.7%, those who lived alone who were over 65 years old were 7.0%. The families had an average size between 2.64 and 3.00. The age that was established as an average in the population was 36 years. The inhabitants extended by 24% for those who were under 18 years old, the residents between 18 and 24 years old were 8.6%, those who were between 25 and 44 years old were 31.1%, for those who were 45 to 64 years had a 24.7% and the older adults of 65 years were 10.8%. For a group of 100 women, up to 97.0 men could be found and for that same number of women, but with more than 18 years, 95.1 men were counted. In relation to the average income of the households, the result was $ 38,898, while the families had an income of $ 40,595. The male population had an income of $ 31,321 and the women had an income of $ 22.28. An income per capita was found, corresponding to $ 16,707. The families that were in poverty, represented 7.4%, in the entire population the poverty level was 10.7%, for those under 18 there was 18.5% and for those over 65 years 2.3%.

Huntersville is located in Mecklenburg, placing itself in the position 17, as the municipality of a greater amount of settlers in the State. There are three versions in relation to the name of the city because they are credited to the Reverend Humphrey Hunter; as well as the farmer Robert Hunter and the teacher Elizabeth Hunter and Travis Hunter, her husband. Located at coordinates 35 ° 24'34 "North and 80 ° 51'49" West, it has 80.7 km2 and only 0.03% of the territory is covered by water. The average height of the area is 252 meters above sea level. It is located 23 km or 14 miles north of Charlotte. In a census applied in the year 2010, 46,773 inhabitants were found, with a population concentration of 444.92 km2. In another study conducted in 2015, the population amounted to 52,704 people, with a significant increase, which places it as the municipality with the most inhabitants of the State. During the year 2010, a total of 6,859 families living in the town, with a population concentration of 309.4 people per km2 or 801.4 mi². The homes were 9,859 and had a regular density 122.2 per km2 or 316.5 mi². The disposition of the races in the area was of 88.42% of white citizens, 3.88% of Hispanics, those who came from the Pacific islands were 0.05%, African-Americans were 7.47%, Native American Indians were considered a 0.37%, for Asians there was 1.50%, those who belonged to other races were 1.06% and those who had 2 races were 1.13%. Of the 9,171 households found, 19.2% were occupied by people, those who had kids between 0-18 years living were 41.9%, stable couples were 64.6%, women who lived alone and were responsible for the family were 7.5 %, those who did not have family ties were 25.2%, adults over 65 years living alone represented 3.4%. The families had an average size of 2.67 to 3.09. The crime rates in Huntersville have decreased, without having influenced the accelerated growth that the locality had, becoming a safe place to raise a family, according to its inhabitants. The people had an increase of people under 18 years old by 28.3%, for those between 18 and 24 years there was 6.2%, those from 25 to 44 years old had 40.7%, between 45 and 64 years old they increased in 18.6% and those over 65 by 6.2%. The inhabitants had an average age of 33 years.

KannapolisKannapolis is located between Cabarrus and Rowan counties. It was founded in 1906 and incorporated in the year of 1.984. At the beginning of the 20th century, a textile factory was inaugurated, called Cannon Manufacturing, which was established as the first producer of towels and sheets. Today, the government is based in the Council and is led by Mayor Milton Darrell Hinnant. Located at coordinates 35 ° 29'14 "North and 80 ° 37'18" W, it has an area of 84.28 km2 or 32.54 square miles, of which 82.73 km2 or 31.94 square miles, belong to the mainland and 1.56 km2 or 0.60 square miles, they are occupied by water. The maximum altitude that the zone presents is 237.74 meters above sea level. In the year 2016, an estimate of the population was made in 47,839 inhabitants. In the year 2010, a study established the number of people in 42,625 residents, with a population concentration of 510 inhabitants per km2 or 1,300 mi². During the year 2000, a study was conducted that determined that there were 36,910 citizens, 10,140 groups of families and 14,804 households. The people had a density of 477.4 people per km2 or 1.236.5 inhabitants mi². The houses had a concentration of 206.2 houses per km2 or 534.0 mi². The population, at that time, was composed of 77.74% of white citizens, 6.33% of Latinos, blacks were 16.45%, Asians were 0.86%, those from the Pacific Islands were 0.01%, American Indians were 0.34%, those of another race were 3.43% and those who had more than two races were 1.16%. In the households found, there was a 30.0% of children under 18 who lived with their parents, 13.5% were represented by women who were head of the family, stable marriages were 50.4%, those who were not familiar with each other, they had 31.5%, occupied homes were 26.5% and those who were older than 65 years and lived alone were 11.4%. The families had a size of 2.46 to 2.96, on average. The population of fewer than 18 years old expanded by 24.2%, those between 18 and 24 years old grew by 9.0%, those aged 25 to 44 years were 30.4%, those between 45 and 64 years old were 44.20 % and adults over 65 were 15.6%. The age of the population was, on average, 36 years. The per capita city income was $ 17,539.

MatthewsMatthews is in Mecklenburg County. The current Mayor is James Taylor. It is located at the geographic coordinates of latitude 35.1197 and longitude 80.7133, 35 ° 7 '11 "North and 80 ° 42' 48" West, with an extension of 44.46 km2 or 17, 17 square miles (4,446 hectares), It does not have a surface covered with water. The maximum height of the area is 218 meters above sea level. The climate of the region is humid and subtropical. According to figures established in the year 2010, the population was 27,198 citizens, with a concentration of citizens of 611.7 people per km2. According to a census of the year 2000, the town had a number of inhabitants of 22,127, with a population concentration of 601.2 inhabitants per km2 or 1,557.1 residents mi². The dwellings found were 138,000 and had a density of 221.1 units per km2 or 572.7 mi². Per capita income, corresponding to households, was established at $ 77,981, with the average amount for family groups at $ 88,600. The city had a per capita income of $ 35,250, the amount of income received by the male population hovered around $ 65,909 per capita, while women's income was located at $ 44,665. Poverty levels were approximately 3.80% of the total population. For the period from 2006 to 2008, 26,901 citizens were counted, grouped in 7,904 families and there were a total of 11,349 homes, according to the data provided by the American Community Survey. The population, for this period, was made up of individuals of different races, among whom 82.3% of white people were found, the descendants of Latinos or Hispanics of any race were 4.3% of the entire population, the American Indians Natives were found in 3%, those who came from the Pacific Islands or Hawaii were 0%, African Americans counted in 10.1%, those who belonged to another race were 1.8% and those who had more than two races They were 1.7%. The nearest towns to the town of Matthews, at a distance of 12 kilometers are Wesley Chapel and Weddington at 11 km. While the city of Mint Hill is 9 km away and the Indian Trail, Lake Park, and Hemby Bridge have located 8 km from Matthews, being the nearest, the population of Stallings, which is 4 km. The airport that serves the population is Charlotte-Douglas International, located 23.3 km from Matthews.

MonroeMonroe is located in Union County and between the geographic coordinates of latitude 34 ° 59'20 "North and 80 ° 32'59" West. The total area of the land is 64.4 km2 or 24.9 square miles, with a land area of 63.6 km2 or 24.6 square miles, of which, 0.7 km2 or 0.3 square miles, which represents a 1.13 %, are occupied by water. The average height of the region is 180 meters above sea level. The total population is established, for the year 2000, in 26,228 inhabitants, presenting a concentration of the population of 412.1 residents per km2. It was determined that, the average per capita income in most households was $ 40,457, in the families groups there was an average income of $ 44,953, for the town a total income per capita of $ 17,970 was registered, the income that They perceived the population composed of men was $ 30,265 per capita, while women had lower incomes of $ 22,889. Poverty rates nationwide were in 17.20% of the total population. For the year 2010, an increase in the population of 32,797, compared with the 26,228 that it had in the 2,000. There were 9,029 houses, which had 33.7% of children under 18, living with their parents, stable couples living together represented 49.0%, those who lived in the same house and had no family ties they were 29.2%, the houses with women living alone and in charge of their families were 15.9%, the houses that were occupied were 23.3% and the adults over 65 years who lived alone were 8.3%. The families had a size of 2.83 to 3.27, on average. The towns that are closest to Monroe, at a distance of 16 kilometers or 9.94 miles, are Hemby Bridge about 15 km, the populations of Mineral Springs, Indian Trail and Lake Park, located at 13 km, the city of Wesley Chapel is 12 km away, Unionville and Wingate, 10 km and 9 km, respectively. Monroe has a variety of gastronomic offerings, with restaurants catering to all tastes, bars, nightclubs, vineyards, farms, wineries, zoos, golf courses and cinemas for the enjoyment of our own and visitors. It is 44.6 km away from the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport and 35 km from the Pageland Airport, which is the closest. The Mayor, currently, is Bobby G. Kilgore and the system of government is hosted by the Council.

SalisburySalisbury is located in Rowan County. It was founded in the year of 1753, thanks to the entrance of some 16 hectares to the area, where buildings, industries, and railways were built, by the end of the 19th century. It has 15 Historic Districts, 5 of the Local and 10 National. It has the second broadband method, with a capacity of 10 gigabits in the area, unique in the world. It is located between the coordinates of longitude 35 ° 40'6 "North and latitude 80 ° 28'43" West, has an area of 46 km2 or 17.8 square miles, the entire area corresponding to the mainland, without extensions covered by water. The maximum height is 227 meters above sea level. The city is located 44 miles northwest of Charlotte. For the year 2010, a population of 33,663 inhabitants was registered, with a growth represented by 27.8% in comparison with the year 2000 figure of 26,462 residents. The population concentration was 574.6 people per km2 or 1,488.3 mi². There were 11,288 houses with a density of 245.1 per km2 or 634.9 mi². The families that resided in the city were 6,186 in total. The composition of the population, according to race, was 57.30% of whites, 4.30% of Hispanics, African Americans were 37.56%, Asians 1.39%, Islanders 0.06%, those of another race 1.92% and those of more than two races a 1.48%. Those who were under 18 years old were 21.8%, those between 18 and 24 years old were 13.1%, those between 25 and 44 years old were 25.0%, for those between 45 and 64 years old there was 20.2% and those who were 19.9% were older than 65 years. Children under 18 who lived with their parents were 26.5% of households, stable couples were 39.0%, those who did not have family ties were 39.8%, women alone in front of the family was 17.4%, inhabited houses were 34.4% and people over 65 years living alone were 14.5%. The families had a size of 2.29 and 2.92. The age of the population was 37 years, on average. For each group of 100 women, there were 90.2 men and for 100 women over 18 years old, 86.3 men were found. The average income in the households was $ 32,923 and in the families, there was an income of $ 41,108, among the men, it was $ 31,149 and that of the women was $ 25,019. The city had a per capita income of $ 18,864. Poverty rates were found in 12.2% of all families, the people had 16.0%, those under 18 were 22.3% and those over 65 were 11.0%.

StatesvilleStatesville is located in Iredell. The Mayor, currently, is Costi Kutteh. The city is located at the geographic coordinates of latitude 35 ° 47'12 "North and longitude 80 ° 52'43" West, with an area of 53.4 km2 or 20.6 square miles, of which 53.2 km2 or 20.5 square miles, corresponding to the mainland and 0.2 km2 or 0.1 square miles, are occupied by extension of water. The average height of the area is 280 meters above sea level. It is located in the western area of the Piedmont area of the State and in the central part of Iredell County. On the northeastern side are Interstates 40 and 77, of which, the I-40 goes towards the northwest, being to Winston-Salem to 66 km or 41 miles, whereas in the west side, it is with Hickory about 48 km or 30 miles. On the other hand, the I-77 takes to the north to about 89 km or 55 miles of the border with the State of Virginia and it moves until Charlotte to 68 km or 42 miles to the south. The city is crossed by three highways, among which the US 21, with a route similar to that of I-77, which moves north about 61 km or 38 miles from Elkim and Mooresville to 24 km. or 15 miles to the south. US 64 goes northeast, reaching very close to I-40, up to Mocksville at 39 km or 24 miles and northwest reaches Lenoir at 69 km or 43 miles and US 70, which leads southwest 21 km or 13 miles away, in Catawba and reaches Salisbury about 40 km or 40 miles southeast. For the year 2000, it had a population of 23,320 residents, with a population concentration of 438.6 inhabitants per km2. The average household income was $ 31,925 per capita. The families had an income of $ 41,624. The city of Statesville obtained a per capita income of $ 19,328. Among the male population, the income was $ 31,255, per capita, which compared to that of women, was $ 22,490. Poverty levels in the area were approximately 16.10%, staying below the national index. The closest townships of Statesville, in a perimeter of 24 km or 14.91 miles are Mooresville to 23 km, the cities of Harmony and Sherrills are to 22 km, the locality of Catawba is to 20 km, Cleveland is to 19 km, the Stony Point localities is located 18 km away and the town of Troutman is 9 km away.

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